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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Gangplank, The honey badger build

Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction-aka wtf mate?!

So you like playing gangplank yar? love the crits, the cleanse heal combo and the joys of making it rain cannonballs of doom upon all those that stand in between you and the booty? me too, and this is how I like to GP. The point of this guide is to give my thoughts and what I enjoy from GP to the moba masses!

this is a guide built under the pretense you understand the base tenements of the game and the abilities of Gangplank, there is a wealth of information on moba for anyone who needs it, this is just due to the amount of people I have compliment on my play style and the enjoyment we have as a group as we tear apart the team and everyone gets kills.

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overall I focus with ArPen marks mixed with a flat hp to help even out my starting game squishy, attack dmg seals with armor and glyphs of magic resist and hp. My quint choices are a mix of movement speed increase, arpen and CD reduction. This can all be interchangeable depending on group comp, you can easily swap the hp armor and magic resist out for more flat attack dmg,speed , or crit dmg .

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21/0/9 build pretty standard for the offense tree I normally use exaust and ignite so if you do not feel free to reallocate those points elsewhere for possible more minion dmg for a little faster farming/laning. my utility choices help my lane/leveling phase, allow me to lvl faster then those not specced into utility and the extra gold combined with parrlay ends up working out fairly well.

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always go parrlay first since it is not only your only ranged attack, its the bread and butter of GP, always attempt to last shot as much as you can.

remove scurvy- In my opinion one of the best W abilities in the game, removes all CC on you and heals you for a nice amount with a very low mana cost, wonderful for those oh noes situations (ww ulti,exaust,lux root, morgana, etc etc). Learning when the best time to use it will allow you to very quickly turn the tables on a gank and either allow you to escape or make them pay for their folly, remember your a pirate, and honey badger don't give a s---.

raise morale- since the changes to this ability it is now a flat AD buff with movement speed that you can then activate to not only double the bonus upon yourself but apply to all your teammates within a solid range, great for harrasing in combination with parrley as well as for the chase down / run away. NOTE- if you have a teammate in the bushes and you activate raise morale, when it causes your teammates hands to glow it shows even when they are hidden in bushes, unsure if this is a glitch or an intended aspect but keep that in mind when coordinating ganks with your lane partner.

cannon barrage- big circle aoe slow with a spattering of cannonballs doing dmg, global so you can place it anywhere on the map, so the higher your map awareness and communication the better off you are at maximizing your assists and kills.

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the Items I start with is doran's Shield, 100 hp hp5 and a little bit of armor. I normally start off at lvl 1 with over 700hp, allowing me to face check bushes with relative impunity. I stay in my lane until i have enough for an avarice blade lvl 1 boots and some pots so normally 7mins/lvl 6 depending on how well last hits are working for you. If your lucky with first blood/ a few kills from them underestimating your ability to take hits just rush the avarice blade and boots of lucidity. After that I will either focus on starting my infinity edge, either by lane farming til i can afford the BF sword, or if there is no tanks/ high hp enemy champs getting the cloak of agility for the increased critical strike dmg, after that zeal/phantom dancer. This is also all running under assumption you are not having any issues otherwise you will have to tweak your build accordingly, building banshee veils to counter strong ap users, even a possible force of nature to be even more tanky, or a bloodthirster for the added lifesteal and AD, all of these are possibilities and you should use your own judgement based upon your team build and coordination.

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Skill Sequence

parrley first then scurvy followed by raise morale, nothing like having your rotation started as soon as possible, If you are against some early heavy hitters instead of leveling raise morale to lvl 2 go for remove scurvy, lvl 2 scurvy should give you around 120-135 hp with a 15 max CD making it quite useful to deter a jax/xin combo attack, as well as a ww jump as an example. The choices of what to lvl beyond parrley is entirely up to you but I always have it maxed by 9 for max effeciency and farming.

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Pros / Cons

-your a beast and can take more hits from lvl 1 on then anyone would expect from you giving you a great psychological advantage.

-great dmg and anti gank usage with remove scurvy / raise morale.

-if your really good you can set up your teammates for kills via parrley, raise morale and cannon barrage

-you can get over confident and over extend, usually ending in a death
-the opposing team can begin to realize you may be the highest threat on the team and react accordingly
- if you are constantly last hit ksing with parrley your teammates will get pissed off and start to not help you or initiate team fights, remember its 5v5 not gankplank v everyone.

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Summoner Spells

all of the spells have their own unique uses I will only cover my personal favorites for gankplank

Exhaust- slow ad/ap reduction great for jumping , ganking, or escaping

ignite- nice early game true dmg and end game I use it exclusively to kill any champion that has enough hp regen via spells/abilities ( warwick and fiddle, I am talking to you here :P )

ghost- run faster for a few seconds stacks with raise morale

flash- move to target cursor location aka where your cursor is at on the screen, great for jungle/ river escapes if you get caught in a bad spot or flashing in to gank the baron buff/team fight over it from the back.

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Team Work, you know those 4 other champions running around? yea there peopl

This is a team game and if you are unable to have a little patience and coordinate with your team all your gonna end up doing is frustrating yourself and wasting upwards of an hour on a loss and no one likes to feel like they are wasting time. This build allows you to work well with any type of champion, I have gone mid solo 2 melee , melee tank, really any thing with GP is gonna work out you just have to understand your setting yourself up as the bigger threat /bait. you want the enemy team to try and focus you with cc and what not since you have an escape mechanic/heal.

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Summary- honey badger don't care honey badger just eats

This build allows you to not only feel a little more comfortable with the early game which is easily the hardest part of being Gangplank coupled with ability to make sure that you are being the impressive AD carry he can be. I do apologize for the lack of linking items and what not but anyone who plays this game enough will fully understand, please feel free to leave open and honest feedback as well as thoughts and ideas. I am unable to post pics of my spreads but feel free to look me up on us east and you will see quite a solid mix of high kills low assists to medium kills high assists. The best games you can play are the ones where they think your buddy is the threat and not you, otherwise your gonna end up doing a whole lot of kiting/tanking. I hope you enjoyed this guide. questions comments concerns please consult management, the current manager on duty is gangplanks pistol and he has only one answer.