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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ren Ryu


Ren Ryu Last updated on June 14, 2015
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Crystal Scepter is highly over looked, it provides good health, AP, and has a 35% Single target slow and a 15% AOE Slow with spells, adding extra CC to anyone or everyone.
Boots of Swiftness(Homegaurd) is just a personal preference but I highly recommend it due to it having the highest movement speed boost(in combat) and provides best positioning due and gives slow resistance which effects your W as well.(This has been tested)
Thornmail provides HUGE amounts of armour and its passive is also highly over looked because of its 30% Damage return and armour will make you extremely tanky vs people like Draven and Xin Zhao who rely on auto attacks to do majority of their damage.
Spirit Visage is much better for Blitzcrank than for something such as Banshee Veil because of its passive and its nice 10% CD Reduction(What could go wrong with MORE CD reduction?) and all the Banshee Veil has is 50 HP more compared to it and a nonviable shield shield.
All supports should get this as it holds 5 wards and refills every time you go back to back or die. This also allows you to change your trinket or upgrade it to a vision ward trinket instead without any loss

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Why might you want to play Blitzcrank you might ask. Because he's fun but even more, he's viable, and he has one of the highest cc stun locks in the game and a plus it has high damage. Why did I start playing Blitzcrank? Because Thresh was nerfed so his lantern was a lot weaker but when I went to Blitz I realized something, his ult first of all is nearly 30 second CD much better than any other support especially since it silences and does tons of damage(See Spells Below). But the best part was with a build a was using as Thresh I was doing 50% of an ADC's HP.

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You can really use any mixture of runes if these don't fit your playstyle

Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction

- Why because it makes your spells able to be more frequently used. You can use really any Mark in place of this one depending on your play style

Greater Mark of Ability Power

- Helps with a little early game damage with your grabs and ults.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

- 2nd Best scaling AP Rune in the game so why not get the better damage.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

- 2nd Best Flat AP Runes so why not get all the extra damage you can get

Greater Seal of Armour

- For, of course, armour.

Greater Seal of Magic Resistance

- And 5 of them since each give only .74 MR instead of 1

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Offensive Tree


- Free 5% CD Reduction

Mental Force

- It's Good Scaling AP and allows access to Arcane Mastery

Exposed Weakness

- You're co-op which means all the spells you use are usually going to be followed up by your ADC and 1% Can change everything in a teamfight if you hit everyone.

Arcane Mastery

- Free 6 Damage on Grab and ultimate.

Utility Tree

Fleet of the Foot

- Better Positioning and Escape

Expanded Mind

- Its Almost Another Q Worth of Mana

Strength of Spirit

- Faster Mana Regen is ALWAYS good


- Longer Potion Duration? Whats not to like?


- Your a support and you mainly won't be getting CS so why not some extra 1.5 gold every 10 seconds.

Culinary Master

- Free 20 HP and 10 Mana


- Same reason you take greed


- Another starter potion, so why not


- Same as Strength of Spirit


- Another 5% CD Reduction and 20% Item CD Reduction


- More Free Gold


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