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Gangplank Build Guide by PrcinTiMater

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrcinTiMater

Gang The Tank Plank (Jungler)

PrcinTiMater Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Hey, I'm PrcinTiMater from Croatia and this is my guide for gangplank. Nothing fancy, just my way of playing Gangplank, one of the best carries in the Field of Justice.

Why I write this build? Simple, I've managed to win games solo (even ranked ~1300 rating) by carrying the whole team.

Please read the full guide before deciding to vote.

Also I'm apologizing infront for my bad English. It's not my first language, there could be some mistakes.

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Greater Mark of Alacrity (+1.7% Attack speed)
I pick these, because it increses my jungling speed, and the bonus is 15% Attack Speed, which improves you're late game also cuz of not buying AS and having alot of HP which allows you to stay in fight longer and hit more.
Greater Seal of Resilience (+1,41 Armor)
I think this doesn't need any explanation.
Greater Glyph of Focus (0.65% Cooldown Reduction)
Why pick these and not MR or what ever other rune, I like these because it's most valuable on mid/late game.

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Pretty simple for an AD jungler 21-0-9. Not much to say about this.

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Now for the most important part.
The build you see above is the basic build, which works in most situations, but each game is different, every enemy team is different and you must adept to that. I can't tell you every possible scenario. The decision is on you in the Field. There are alot of factors that you should think about before deciding what to buy.
I'll name some of them:
Which champ is most powerfull at their team, how are they farming, what are they buying and so on...
I can give you some advise what to buy at certain situations.
Just to get one thing straight ALLWAYS RUSH INFINITY!

"Their AP carry mid is fed and farmed!"
You just buy Benshies Veil which counters most of the AP carries. (Just drop Frozen Mallet.)

"4/5 on their team is AD"
Drop Frozen Mallet and get a Thornmail.

"You're getting fed, like having an 8-0 score before 20th minute"
Ye it's time to faceroll, after Infinity buy Trinity force. You're Q crits look insane, but on most games there is not enough cash for both of this items, and you lack hp in mid game and start feeding.
"They stacked armor to counter me."
Switch Frozen Mallet to Lost Whisperer.

Other then that the original build works fine.

Explanation why exactly these items:
Lantern (Not much to say, all junglers need this item, the bonuses for that gold is amazing and the endless ward is very useful as most supports don't ward too much, that job is on you also)

Boots (Why Lucidity? You're main dmg is Q and this lowers the cd of it, simple. You could switch them to Attack Speed boots, but the bonus of Lucidity at MID game is just too powerful, as the game style when rushing Infinity is stay away from combat and spam Q.)

Infinity (Allways get a B.F. Sword first. I hope it's clear that this item is a must on GP. Why rush this item? Because when you get it you start doing insane dmg, Q crits deal 50% HP to most of the squishies at that point and there are still not much team fights where you need the HP when get focused. Now with this item you get fed with ganking around and get you're warmogs fast.

Warmogs (Giant Belt first allways. The bonus from this item in best for HP, when getting this item it's what makes you a Gang The Tank Plank, you can run in fights, even if they focus you with W and E you can easily get away alive ad you're team crushes them then.

Atmas (More Crit Chance, and some armor cool, but the 2% of hp to AD is insane, thats around 60-70 dmg at the point you buy Atmas. A must have item on this build as you start to hit crits more often and you get decent ammount of armor for sustaining some dmg and alot of dmg for that money).

Frozen Mallet (Buying it for the passive, HP and some DMG. Increses your gain from Atmas, very nice passive if you don't have red and late game is kinda chaos not that you can have red every time you need it like in early / mid game)

If the game lasts so long or i get 20 kills and have too much money, I change Lantern for Bloodthirster (more dmg, more lifesteal).

Some people asked me why not Sheen / Trinity allways on GP (this gives insane increse in dmg thats is true but you can't sustain a team fight if you don't have alot of HP, only scenario where I buy sheen is when I'm solo top with GP and you don't need an lantern but this is a jungle guide).

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Jungling / Ganking

There are alot of different jungling routes out there, with this build I suggest this route;




Recall to base (Buy Cloth and 2 potions, if you don't have the money wait a few seconds)






Basicly it's a much safer route then to start with blue, as you have flash even if your team fails at covering you if you see them coming you can just flash over the wall and run away and it's not big of a deal.

You should allways tell your teammates to cover you, you should ask also someone to cover your wraiths also so you know if they kill them you should head over to their part of the bigger jungle and clear wraiths and golems before their jungler comes from blue / wolves as most junglers do after stealing wraiths.

One thing that should never happen to you as you shall be flamed from your team. Never get counter jungled at lvl 1 or failing at Neutrals but that won't happen. I've seen many shaco's doing this, they put JiTB in the brush at the way to wraiths. and as you move to wraiths you just get killed by the boxes nothing you can do, so allways put a teammate there when you're jungling against shaco. (After the Half Dragon Lady patch alot of ppl are jungling shaco cuz of the buff. I still think that hero is useless.)

I can't teach you how , when , where to gank as this changes every game. The decision is up to you I can just give some advice.

In solo que or normal games allways write and ping where are you going and what do you want to do. Basicly a "I'm coming top after red, hold on, let him / em push a bit." is making wonders.

Mark the target you are ganking and continue to blink when you want to start. people will react better and faster if you do that.

Ganking is easiest if the laners first start fighting and you get into the fight, thats the most effective way and try to do it. If you run out of brush and the enemy is at 80-100% hp he can just start running and probably survive but if he's at 40-60% and you're team mate also thats a definite kill.

Allways keep an eye for wards where do they put them and avoid them.

One more aspect of jungling that has to be said.
Respawn timers! You should have these in your little finger. Allways know when is the respawn time of buffs, dragon and baron.

So the times are these:
Dragon - 6 minute respawn timer,
Baron - 7 minute respawn timer,
Buffs (red and blue) - 5 minute respawn timer.
Small neutral camps - 1:40 minute (Not 100% positive, will test it)

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Team Fights

You're role in team fights is to get focused but still produce an incredibly ammount of dmg.
OFC you can't run into the fight like a maniac going for 1v5 and they'll manage to kill you, but if you time it right with you're team you're a scary OT AD Carry which has to be focused but you're not going down so fast. Basicly you're role is to use E when chasing or backing, spam Q all the time, and W on stuns / snares.

Ulti, most important spell, don't waste it on 1 dude, allways try to hit more champs and in a place they will stay. I prefer to use it while they run to slow them down and catch them. Other scenario is to use ulti when they all are in a mosh and focusing you're champs. This makes most chaos to them if they don't move out of it. Third scenario is that they are spread and going forward backward and you can't initate a good fight. Throw the ulti between their dmg carries and tank / OT and start nuking the tank, if they come closer focus them.

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Allways try to last hit with Q, the bonus money gets your Infinity in no time.

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Hope you liked my guide, leave a comment!