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League of Legends Build Guide Author BoringZ

Gangplank the sniper?

BoringZ Last updated on July 28, 2010
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This is my build for Gangplank, it's my first build and I hope you guys have fun playing him.

I see a lot of crit builds and I played crit plank a lot, but one day a friend suggested that I go ad. So I basically used the Pantheon item build ( DEWO you're awesome :) ) I play with.


Flash: I like to use flash for getting away or porting right to people's faces. This build is quite squishy so its a little of shoot, ignite and run. With all the rumours of being omitted, this can probably be replaced with ghost.

Ignite: Its a nice skill for first blood, or fighting, or that little bit of assurence for the kill. Plus stacking two dots is nice.


Becuase Gangplank is a physical champion and parley is now a physical ability, I like to use armour pen. You can just have and max out armour pen if you want, but I have some crit runes for later game.


The main skill for this build is parley, so I try to max it out ASAP. If you are being harrassed a lot, remove scurvy can be balanced with parley. Raise you can take raise morale at level 3 if you want, it increases attack for free and can help a little in team fights.


First item is long sword, for the extra attack. The potion you buy will depend on if: you lane with a healer, or if the opposing team is harrassment heavy. If you have the confidence, take the mana pot; if not health. After recalling you can buy according to confidence or situation. If you are getting some kills and think you can keep it up, sword of the occult. If you arent doing so great, brutulizer. If you are recalling prematurely, boots. As mid game approaches you can buy the vampiric scepter for life steal, its good to know parley when hit can restore your health. the next items will require money, so farm up or start killing. Just buy the bf swords, no need to upgrade yet. When you have the bf swords you can upgrade, i like to have blood thirsters and for last slot, get infinty's edge. in later game, the brutulizer can be sold for black cleaver.


I don't really have a preference for laning, but its nice to lane with some sort of disabler so you can continue to deal damage. Gangplank can take mid lane, but you will have to be more defensive.

Solo: Harass with parrley and when the enemy is low enough, you can flash in their face, attack, parley and ignite combe for the kill. If they run or flash, you can push and gain an exp advantage. Remeber, do not commit to a kill too much and dive, if you auto attack and ignite, there are two dots in effect. If the opponent is really aggressive, raise morale the melee creeps and cannon every third wave to lower their exp.

Top or Bottom: Regarding the bushes, if you feel brave and have a good lane mate then go for it, if not; theres no shame with waiting at the turret. To pick who to shoot, I usually look at their armour, obviously attack the lower armour. In certain cases, you will probably have to attack the enemy with higher armour if one can heal. More or less the same stratagy, shoot with parrley until they are low then flash and ignite. When harrassing, don't put too much effort into it and always try to shoot them, shoot them if you can do it without taking any damage, if you do remove scurvy if neccesary.

By level six, if you have the mana, you can go for the kill or wait. Telling people you can ult for them is a nice thing to do, it helps the team and you can get easy assists. If you are getting a lot of kills, barrage is a nice ganking intiator. In late game, I will always try to use barrage for team fights. If you use it a lot for 1v1 you better be invincible and get the stacks for being a little more greedy. Buff wise both buffs are nice to have for GP, the cdr and mana regen are great and so is the slowing and extra attack.

During teamfights I will usually try to harrass as much as possible, when a fight breeaks out wait a little for emenies to start bunching up to hit all five of them. When fighting, most the time you will have to parley, hit a little, remove scurvy and gtfo with flash or run to avoid taking too much damage. If they leave you alone, then great you can attack people all you want.

So that is my GP build, please comment, rate and comment please for negative rating; I want to learn too.