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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Gangplank Top - Sail to Victory 6.2

Last updated on February 7, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Gangplank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath Super Easy Match-up. Avoid his knock-up, poke with Q and GTUD, try and chain barrels for more poke and simply outscale him. In lane if he misses his Q you can safely run into melee range when your passive is up as this trade combined with Grasp is favorable.
Ekko Poke him early and often with Q and keep a barrel on you to punish any all-in attempts. You can rush a Spector's Cowl in this match-up to completely shut him down. Make sure to hold your W at all times to prevent any type of time warp all in gank that can get you killed. Use your ult to influence other lanes often as you should not need it in lane against Ekko.
Garen Punish his weak early game with barrels in his minion lines. Post 6 make sure to have a barrel behind you if he tries to all-in. If he does all-in chain the barrels, wait out his spin and punish for. A failed all-in by Garen usually results in his death.
Hecarim See Garen - I would recommend at least starting Spirit Visage early against him as he does have a pretty powerful post 6 all-in. When he runs up to minions with his heal active punish it with barrels and pursue if they hit. His ability to trade is significantly reduced with W down.
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Pro's/Con's list

-Amazing/accelerated scaling
-Ability to influence the entire map
-Easy to farm if behind
-Great Waveclear
-Ability to zone off objectives
-Difficult to gank and all-in
-Strong Split-Push/Counter Split Push

-Can struggle against all-in champion's when behind
-Very difficult mechanic's and hard to play
-Limited build paths
-Difficult to gank for
-Not tanky for a top lane champion
-Weak early game against certain champions

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Overall Playstyle

Gangplank is a passive champion designed to turn aggressive when the tide turns in his favor. Your ultimate goal playing Gangplank is to scale faster then your top lane opponent using barrels and Parlay while influencing the rest of the map with your ultimate and well timed teleports. Gangplank is excellent at drawing jungle pressure while requiring none to scale and win the game. Your goal in lane as a gangplank player is to draw jungle pressure and avoid ganks, stay ahead in gold using Parlay, and influencing other lanes as often as possible.

In lane you are a passive farmer that is ready to explode and turn a fight the second that you land a well chained barrel and punish over-extension/greedy farming. Late game you are an off/tank that can deal a ton of damage and you are a fast moving front liner looking for picks and barrel chains that can end the game.

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The Power of Gangplank's Barrels

Gangplank is probably the strongest Top Lane in the current patch if played well. The key to playing Gangplank well is executing his barrel mechanic's and using your ult and Teleport to have a constant global presence which disrupts the entire map for the other team. Gangplank is a very safe pick meaning you have no fear of being heavily counter picked and shut out. If you find yourself behind it is easy to chain barrels and farm out the early and mid game and wait for him to scale. Take pride in the fact that the enemy jungler will spend more time top than yours and punish them by wasting their time and warding well.

Lets talk about Barrels. Make sure you practice these mechanic's before jumping into a game. Below I am going to go over a few of the different mechanic's and how they are applied.

-Farm Deny Barrel against a Melee Champion- Placing a barrel on a melee champions minion wave is incredibly annoying for them as they basically have to choose to either take a minion and risk being hit, or wait for the wave to get back to their turret. Good players will dash in and destroy your barrels before taking farm - Make sure you punish them with your passive and your Q. They have wasted a critical auto attack and probably one of their abilities to get this far. Bad player's after being hit with a barrel will not go near them again and simply concede the lane and hide under turret or call for jungle help.

-Barrels against ranged champions - Ranged champions have the unique ability to destroy your barrels safely from a distance. You see this a lot in the mid game when adc's prioritize your barrels in team fights. There is no point in putting out offensive barrels against ranged champions in lane as most of the time it is free gold for the enemy UNLESS there is a gank coming. The interaction between enemy ranged champions (especially mid/late game adc's) is that they seem to be drawn to killing them. Chaining a 2nd barrel to the barrel they are trying to kill and detonating the first because they were either early or late with there autoattack is almost certain death against gankplank. Use your barrels to try and bait a well placed 2nd or 3rd chain barrel.

-Defensive or Safety barrels - These barrels are placed behind gangplank in lane to discourage or prevent a successful gank. Against champions with strong all in potential keep one behind you at all times and if the close, chain a 2nd barrel in front it and detonate the first with your Q to give yourself a speed boost and the enemy a slow. A lot of the times this will stop the all-in and allow you to pursue for the kill.

Pursuit Barrel - Gangplanks Barrels give me a large speed boost and after level 12 you can use your barrels to chase down a champion. Place a barrel as far ahead of you as you can and denonate with a melee attack. Once you have mastered this mechanic it allows gankplank to be one of the strong pursuit champions in the game.

Hidden Barrel - Gangplanks barrels unseen in brush are deadly as part of a barrel chain. dropping a barrel on 2-3 people blind in the jungle and pairing with your ult leaves them at half health, slow, and helpless. Finding blind spots in vision is huge for gangplank late game.

Zoning Barrel - Use barrels to zone dragon and baron. You can control a choke by yourself with well placed barrels and make it almost impossible for the other team to contest key objectives (In my opinion this is why Gangplank is always banned at the Pro level).

Homerun/Game Winning Barrel - At some point while learning Gangplank you will land a double or triple chain barrel that hits 2/3 people in the mid lane during the late game. When this happens you have hit a home-run and won the game. Drop your ult behind them to slow/prevent retreat and pursue. Your team will follow once they see your lead and you will pick them off for the win. If you get CC'd in your pursuit use W and keep going. 99% of the time the other team is in panic mode and you will pick them off one at a time to win the game.