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Gankagona: The Terror

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 21

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Pros / Cons

Ability to absolutely destroy people with high damage
Build allows you to snowball ahead of your opponents very effectively
Forces the enemy to address the high magic damage forcing more defensive items
High ability power means your Black Shield blocks a lot of damage
Ability to really control a team fight with a hard hitting Ult/stun
A huge amount of fun to play

If your not doing well scrap the build for a tank/support Morg
Requires you to hit your skillshots for defense and offence
very unforgiving
Low health

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Hey guys, This is my first Morgana guide and I have been running this setup for a few weeks now and been having a blast. It requires you to be able to hit a high % of your skill shots but will punish the enemy very hard and maybe force them to get high MR so your Physical carries can clear the field.

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Soul Siphon: I love this ability lets me stay in lane very nice and at endgame your spells will restore a lot of health to you.

Dark Binding: Skill Shot Nuke of Doom (SSND) This spell is awesome it does a very high amount of damage and lets you bind your target in place. It has a high AP ratio so mid game you will be hitting for a very large chunk of their health.

Tormented Soil: This is your black puddle it has a .2 AP ratio per tick so for the duration of the spell 5 ticks you will do your full AP worth of damage. This skill has a lot of uses and the most recent one I found is you can actually cast it quite a distance from yourself and pick off low HP champions as they run just set the pool up so they will run through it and it will normally do the last bit of health on them.

Black Shield: This is what your team loves and your opponents hate. This spell will let you block almost all harmful status effects and block a nice size of Magic Damage. It can be used on yourself or allies. This ability can keep carries alive very well and let them do what they need to do.

Soul Shackles: This is your ult and your enemies will absolutely hate this ability you will front load a lot of damage (.8 AP ratio) then 4 second later you will stun them for 2 second and deal another huge chunk of damage (another .8 AP ratio). Did I also mention that they are slowed while this is on them. If used right this ability will decimate the enemy's health, slow them and stun them. This is also the ability you use to ensure ganks, at level 6 you will be able to leave mid and gank top or bottom very easily and start snowballing.

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Lots of Ability power per level with a bit of MPen thrown in there to get past their base MR with your sorc boots.

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The masteries I took are the pretty standard 9/0/21. I go into offensive for the CD reduction the AP per Level and the 15% MPen. Then I go to utility for the standard CD reduction, Mana, Exp, the one thing I feel that it is important to have with this build is the utility mastery. Generally you will be decently hard pressed for Mana and the Blue buff help you a ton with that it also gives you some nice CD Reduction.

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IMPORTANT: If your opponent starts stacking MR counter this by replacing an Item with Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff. Abyssal Scepter is nice because it helps your team and give your some MR. Sometimes though you just need a Void Staff to power through the opponents MR.

I love Elixir of Brilliance I am an addict. Getting an Elixir in the early game is very effective for Morgana. This will help you by giving you a lot of AP for your ganks to be successful and for your CD's including your ult to be up much more often. I usually will pick one up to help me keep that advantage over my opponents.

Ok, I start off with an amplifying tomb rather then the standard Dorans Ring, I do this because it lets me complete the Soul Stealer earlier for the ganks at level 5-7 to start snowballing and gaining stacks.

Rabodon's Deathcap is the next item this gives you a lot of AP and makes every item you get after it 30% better.

You then get an Archangles staff this helps a lot with your mana problems and also gives you a lot of AP for your mana increase.

Then on to Lichbane. I love this Item it lets you turn all that AP into epic damage from normal attacks. This is important for Morgana because her spells are on a pretty big cool down and this lets you deal that extra damage you need.

IMPORTANT!!! This item will let you push towers will high AP. Morgana sucks at killing towers without this. But with this she can cast Dark binding then auto attack for 800+ damage, Tormented Soil then auto attack tower for 800 damage. Then Black Shield and hit the tower for 800+ damage. You are able to do 2400+ Damage to a tower in 6 seconds.

Last Item, This is really a matter of preference I chose Zhonya's Hourglass. It gives you some much needed armor a good chunk of AP and the ability to taunt them as your ult goes off and they can do nothing to stop it.

Two other good choices those are Abyssal Scepter and Void staff I would take this if your opponents is stacking MR to counter your EPIC DPS!

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Skill Sequence

Start off with Tormented Soil unless you are going for a level 1 gank with team members. If that is the case I recommend taking your Dark Binding. the rest is pretty standard.

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Summoner Spells

I take Clarity and Ignite.

Clarity will help you stay in lane for a lot longer and not have to return all the time to get mana. It is also very effective for making your opponents think you are OOM then using clarity and killing them.

Ignite is probably my favorite summoner spell. It lets me get that extra damage I need on the target. Morgana suffers from high cooldowns so Ignite and autoattack are your only options when your spells are on CD.

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Gosh this has taken a long time to write haha, Props to those who write build guides. If you rate it up or down I would love to hear your stories of success or your tales of defeat and how to improve the build. Also this build does not work without the Exiled Morgana skin which is by far the best. GL HF hope you enjoyed the guide.