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Gangplank : OWNS!!

Last updated on December 26, 2010
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How to play


Laning phase

: You can try to get first blood with your lane partner. This will give you 400g or 200g very early in the game, and you'll almost be ready to buy. You can deal at least 200 damage: 70 with ignite, 80 with Parrrley and about two normal attacks which deals 2*60 and then your poisondamage.
If you don't go for first blood, you can still go in the bush often, and shoot the enemy with Parrrley, and get a kill after some harassing.
Don't forget to last-hit minions with Parrrley. It gives you quite a bit of extra gold, and boosts your development.
If you are dominating your lane, play aggresively, but if you do not, stay with turrent and wait for the minions so you can gain xp and get level.


: Use Raise Morale to make your team do more damage. Also time your Remove Scurvy correctly. For instance: when in the rim of Veigar's cage, or when you get Exhausted.

How to use the ultimate

When in a teamfight, use your ulti in a way that all enemies get hit, and try to aim it a bit to the direction you think the enemies will go. If they are losing, aim your ulti a bit more to the direction of their escape route.
You can also use your ulti to finish off an escaping enemy. Do this by aiming the rim of your ulti at the enemy, with the other end in front of him. That way, they'll have to run through the entire thing.