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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Gankplank - Eat my barrels!

Last updated on August 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Gankplank build guide. In this guide, I will teach you how to built and play the reworked pirate

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Pros / Cons


A dangerous pirate
Gankplank can deal tons of dmg with his ult and barrels, which can oneshot a carry
Your potential dmg in late game with barrels is about 1200 - 1700 to carries and off tanks, might even go higher in some cases and replacing Guardian Angel with an dmg item

Great plunderer
He can farm tons of gold with his parrley + barrel combo and destroys towers very fast, thanks to his passive

Nowhere to hide
He turn fights on other lanes even without beeing there, press r and place it correctly

Heal + Remove cc + Vitamin C, all the things you need to sustain in lane

You can't get me
A skilled Gankplank can damage his enemys with his barrels from a safe place, without getting traded back


Weak early game
Gankplank is usefull and strong after lvl 13, when his q and barrels are at max level

Sometimes its hard to chain and place barrels correctly and time it with your q, especially when your enemys focus on your barrels

Sometimes its hard to position yourself correctly while chaining the barrels and you die within 2-3 seconds due to your squishy build and you have no escape ability

Suffers against tanky focused range champions in the laning phase
Because ranged champions can aa your barrels from a safe position, its hard to play against them since it is your main trading ability when the enemy laner stacks amor

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Starting Items

Start with flask and pots, this will give you a good early sustain, always take 1-2 ward with you to prevent possible ganks

Early/Mid game

At this time your Trinity Force should be finished and you should start building or finishing Infinity. However do not go in a teamfight if you are lower than lvl 13, because you really need the max barrel decay

Late game

Build the ghostblade after you finished your Infinity and upgraded your boots. The stats of this item is very good for doing more dmg and reposition yourself in a fight. Finish with Last Whipser and a Guardian Angel or a Banshee

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Try to play safe early and trade with your q + barrel combo. I suggest you to place the first once close to yourself, wait until it ticks to 1 and explode it after you place the second one close to your enemys, be aware of the chaining range
You can also place barrels in the grasses to do some suprise explosions
Most of your melee enemys will get scared seeing a placed barrel and try to stay away. Try to use that to deny his farm and freeze lane

A typical trading combo against meele champs is
aa with passive + q barrels + aa with passive + q

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Teamfight-What is your job ?

First of all the new Gankplank is not a good off tank and especialy not a frontline. He is similar to "poke Jayce" with more and higher aoe damage, because your barrels ignores 60% amor (might be nerfed to 45% next patch, see pbe patchnotes)and combited with the rest of your amor reduction items, its quite op. You should always enter a fight with maximum barrels and stay in a safe range and try to poke your enemys with your barrels. You should always fight with your team after lvl 13, when your barrel decay is at max. Do not fight before 13, since the barrels can ruin your teamfight by ticking to slow for the explosion.

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Ult puchase order

1. Fire at will
2. Death daughter
3. Raise morale

You should buy fire at will first because it deals more reliable aoe damage than death daughter