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Gangplank- Honey badger build

Last updated on July 18, 2011
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who I am and why anyone would care.

well in the grand scheme of things I am just another geek who greatly enjoys this game and wanted to start throwing my own two cents in on my favorite champions, I hope this will give people insight into my madness, enjoy and by all means leave any and all feedback at the bottom of the post.

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Introduction-honey badger dont care

so you wanna be a pirate eh? wanna run around the field with impunity, critting for obscene amounts of damage? wanna be able to make amumu cry real tears as he wastes his ultimate in an attempt to kill you? maybe you just wanna see if the opposing team will chase you after while your teammates clean up, either way honey badger don't care. I use this build minus a few variations depending on playstyle and group comp for obvious reasons but the base idea remains the same, just like the honey badger you don't give a s---, you just eat. In this case eating will equate to kills/assists, you will find him a little more tanky to offset the early game squishy I had always seem to find, and allow you to face check with relative impunity from lvl 1 on.

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pro/con aka upside and ....well there is no downside.

positive things
great attack damage and sustainability via the increased hit points and armor/magic resist

the joy of knowing your frustrating the **** out of your opponents

winning duh!

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my rune choices are a mix of arpen ,hitpoints, resists , and armor, with the increased movement speed quints which I feel allow you to be a very effective ad carry. I don't go with any increased crit chance or increased crit damage since between the small amount via mastery's and items I choose to go for the armor and magic resist, all are more then able to be swapped around to find the right balance for you.

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21/0/9 build what I would classify as your normal build for an AD champion. I opt to go with the increased exp and greed to maximize not only my gold gain but the speed at which I level to give me a better chance for overall lane control. I am normally an exhaust /ignite kinda if you don't go with those summoner spells by all means go with what works best for you.

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Skill Sequence- oh I'm a pirate I'm a pirate

parrlay- must take lvl 1 ability in my opinion, your bread and butter attack, allows you to use on hit items such as the black cleaver for more arpen , bloodthirster for life steal and frozen mallet for slow etc etc.

remove scurvy- heals Gangplank and removes all forms of Crowd Control on him, this includes fears/slows/stuns/exhaust/surpress giving you the ability to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Raise Morale- flat Attack damage/movement speed buff with a on use to double the effective amount of attack damage and speed that applies to gang plank as well as any teammates with in range SIDE NOTE- if you or your teammates are hiding in the bushes, when you activate raise morale the glow on their hands WILL show even tho they are hidden in the bushes, I am unsure if this is intended or a glitch but be aware of this situation so as not to give away the possible gank setup.

Cannon Barrage- large circle of falling artillery the circle itself applies a slow onto the target area of the circle, the cannon balls are random but thankfully the aoe dmg does not lower so if it clips em it hits em!

I normally aim to have parrley maxed by lvl 9-10, if I am up against champions that are able to crowd control me and do some quick burst damage I take an early rank into remove scurvy as opposed to raise morale, this is where using your own judgement is very important , last thing you wanna do is be a dead Gangplank

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Summoner Spells- just look at him in those bushes

I will only be covering the summoner spells I personally like to take, nothing against the other spells.

Exhaust- I love this spell, I normally end up using it on the first enemy to poke his nose into the bushes I am hiding in, allowing me to most often get first blood, or 2nd if your teammates either got it before you or died.

ignite- true damage dot that reduces healing done to the target for the duration of its effect increases dmg per lvl. great for early game dots when they just run out of range into the turret and your not ready to dive, the main reason i use it is just to spite high HP draining/gaining characters (fiddle/warwick come to mind) when you are able to use remove scurvy to break fear / infinite duress, following up with ignite and parrley, you take his perceived free gank into a free kill for you!

flash- teleport champion to target cursor location. wonderful when your cutting through the jungle minding your own business looking for an enemy champion to eat and walk into a bush filled with more then you can handle flash to the other side of a wall pop raise morale and run towards your nearest teammates, you will be surprised how often they will chase you.

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Team Work- those other people on your team, they matter

This is a 5v5 team based game so you have to be able to not only communicate with your teammates but understand that everyone needs to get kills in order for your team to not only win, but to make people not hate you when you are on Gangplank. His last hit ability is quite huge and at end game it will not be possible for you to gauge your dmg due to the high amount of crit and arpen but early game taking the time to not parrley every last hit you can helps you out in the following ways.

1. your team will love you- nothing makes other people happy then seeing someone taking the time to make sure they get a kill and allows you to be not the early on focus.

