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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega643

Galio - Love to Hate Me

Omega643 Last updated on August 15, 2010
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Hi Guys, I'm a new guy. Yup. I'm new to the game (well... level 15) and am attempting to learn Galio as my new main Champ. I always love constructive critism so please feel free to leave some info in the comments below.

- Changed the ability sequence. Was incorrect to what I've recently been using.
- Referbished the itemization to show my current builds (08-14-10)
- Item Purchases have been changed to show my heavy melee version.

Special Considerations

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BUILD HAS BEEN TESTED IN A MOSTLY PRE-MADE (3+) GROUP. I am not out for a high K/D/A ratio (KDR). I'm out to protect my base and be near the front lines absorbing as much hate and time from the opponents as possible. If you don't like this style of play, you are definitely not looking at the right build.

Once my friends and I have solidified our grouping and figured out what works best to compliment our playstyles, I will be adding in their builds to help show what we do (they will probably create single builds like this too).

A note on the items: I did not put down exact item sequence simply because I adapt it to each game. In other words, it's never the same twice. What I have up there is only one of the two final outcomes.


For the most part, it's been three of us. Our fourth steady person is quite literally just joining us so I'm unsure what he will be playing mostly.

Our current pre-made group consists of myself as Galio, Twitch and Gangplank. The newest member of our group has only played Soraka thus far, but to devestating effect.

Summoner Spells
Originally I was using Ghost and Teleport for my summoner spells. I have actually changed this to Fortify and Teleport for those just-in-case moments. Teleport has been very useful defensively and we also use to jump lanes for quick tower ganks. Honestly, though, this may change depending on what I feel will better suit my playstyle later on. Give me your thoughts on what you think works. I'll try and keep this up to date with multiple ideas.

I'll admit, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what to do with runes so I stick with things I think I'm gonna need.

For Marks, I like to keep with Magic Penetration. I'm used to playing casters (Zilean and Malzahar were my first and second loves) so it just felt natural to hold on to them with a caster type tank.

The Seals I had trouble deciding and need to get some info about before I make a solid decision. For now, I've taken mp5 over 18 levels simply to help with staying power in lanes and pushes. I have considered flat health as well. Let me know what you think.

Glyphs are a little cliche for Galio, it seems, as I've taken flat magic resist to go with his passive and help with those pesky mage nukers.

Quintessenses follow the same line since I'm still iffy on my seals. If I opt for a different seal selection I may change this as well. On the bright side, however, this allows for a higher than average Magic Resist in the early game and some extra AP to boot.

Item Sequence Builds
Okay this really has to be the most annoying thing to try and explain. One of the first things I have learned while playing this game is that there is no perfect single way to itemize for your matches (the second was that KDR means nothing if your not pushing towers). For this reason, I'm gonna actually give you three different builds that I have used.

Before I get into detail, however, note that this whole thing is dependant on having a group which works together. I have two amazing (and a very likely third) friends I've been playing with which make this playstyle of mine so powerful. I do not recommend this build for Solo matches seeing as there is little dependancy that your group will work so closely together. By all means, though, feel free to give it a shot.

Core Items

The first few items are set in stone for me. No matter what I do with this build, the following 3 items shall always be there.

    Philosopher's Stone
    Mercury's Treads
    Warmog's Armor

I keep a strong position as a defensive champion. I'm not there to be on my opponents' front door (or back for that matter). I'm there to guard my towers and force the enemy back. For this reason alone I take an item that will help with my gold earning. Why I specifically chose Philosopher's Stone has to do with mana regen. Galio doesn't have much bang without his abilities. He's a mana hungery SoB and during the early game can easily run out of mana due to aggresive laners.

Mercury's Treads are pretty obvious if your interested in playing a tank who benefits from Magic Resist. It provides you a better base speed and will help with any AP-based attacks.

Warmog's Armour is what really makes this build shine. I usually have this before minute 20 hits if my group is keeping a solid pace and I get at least a bit of last hitting in. Should you be lucky, you won't even have to worry about not having it before the laning phase ends. This will dramatically help with giving your opponents something to think about when they start pushing, as well as grab some infamous hate from them. :)

From here, however, the build changes depending on what exactly the champion make-up is for your opponents. I currently use three different styles that have been very successful for my group. I am also changing things up to increase the effectiveness. Expect that there will be changes made, which I will document.

Dominant AD - Melee

This itemization is focused around your opposing team being primarily Attack Damage based Champions. Consider this the Anti-Tank, as it's primarily there to out-do their beefyness (especially fun against life stealers). How exactly you want to go about getting the items is really up to you, but I prefer to follow this;
    Sunfire Cape
    Warmog's Armor
    Randuin's Omen

I'll be honest when I say that I haven't actually gone past the second Warmog's. By this point, our team has managed to take at least two inhibitors. However, I don't doubt this would be different if we weren't doing Normal random matches which primarily involve pugged groups. Regardless, I'll explain my reasonings based on a long-winded game.

Sunfire Cape really is a boon for Galio. While there is a possibility I'm going to run into magic resist groups that will make this slighly more ineffective, the ability to hack the health regen by just being near him/her is all the reason I need. As it's been said in other builds here, too, it's deadly with Galio's Ultimate.

The second Warmog's Armor is simply insult to injury. Who wants to see a 5k+ Galio waltzing towards them with god knows how much health regen working in his favor. It takes a lot to bring you down at this point, and nothing short of an all out push will do it. Remember, Bulwark will save your life. If your taking hate, use it on yourself and you won't go down fast enough for them not to be wiped out.

Randuin's Omen is an item I've never even had the chance to buy. I just don't get the chance to. The idea here is to add both the passive and active slow effect into the mix. The added armor and health regen just adds insult to injury. You can basically just keep hate by jumping on their remaining turrets/barracks and laying waste to them.

I have not once in the last 8 games I've played gone beyong the point of even finishing Randuin's Omen. IF you do, get what you feel to replace your Philosopher's Stone. Personally, I would be grabbing a Zhonya's simply for the extra boom effect.

Dominant Caster

Casters are a rather simple thing for us to fight against. They are great at burst but, after that, lack sufficient damage components to get you good. Never the less, they will most likely be the ones to bring you down. Here's how I keep myself going against a heavy AP-based group;
    Force of Nature
    Randuin's Omen
    Guardian Angel

Remember that, while your gonna be taking a lot more magical damage, they're only gonna be bursting you for a short while (or consistantly hitting you with lower powered quick abilities). Simply being able to take the brunt of it and regen quickly is enough to keep going. Force of Nature provides both of these into a nice package, and costs less than most items to boot.

Again, Randuin's Omen plays a part in slowing down the enemy. In theory this should be devestating if you catch one of their nukers off guard and without a way to retreat. This can easily be the last nail in the coffin to a quick kill in a counter push. I've never completed this item before we won, but it's always on my mind.

Guardian Angel is simply chosen here for the mental game you'd be playing at this point. Your either gonna be the saving grace to a heavy push on your base or the never ending tower diver. Take your pick.

As with the Heavy Melee build, I can't even fathom what I would do if the game lasted this long. If, however, the game does last until the cows come home, grab whatever you wish will drive it over the edge to replace your Philosopher's Stone.