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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trump45

Galio, AKA Batman!

Trump45 Last updated on August 12, 2010
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Hey there, I'm Trump45 and I play a wide variety of characters. I have not bought Riot Points yet so I saved up and tried hard to make IP for the upcoming character Galio. When Galio came out I was unbelievably excited! I was like: A TANK VERSION OF KASSADIN! NO WAY! ANTI-MAGE FTW! SUCK IT RYZE! So I saved up 6300 IP for such a character... I bought him... hated him... was like: Ryze lives for yet another day... But I didn't give up! I experimented many many ways. I found many builds that were not to my liking, so I decided to make my own. So many ways to build him I thougt... NOT! I was like all you can put on him is magic resist. Then I got to thinking...

-meki pendant +3hp pots (You need the mana to farm in beginning)
-Chalice of harmony (same as above but better and magic resist)
-Merc. Treads (The only boots you will EVER get on this character... EVER!!!)
-Aegis of the Legion (The supporting aura helps your team to own. It has the defensive stats you need to survive also)
-Thornmail (WTF THORNMAIL??!!???!?? Stop freaking out kid... You realized your passive makes you want and want magic resistance. But the items from before this and after this item will be far enough for you to own those Ryze's faces. Thornmail allows so your ult will have you taking much less damage PLUS the bonus passive effect in which you are dealing even more damage with your ult... this allows for possible pentakills)
-Banshee's Veil (Yay! More Magic Resist! Plus the fact that you block constant magic spells every 30 seconds makes you an unstoppable force)
-Guardian Angel (ROFL don't be stupid... this is an obvious obvious choice... hence the double obvious)

)People goes like: Holy ***** dude! Wusthefudge iz up witcho masteries, homeslice? )I be like: THINK!
Alrighty so my masteries is a whopping 9/9/12 getting improved clarity and ghost in utility. I found Galio to be VERY mana dependent so I work up everything with mana having to do with it. In defensive I max out armor and magic resist in beginning and get the extra health regen per mana because that works with the utility masteries and the items you get in-game. In offensive I get all the caster specs. For nukes and more damage to ult.

Pretty obvious. Needing health armor and magic resist to make you a nuking tank = ****-worthy

Idol = best spell in game... its a mastered shen-nunu ult.
Smite = a slow mixed with nuke. AMAZING! I love it! Build this first ASAP!!!
Bulwark = the ability to make yourself heal and survive. Also allows for others to survive. With this spell I've saved many and have saved myself several times
Gust = Okay damage. Not as good as smite unless if going full out AP cuz it has a higher ratio, but because you aren't (because that would make you die every time you use your ult.), bulwark and smite are higher priorities. This is a great supportive charge move tho. It's saved my butt a few times, so for that I'm greatful.

Summoner's Spells:
-Clarity = You are mana dependant and it can also really help the team. If your team has energy based or health based characters mostly instead of mana then I would change this.
-Ghost = You need speed, your gust doesnt make you THAT fast, plus you need to position your idol of durand.
:Other Exceptions:
-Exhaust and Flash = Both to blind support and position yourself.

Beginning Game:
-Don't spam spells. Use them to last hit many creeps, not usually just one, try hitting like 2 or 3. Use a mixture of gust and smite to destroy waves and push really well. Realize in the beginning game, you are really really squishy. Don't first blood. Wait. You will have your time young gargoyle. Stay in lane as much as possible. Please try not to die, but I wouldn't try to kill until you have your mercury treads at least and at least level 6.

Mid Game:
-You made your way through the beginning of the game! Now the fun starts! Try to use idol of durand with AT LEAST 2 or more enemy champions against you. ALWAYS STAY WITH TEAMATES! You are support! And your idol of durand does more damage if your teamates are there to attack them while they are taunted!!! You CAN NOT 1v1 MANY champions! Okay? OKAY! geeeeeeez! I hate it when I see a Galio get cocky and EASILY die... Plus your Aegis of the Legion works best when with friends :)

Late Game:
-The same as Mid Game... support, nuke, tank. (But dont tank turrets please, it's not the best decision since you aren't rammus or taric.

I love constructive criticism! Rate AND comment please! Don't rate this build bad just for the fact that you had a bad game with him or something because it happens... and Galio is skillshot and SKILL based period in my full opinion. He's not a character thats an easy W-E-Q kill (I LOVE YOU PANTHEON!). So practice him and practice this build! Tell me what you think! Also, I realize many builds have chalice of harmony and mercury treads first... I did NOT copy, it's just the most obvious first set of items for Galio...

GL! HF! -Trump45

(Add me (Trump45) for more questions on this character or if you just want to hang :D )