2.Your team will actually care- when you take a little bit of effort and show that your willing to care your team will keep an eye out on you, I used to hate running down river with three guys chasing me and have my team not even notice or attempt to help, since I started this build style I have seen a noticeable increase in not only communication but people will see you and go oh noes lets go save GP hes a beast!

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Items-the stuff that makes you go wooot

my starting item is almost always doran's shield. I love the hp and armor with hp5, allows you to not have to use your Q as often and allow you to regen hp ad an alright clip from lvl 1 on. I do end up selling it mid/late game to finish an item be it infinity edge or spirit visage.

Ionian boots of lucidity- rank 2 movement with a 15 precent cooldown reduction very useful, when coupled with the spirit visage and the cd reduction from your runes you will have parrley down as much as 2.32 seconds which with the way the game handles the cooldown of abilities thats a 2 second parrley.

Avarice blade- 12% crit and 5gold per 10 secs, great starter item in my opinion, nice amount of crit to get you to 15% thanks to mastery and the gold helps as you parrley last shot minions, I normally end up selling this to build my infinity edge.

Infinity Edge-increased damage and small amount of crit, what makes this so amazing for gangplank is the increased critical dmg by 50% , I have been able to crit for 1107 off a parrley

zeal/phantom dancer- critical strike chance and increased movement speed, pretty self explanatory but I will recap. Honey badger is hungry, sometimes they may run, you run faster then they can and guess what you win, and who does not like winning!

spirit visage- magic resist, hitpoints, added cooldown reduction increases the efectiveness of heals on yourself by 15%. That makes your remove scurvy increased healing, any support heals you receive will be increased as well as any life steal effect if you decide to go that route all in all I greatly enjoy this item

Bloodthirster- 60 attack damage 15% lifesteal, for every killing blow you gain extra damage and lifesteal max 100 atk dmg 20% lifesteal. This is not only the highest attack damage item in the game assuming your able to stack it via minions but the life steal comboed up with spirit visage makes you much harder to kill in a 1v1 situation since your parrley can heal you for upwards of 250+

this is just a baseline guide of items I prefer to use on him, you will have to build according to what you are up against

my thoughts on sheen

I have read quite a few guides where people go zomg sheen is amazing on Gangplank it increases your dmg by 100% after using an ability so you can Derp a derp I can't even finish. the exact wording on sheen is 100% of your BASE damage, that would be based upon the champion in question, I have tried swapping out flat attack damage and even picked it up as my last item and I see a 30 dmg increase. considering your talking not only is this a valuable slot since you only have 6 slots to work with, the only argument you can use is the increased mana pool and thats just silly, your a honey badger, honey badger dont need mana, if you do just find the guy on the other team with blue buff and relieve him of it.

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Unique Skills- OMG did you just see that? gross

I enjoy this build since it allows me to not only shoot every 2 seconds and be able to be a massive threat to the opposing team but with the reduced cd and tankyness of it without sacrificing your damage or critical strike. when played properly from lvl 10-18 you will be able to just run around hunting for your next kill, sometimes your team will tag along sometimes you will be solo but as long as you take the time to learn what champions have what disables and how they like to use it you will be more then able to 1v1 any equal champion.

you can find my spreads any time by looking me up my name is the same as here swirlyicecream

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Summary-look at that sleepy head, sleepy honey badger

I understand I can only attempt to explain how I play this build and champion so I will attempt to stress a few key points

1.This is a TEAM GAME, no matter how much of a beast you are or how many kills you will not be able to kill all 5 opposing champions solo, especially when they begin to focus you, this build works best if you allow your teammates to pull ahead in kills and allow them to be the biggest perceived threat at the moment hopefully allowing you to parrley and attack with impunity.

2.communicate- if your gonna face check a bush, have someone follow you, you have the hp to take a hit or two, the scurvy to escape ganks, and the increased movement from raise morale you should very rarely get caught flatfooted. your team can not read your mind, and I know sometimes when queing solo you will get bad teammates just take a deep breath woosah and remember not only are you a pirate, honey badger don't give a S---.

3. know your enemy- Knowledge is power in all things, be it life or a video game and knowing exactly what your enemies are capable of as well as how they build will allow you to be the most effective and play your best.

4. know your friends- If you find yourself with the luxury of having 4 buddies to play with knowing their play style and how they will behave is super important don't hesitate to be a meat shield.

I hope you enjoyed this massive wall of text all about the wonders of being gangplank, see you on the fields of justice!

hugs and kisses,

"I'm not a nobody I am gangplank and you will give me the booty"