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Gangplank the farmer.

Last updated on November 14, 2011
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This is a build I use in most games as it provides great damage in mid game, followed by some sustain after people recognize you as a threat, then some damage and sustain, followed by even more damage and sustain.

This should be a pretty simple guide without too much in depth. You should learn by playing

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Crit chance, Armor pen, Cooldown and attack speed. They are pretty much straightforward. Feel free to play around with these.

However I am pretty attached to the armor pen as they make a ton of difference in early levels. The crit quints are nice too but try others maybe they work better for you.

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Usual Offense masteries. You might wanna get 2 points on cooldown instead of minion damage.

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Know how champions like Nasus, Viegar and Sion get stronger for evey minion they farm with Q? Think of Gangplank as exactly the same, only that he can turn that extra boost from the farm into anything he wants

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Skill Sequence

Max Parley first. Farm with it, then farm with it some more. You see dragon? Farm it 150+25+12. Shaco box? Farm it, 10+12. Teemo mushroom, Heims towers, Tibbers.... If it dies, farm it!

On lvl 2 get raise morale. If you are laning against stuns or contains get remove scurvy and then raise morale on lvl 3.

DO NOT max Remove Scurvy second. Your build is extremely expensive. Your remove scurvy should just be for the emergencies not for healing.

Raise morale is the second skill to max. The passive damage and movement speed makes you a great harasser and helps you farm. Something to have in mind, if a single ally with Raise Morale hits a kill once you get an assist.

Cannon Barrage- PLEASE do not use this to farm minions when they ball up against a tower (Unless the situation really calls for it, which is very rare). Initiate team fights, assist teammate or pickoff an escaped kill. Dont kill steal you're better than that. If the ult pops up at the begining of the fight and you take the kill I doubt your teamate will get mad. But time and tiome again I see gangplanks poping their ult just to steal the kill.

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Philosopher stone first. Why? Lane and farm sustain, this is actually the single most important item of the build. The Gold per 5 is just a bonus. Avarice blade is a horrible choice, 12% crit wont actually do much in lane phase, people don't just get in your face so you can hit them, and even if you parley them you probably won't crit anyway; once you're out of mana you become a useless deadweight in lane.

Philosopher stone allows you to parley over twice as much, which mean twice as much money. It allows you to get in last hit autoattack a minion while taking 1 or 2 hits and quickly recover. It even gives you enough mana to waste a couple of shots on the enemy to shoo them away like the sucky landlubbers they are. Avarice blade is more of a hail Mary item, "I hope I kill you with these 6-7 parleys I have before I run out of mana." After that you can't even farm, chances are that there is always a Ranged enemy, whenever you go melee a minion you will get hit and have no health regen. With this said, I hate avarice blade. Dont do it, really DON'T.

Next is boots and Zeal. The zeal's 10% crit is nice. But just add, you have boots 1, zeal movement speed bonus, and raise morale passive bonus. It's like dealing with a Miss Fortune that can get hit and doesn't care.

If the game is running at a normal pace, you should have Boots 1, Zeal and BF sword before the first tower falls. With BF sword you should be doing 25-30% per parley on squishies and 10% on tanks. The rest of the items are pretty much no brainers.

Atmas or Bloodthirster first after Warmogs? I base this choice in how many thorn mails there are on the enemy team, if there is more than 1, or if the only one is giving me trouble I favor the bloodthirster. The atmas actually raises your damage more than the bloodthrister does, so if you arent needing that life steal go atmas.