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Gangplank Build Guide by AnTz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnTz

Gangplank OWNZ Dominion - HARDCORE build!

AnTz Last updated on October 22, 2011
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*About the build*

IMPORTANT! This build is made for a hardcore Gangplank in Dominion (it can be as well used in LoL Classic too). So follow up this build if you want a very funny, endless crits based build and also a winning one. Thank you and please proceed to the chapter below. :)

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Well, hello there!

I would like to salute and thank everyone who is watching, trying or even liking this build.
This is my first build, and it would probably be the last one.
Well, why am I'm making this build?

Usually I tried only the top #1 ranked build on Mobafire (the same of course for Gangplank). Well, as I was studying those build I have seen that to accomplish something with Gangplank using them, you need to wait up until the end of the game while then build up survivability.
In my opinion,

survivability is **** on a Dominion Gangplank.

I say that because no matter how hard you try, it doesn't makes such a big difference.

I mean...

Oh come on! You will tell me that even with a Trinity Force or a Warmog you won't get instant hit? Let me tell you something, Gangplank is not made for survivability (even at the start of the match).

Dominion is made for some HARDCORE action as well as this build, you can get it, don't you? Fast ress, easy leveling and gold earning, as well as huge mana regen which makes most of the characters pop skills as fast as ****!! (that's sound kinda weird :-?)
And wth, don't forget those endless and humiliating crits, for god's sake!!! :X
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Pros. / Cons.

Gangplank, in my opinion, is the most funniest guy to play.
Well, you're getting real boned right there when you crit like hell or when you save your Objective from getting captured with your ulti.
And also the speed... personality... skills, and that "Yargh, I'm a mighty pirate" buff, which no1 else has it, haha!
Also I always though AD/AS is more funnier than AP, although my main was Kennen.

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We focus on crit guys!

Your crit +22% crit ownz the house!

1. Grab 2 health potions because you will be usually the latest one who survives the teamfights and need to protect Objectives.
2. Boots --> Very important, you need high mobility over the map and fast travel.

You can choose:
Boots lvl 1 + Avarice blade (+Greed Talent, or not) or Ionian Boots? (I usually go for the first option, which can be a very bad choice if noone in your team has boots of mobility or more players with boots lvl 2.)

4. Grab B.F Sword first if you have the gold to buy it, else buy a Pickaxe.
You need AS for 1v1 Teamfights.

5.Grab the Phantom Dancer + Sanguine and roll! The match should have ended by now.
If not buy another ocassional item, I still choose crit chance because I get very angry if I have 77% crit chance and still don't always crit! X_X

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As for the Runes...

I had saw a lot, a lot and a lot of ArP on Gangplank. Well this dude isn't Xin Zhao man...
<Ok, ok, you maybe think I do not know what I'm doing here but this build works well in >70% of the times if played well.>

Imo, crits will always be better in the beginning, and also, much funnier. So that when you find an Xin Zhao alone at the objective for example, with less than half HP, you will get him for sure. :P

Malice, only malice, dude? YES, DU-DE! This will guarantee you a VERY GOOD BEGINNING and also VERY NICE ENDING.

Malice, huh? You will have something like 10-15% crit chance from the beginning of the match, will buy the recommended items and grow up your crit chance over 35% that's a way more better than 10% crit of less at the start.

CdR per LvL-- Our base skill is Parley, which we all know what it does. We need those runes to use it much more times, duh... Why per lvl? Because it grants a less Cd when you lvl, assuming that you will spam parley at lvl 18 as hell!!

As for the quints. We all like to crit, but we all like more to see a crit AND ENJOY IT!
Something like:
P1. WOOHOOHOHOO, two 354 crits on Ryze!! OMAGA!!!
P2. It's just minute 6, you couldn't have crit so much on that time.
P1. Well, let's see again.... <SAME ****> . You should really try out this build bro :))
P2. <wasted, pwned, smashed>
Me: Ty, fan!
P1. Lol. I don't like you, I just love this Gangplank :X
Me: ...

