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League of Legends Build Guide Author Charlie Dangerous

Galio - Smiting the wicked

Charlie Dangerous Last updated on August 11, 2010
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The main purpose of this build is to use Galio to the full extent of his damage and tanking capacity. You will use bullwark to negate tons of damage and resolute smite/idol of durand to put the beatdown on enemies.

Summoner Spells

There are a lot of options for summoner skills, but i will just list the ones i think are best and worst for Galio.

Clarity: Totally eliminates your need for mana related items during early to late game. Also lets you lane for longer because you can spam bullwark on yourself for survivability. Also helps your laning partner stay full on mana as well which adds more support to what you already have.

Flash: I cant really live without this spell anymore. Its awesome for catching and running.

Cleanse: could be used if you want more survivability against heavy CC

Exhaust: exhaust someone then use your ult on them. They wont hit you at all and you will deal tons of damage. Sweet action.

Ghost: I wouldnt use this. your tornado does this pretty well.

Heal: worthless late game, and bullwark will keep you alive pretty well.

Runes and Masteries

For runes I wasnt really sure what to put, so just do whatever you think works best. Though, cooldowns are probly a good idea

As for masteries, i take defensive traits to make up for his relative lack of health for a tank, and get spell pen in offence to add some kick to his abilities.


Runic Skin (passive): This is pretty sweet, but if you just stack resist items you wont really have that much AP. However, when you do start putting on the AP it helps with some extra damage.

Resolute Smite: This spell starts off really weak at level one, but if you get it to level 3 and use an elixer of brilliance you can use this and righteous gust to take out almost whole waves of creeps. The back 3 caster minions will die and you will be able to one hit the rest. Also excellent for harassing in the lane and slowing down runners.

Bullwark: Excellent damage reduction and the life gain from it pretty much entirely negates DoT skills. Max this and Smite asap and you will be okay for most of the game. Just make sure to spam this on yourself if you are being harassed and make sure to throw in on your team whenever they go into battle. You can also throw it up right before you use your ultimate so you hardly take any damage.

Righteous Gust: Never really does that much damage, but the wind stream that comes out of it can be pretty useful for catching up and escaping if you use it right. Also combos well with smite to kill creeps. i usually dont try to level this much untill towards the end of the game because the damage on it isnt that impressive.

Idol of Durand: This ultimate is pretty cool. It packs a hell of a whallop if you use your deathfire grasp on someone first then pop this. After it finishes you can just smite them to death. Also really good for turret defense. If someone gets in too close, you pop this, taunt them, the turret shoots them, then you blow up and wreck their hopes and dreams. The damage is pretty good on it if you have the AP to back it up.

Items and why

I usually start out with Dorans Ring because it gives a decent amount of mana regen early game and has some AP and HP to go with it. Also lets you buy a pot. You can stay in your lane for a good bit with this without having to go back for more items.

Next up I try to get either Mercury Treads or Deathfire Grasp. The treads because they work well with his passive and the grasp because it adds some AP, its cheap, and the active on it is awesome against other tanks and using with your ultimate.

After i get boots and deathfire i go straight for Force of Nature. This makes you able to take spell damage like a pro and plays right into your passive with its massive magic resist.

Next up i grab Aegis of the Legion to give me some normal armor and to help out my team when they are around. The buff from that added on to bullwark makes for some pretty good armor coverage on anyone you are near.

The last item you get is really up to you. If you are getting beat up i would recommend something with more armor or health. I like to go with the Abyssal Scepter because it adds both AP and magic resistance, which is like a huge double positive for galio. Most of the time, however, the game will be over before you get here so its up to you.

A little tip that i picked up from a morgana guide on here; always buy elixers of brilliance. they provide really solid help with your magic damage output, and helps with cooldowns. Having these can be the difference between mowing down creep waves and killing players compared to getting stomped into the ground. I try to always buy one when i go back. If you dont have cash, go farm for some, buy a cheap component, and pick up one of those. It will make your damage output that much better.

Game Summary

Early Game: Try to last hit minions with resolute smite and keep damage off of yourself with bullwark. Make sure that you also use this on your laning partner so that you maximize the amount of harassment you can both get away with. Use clarity to make up for your lack of mana and just try to farm up to your mercury treads and deathfire. If you have the ability to take someone out with your ultimate, just be careful of your health, but go for it.

Mid Game: during mid game you will still most likely be in lane, farming for more gold because it gets so easy for you. Make sure that you run around and help your team though if they really need it. By this point you should be up to force of nature or at least be working on it. It will be fairly easy for you to rack up kills or assists at this point if you make sure to keep using deathfire.

Late game: Make sure you are helping your team with ganks. You can use gust to help them run away or catch up and bullwark will keep your squishies alive for a little longer. Your main role at this point is support, but your damage output is good enough to bring down some baddies on your own.

I have only been playing him for a few days now, but this build seems to work out just fine. Just be careful not to die and make sure to harass when possible. If you have any suggestions it would be great to hear them =)