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Galio Magic Resistant

Last updated on January 1, 2011
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I shall start by saying, don't bash it till you test it. Don't expect massive killing sprees, it's Galio after all.

So essentially, this is a magic-resistant build, however Galio's passive gives him half of his magic resist in ability power. So while it doesn't seem killer, it does help more as you go along.

I have some things to work on in this build such as: Which RED runes should I use, the current ones are just a 'whatever' until you or I find a better substitute.

Now many people are very critical of spirit visage, so before anything else, I'm going to pose it as such, Bulwark, heals for 20/32/44/56/68 (+0.3 ap) now double this and you have good healing that lessens with each blow(-20% each consecutive blow). Not only that, but it also helps out Force of Nature's unique. The Magic Defense on it adds to his passive, and it also adds to his health and cooldown reduction.

While in the process of actually building, it's inevitable that you'll want to work out which order, as the order listed is an in-general build. Depending whom you're up against, you may want to buy the Treads later. The key to getting the full build is farming mostly, I've added the mastery Greed to help.

If you notice I've left most of the skill set blank, I know that it's inevitably up to you when you level something, but here I'll list my in-general build as I can.

Primarily you wanna focus Righteous Gust, while getting your ulti as you can, more damage in that is better. Why that over Resolute Smite? One, it provides quicker movement and is good for engaging and running away. Two, it can be used for good minion farming. And three, good range.

Now you'll notice I picked Resolute Smite first, why? Because it's semi-spammable, and can be easily used to facecheck bushes. Not only that, but when getting a kill first becomes the goal, you might like to slow your opponents with it.

Bulwark becomes less of a concern if you are playing defensively and is good for when you need to tank or heal, just plop it on an active companion champ and let them get hit as you stay back and heal until you can start your onward charge again.

Summoner spells, well you'll notice I've picked Ghost. If you're really confident, you can pick flash and switch out a rank in Hardiness into Blink of an Eye on your mastery page. I prefer ghost because of the speed and lack of unit collision. Flash is just a short-ranged jump, so if you like the jungle more, it might be better.

Clarity, well, if you don't like it don't use it either, I've listed it because I've found that levels 1-16 usually need mana if you're spamming skills like you should be. If you choose to get something else, I'd say teleport or fortify. Both of these allow you to defend your tower as you won't be there, teleport being you'll be there soon enough. If you choose to skip teleport and choose fortify, watch all frontline towers when your companions are away from them, and if you need to get there quick, don't be afraid of using your Righteous Gust to get there.

Few situations which you need to be careful in:
Got a whole enemy team about murdering your team? Use your ulti to catch as many of them as you can while your teammates thank your sacrifice. Use your Gust to get them out of there and use your Righteous Smite to slow chasing opponents.

Your opponent feels the need to dive with plenty of minions, you should probably watch yourself here as they probably have reason for doing so. You probably should use your Bulwark to reduce the pain if they are focusing you and if they are focusing your tower, they soon will be. Drop your Bulwark and ulti. While they hit you, the tower should focus them, because they are hitting you.

Remember the key to many situations is that you are in fact the target, and if not, you'll want to become the target. Don't be afraid to sacrifice yourself for the 'cause' this includes, holding off opponents to keep them from stopping your team, misleading them, as you can make an easier getaway at times and in general, just being the 'tank'. When these situation arise, Bulwark first thing. You'll slow their killing of you, but this will slow their killing of other stuff.

Survival is key, keeping you and your teammates alive.