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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilMuffin

Gangplank - Slap Me Thrice and Hand Me to Me Momma

EvilMuffin Last updated on November 30, 2010
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Hello and welcome to the way I build Gangplank
Passive: Grog Soaked Blade
Grog Soaked Blade applies a DOT on an enemy and reduces healing by the target. This is an unnoticed passive. You will be attacking an enemy and they will get away and then suddenly you get a kill. To my knowledge Parrrley does not apply Grog Soaked Blade.
Q Ability: Parrrley
Gangplank fires his gun and damages a target. The shot applies on hit effects (except Grog Soaked Blade) and has a chance to crit. Landing a killing blow with Parrrley also gives you extra gold. Parrrley is an amazing attack that is able to deal over 1000 damage late game if built correctly. Early game Parrrley requires some luck but late game you are guaranteed a critical hit every shot.
W Ability: Remove Scurvy
Gangplank enjoys a nice refreshing orange and is healed and cleansed of any CC effect. Remove Scurvy is an amazing ability because it can cancel many ultimates such as Ashe's massive arrow, Warwick's molestation attack, and Malzahar's face lazer. It can remove stuns, slows (even Exhaust), and silences.
E Ability: Raise Morale
Passively Gangplank gains attack damage and movement speed but when activated Gangplank murders a fellow minion to give the passive bonuses to nearby friendly champions. This is a good ability to use when pushing towers or before teamfights. If used early game, it can be used to deny experience and gold to enemy champions. If allied with an Annie, Malzahar, Heimerdinger, Mordekaiser, or Shaco, it can be used to kill off their pet if there are no friendly minions nearby (other players will get pissed off, so only use when the pets are low on health or if their timers are almost done).
"If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line" Imperial Guard Commissar.
Ultimate: Cannon Barrage
Gangplank signals his trusty and very accurate ship to fire upon a large area for 8 seconds. Cannon balls deal damage and slow enemies. This ability is game changing early game. If used correctly, it can help any lane get a double kill or pick off those pesky turret huggers. Late game it can be used to protect turrets, keep an eye on the dragon or barron, and prevent enemies from getting away. It is also good for scattering enemies in team fights. The boat is located behind the barron.

Summoner Spells
My Choices
Good for chasing down enemy champs and good in combination with Remove Scurvy to get the hell out of a fight.
Great for blinding enemy DPS Champs and slowing them down, so you can gun them down.

Other Good Choices
Amazing get-a-way spell and can double as a way to get in range with Parrrley and land a headshot.
Good for insuring kills and preventing heals. Synergizes with Grog Soaked Blade to take down escapees.
Good for gaining map-control and allows for going back to the fountain without missing out on experience and gold.

Early Game:
You will want to start off with a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Pots. Spamming Parrrley will require a lot of mana and you will need the mana regen from your Meki and from your runes. Gangplank isn't the best champion early game so you will want to start off just farming with Parrrley and last hitting minions. You will want to save up gold for Manamune, boots, and a BF Sword.

Mid Game:
After you buy your Infinity Edge you will have a choice with boots. You can either go with Swiftness(Speed), Mercs(enemies have heavy CC), Tabi(armor/dodge), or Sorcs(Extra magic pen). I prefer the Sorcs to help your ultimate destroy your enemies. Next item is Sheen. It works with Parrrley and is just amazing for dealing massive amounts of damage. Remember: Cannon Barrage can be used to help out the other lanes (and possibly get a kill or 2) or get an easy double kill in your lane so don't be afraid to use it. At low levels, Cannon Barrage is just ridiculous and can sometimes be used to kill champions turret hugging with low health. Don't be afraid to pop it on your enemies because you might get a kill. Continue to last hit and farm gold because Gangplank is very item dependent. After Sheen, you will want to get a Brutalizer for some more damage, cooldown reduction and for the later Youmuu's. You will also want to pick up a Zeal to build into a Trinty Force.

Mid-Late Game:
A good idea is to pick up an Elixer of Agility to maintain a good crit chance. Make sure to lay low in team fights and mainly go in for a quick Parrrley while letting your tanks do their job. Build your Sheen and Zeal into a Trinity Force and your Brutalizer into a Youmuu's.

Late Game:
Late game is where Gangplank explodes. If you are not focused fast enough you can wipe out the enemy team in seconds. NEVER initiate as Gangplank. During a team fight lay low until the enemy team is grouped up. Pop your ultimate and come in with a Parrrley or 2 then jump in and get a Penta-kill. Good 6th items for Gangplank are:

    Last Whisper(damage, attack speed, armor pen)
    Phantom Dancer(attack and movement speed, crit chance)
    Bloodthirster(great damage and lifesteal)
    Black Cleaver(armor stacking enemies)
    Atma's Impaler(damage, crit chance, armor)
    Guardian Angel(if you find yourself dying often)
    Bilgewater Cutlass(you look more like a pirate)