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Basic masteries for a good Gangplank, I think we all can agree that. (21/0/9)

Obs: Well, some of you may want to put Greed instead of Utility Mastery, I will show you at the "How to play it" section why.
And yes, Flash sucks in Dominion. The game is mostly based on speed, which can judge the win or lose that day, also you need to get top as fast as possible.
Flash can be used, but not recommended by me, it can get you another kill, but as I said, those are not important. And as for escaping, in Dominion Gangplank escapes or dies when countered by tougher enemies.

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Skill Sequence.

Basic skill Sequence.
Obs: Some may try 2x "Parrrley" and one on "Raise Morale". It works kind of well.
I use "Remove Scurvy" for situations when someone (Ryze ofc :)) ) locks my *** up and then bursts me.

Well, no **** dude? Stun me, but no burst for you, no no! Biatch...

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Summoner Spells.

I would prefer Ignite as well. So you can try it too, but you will lose the "Exhaust" talent bonus or just stick that point into AP.

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This Gangplank build is kind of made for owning most of the ad/as. You just crit them (their usually squishy), they CC you, you "Remove Scurvy", burst into them, crit again *DEAD* or just hand them some more sword hits and they will die.

Well, not 100% chases work. I can't tell you that this build is perfect, just a better build IMO.

Opp. to fear:
- Rammus --> Omg, no way, just don't mess with this guy when he has thornmail.
- Ryze --> Late game he can be a though one, stacking that much health.
- Akali --> Tricky if you don't have an oracle.
- Jax --> Try to buy a Sword of the Divine. That will do the trick!
- It may continue.

Opp. not to fear:
If you have crit someone hard and you use exhaust, don't hesitate to get near him and kill. Don't get afraid of his burst. Ex: Caitlyn.
<She atacks me, deals high amount of damage, but not enough to kill me, I crit, go next to her, exhaust (she may exhaust too, which is not a problem), and kill.

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How to play, the most important and must-read THING.

1. Say you take mid. IMPORTANT.


Match begins.


Level 1-6

2. Buy items, put skills on.
3. Demand to take mid.
4. Wait. Use Raise Morale on 1:19 sec.
5. Ghost to mid.
6. Capture mid.
7. Raise morale again.
7. Go get the speed buff and rush to top.

*Top you will see a lot of less than half bunch of guys. That's why you go mid! ( and for the score ofc)
Get the lowest hp one with one parley or try too if you fail to crit (ofc it may happen).
Be sure you don't get too much damaged, don't burst into their tower even if someone there is low hp. I mean DON'T GO FOR THE KILLS, Score points worth more than those on Dominion.*

8. Capture/Not capture top --> still go back.
9. Grab boots o speed (only the lvl 1) and make an Avarice.
10. Head to top and kill all the mobs who comes your way.

LVL 6.+

Gangplank's ulti is the best ulti ever made in this game IMO :X
When your Objective is alone and it's being capture by an enemy/more enemies, use ulti on that POINTED IN THE CENTER OF IT SO IT CAN BLOCK OPPONENTS FROM CAPTURING FOR IT'S WHOLE DURATION. Do it repeated times.
Have fear of enganing in 1v1 if you don't have bought yourself a "Vampiric Scepter"

How to fight!!

Engage opponent.
Parrrley! ( If he is tanky, avoid countering him)
If he stuns you Remove your Scurvy! If not, hold it for when he stuns. If he doesn't and your health goes low, Remove Scurvy fast.
*Some opponents will wait for you to remove scurvy then CC you, if their smart, but they can't beat you without CC (most of the cases), but you can. :P

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This build was meant to people who love the funny part of League of Legends, who love to play, not only win or lose.
As you may have saw I didn't used home-made calculation for how much will Parrrley deal at Lvl 16,17, etc, as well as I didn't told you what ArP mean or Remove Scurvy, hoping that you want a better Gangplank and not how to start one.
Well, I kind of don't fell sorry for that. :-?
Thanks for reading my entire (I hope) build, not arguing on my writing mistakes and responded in a comment and maybe even in a "Like".
Hope you liked it guys, see you soon on the PWNING GROUNDS IN DOMINION< HAHA!!!