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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Galio, Idol of Support

Summary Last updated on August 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Please comment below and let me know what you think and how you do with Galio!
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Champion Overview

Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow, is a incredibly fun and solid champion to play. He is a valued addition in solo queues as well as premade groups. I originally didn't like him as a champion when I first picked him up. He seemed slow and clunky with a rather small, if non-existent, impact in the game. I was extremely worried that I had just wasted 975RP on a champ that I will never play again. This absurd opinion quickly changed however after I learned and understood his true role on the battlefield. My unsatisfactory experiences quickly turned around and have resulted in a very high win percentage with him.

Galio has quickly become one of my favorite champions to play due to his unique combination of abilities, impact in team battles, and overall level of fun to play. That, and he is a gargoyle.

Good chasing and escaping mechanics
AoE slow
Large damage output for a tank
Solid lane support champ (heals + harass)
Spectacular AoE Taunt
Can easily take Mid lane

Squishy early on
Mana dependent
Ability dependent
Weak Auto-attack
Long cooldowns
Large hitbox (hard to dodge skill shots)

Summoner Skills

I have been torn between the proper summoner skills for Galio. I see his role as more of a support thank than a DPS tank and have based the skills around that fact.

Suggested Summoner Skills
Flash: I am addicted to flash! It has quickly become my most frequently used summoner spell across many champions I play. It can get you in front or closer to a fleeing enemy for the kill. It can also put some distance between you and an enemy if you are low on HP. The ability to flash over a ledge or trees saves an incredible amount of time as well!
Clarity: While I am not completely sold on clarity, it has so far been a valuable addition to my skill set. Even with a meki pendant as your first item, your mana is still going to deplete very quickly. Galio's Resolute Smite is an incredible harass if aimed well, and can wipe out half a wave of minions in one go. It is however very mana intensive. With the Insight mastery, it is also a valuable asset to your team during team fights or long team pushes.
Good But Not 100% Suggested Summoner Skills
As I build and play Galio as a support/cc focused tank, I see lesser value in the below skills. They are still exceptionally good, and should definitely be used if they suit your play style.
Cleanse: Cleanse is a great skill that I am fond of, but as Galio it somehow seems not quite as good. Cleanse is good if you are stunned/snared/etc, but I would prefer to avoid such situations all together with flash instead.
Heal: Heal is another skill that I have used/contemplated, but once again, feel that it doesn't provide the greatest possible benefit to me/team. I might consider rebuilding with some mana regen runes and then swap clarity for heal. Only time will tell.
Exhaust and ignite are great spells but I don't play Galio to primarily gank, and as such I don't get maximum value out of these skills. Resolute Smite slows enemies extremely well, and Righteous Gust speeds you up, both of which would overlap usefulness with exhaust and ghost.

Teleport and fortify should be used based on a strong team and good strategy.


I use offensive and utility masteries in a 9/0/21 form. Playing the support tank role, I feel that the benefits from the defensive mastery tree are wasted and better spent in utility.
Offensive Masteries
Cooldown reduction and spell pen are both incredibly useful for Galio. The cooldown on Galio's abilities are quite long to start with so every little bit helps. Magic pen for more damage, straight forward.
Utility Masteries
Utility offers further cooldown reduction, improved flash and clarify, as well as more mana and mana/healt regen.

Champion Abilities

A work in progress. Will update soon!

Item Builds
Galio is an excellent harasser, but unfortunately is a mana hungry champion as well. Clarify and mana regen masteries helps with mana issues, but doesn't provide enough to stay inlane. Meki pendant is a good choice to start things off with allowing you to stay in lane as long as you want when coupled with clarify.
If I am in mid, or with a ranged champion, I will buy 1 or 2 red pots to start things off. If I am in a lane with a physical champ, I will skip a red pot all together, relying on Bulwark and passive regen to heal allowing me to buy/upgrade sooner.
Chalice of Harmony is almost always my second item purchased. The huge mana regen and magic resist (and passive AP) help Galio out immensely. Now you should be able to stay in lane and harass constantly due to the mana regen.
Boots are next. Not much I can say about Mercury Treads. Arguably the best boots in the game are even better on Galio due to his passive AP increase. There really are no other options as far as boots go for Galio. You could go Ninja Tabis if you are going heavy tank, but then you dodge, resulting in a possibly weaker ultimate.
The next three items can and should be bought in the order of importance for that specific game. I will usually build Force of Nature first as it is extremely powerful on Galio. Banshees Vail is great too and depending on the opposing team's champions I might get it first. I usually get Guardian Angel second or third as possible Galio deaths usually only occurs during large team fights mid-late game.
Force of Nature does everything Galio could ever want in armor, and maybe more. Huge magic resist results in great passive AP gain, as well as massive HP regen and movement speed increase too!
Banshee's Vail is a truly amazing item on any champion that builds it. On Galio however, its even better due to his passive AP gain. Vail also gives some well needed health for increased survivability. The passive on vail can also mean the difference between getting your ult off or not.
Not much to say here. Armor and magic resist as well as never dying in one item.
Thornmail is a outstanding item for Galio and, if purchased, often will result in way more kills with your ultimate. Forcing the enemy to attack you with your ult results in them getting hurt even more! I do feel that its usefulness is greater much later in the game. Realistically there are very few times when the game will go long enough to actually buy Thornmail, but if it does, buy it!

Gameplay Strategies

A work in progress. Will update soon!

Final Thoughts

A work in progress. Will update soon!