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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrivatePimmel

Gangplank, more Crit please

PrivatePimmel Last updated on March 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. This is my first guide ever. I´m gonna start with Ganplank, because i just tried something, and totall owned with the following build :> Actually, my history doesnt show me much games played with Gangplank anymore. There´s only one now : 21/4/15 ; That was a hell of a round and I didnt even finish my build. Anyway, let´s get started.

P.S.: I´m no absolute pro or a guy who plays this game like an addict, so don´t be too hard ;) I appreciate every kind of critiques.

Enjoy :)

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For Runes, i chose 3 x Quintessence of Desolation + 9 x Greater Mark of Desolation, giving me ~28 Amorpen at the beginning (without masteries). With my current masteries i have Amorpen + 6 which makes 34 Amorpen. I thought about getting crit runes. Can anyone tell me how this works? The rest is Manareg per level and these are just awesome! I dont need any mana reg- item and can go fully into Crit/Dmg.

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I´m not shure about these ones, but i think they do good. 6% Cooldownreduction and more important, more amor-pen.The additional mana-reg supports the runes and make mana-reg items even more unnecessary.

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Getting started: I usually buy the vampirc ceptar first, because that means, i can stay forever on my lane. Then i buy the boots with Cooldown reduction which i couldnt find up in the item list. The next part is the most important. I really buy the Avarice Blade 4/5 times (depends on the need of the vampiric ceptar).That means i run around with a 62% chance to Crit, which is just awesome! If i hit an enemy once, i blow off up to 1/2 of his hitpoints. That feels really good :) And look at your gold!It´s literally raining Gold. I then continue with Infinity Edge going over to Blood Thirster, a Black Cleaver and finishing with Madreds Bloodrazor. I always sell one of the Avarice Blades if a new item is ready to be bought. Actually, the items after the Infinity Edge are all optional. But this is the usual way I buy items. After the Infinity Edge and the Bloodrazor, my Crits easily come near 1000 dmg.

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I dont wanna add more here, because this is just an inspiration about how you can play Gangplank. I always get comments like "What the **** are you doing with that items" because yes, it looks pretty funny to have the same item 5 times, but after two-hitting enemies there are no further comments :D