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Gangplank Build Guide by Longhair2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Longhair2

Gankplank The Brawler

Longhair2 Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Hello Everyone I'm Longhair2. A Avid League of legends player propyl like the rest of us here.And here is my first guide. So first is read the guide little before bring down the hammer of rating on the build and so on please and thank you. The guide/build is build iv slowly been developing and working with that been very effective so decided to finally give a guide a try. i myself have played Gangplank for a long time now. before changes etc and so on. and with his constant changes in play his basis of a proper build form him over the time has began to lopsided on how people should build. this is a Alternative build that I've done many times and want others to try to get more input about the build and maybe help some new starting gp players out there.

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Runes and Summoners these like many things are not set in stone just a option that i myself I've grown to like more then others

Flash Exhaust are usually the summoners i run. with just how things are. Flash is almost a must for almost any build cause of current trends. So in till there are changes that not changing anytime soon. However Exhaust very debatable to take or not. If your team has to many*i say 2 is most you should have*Go ahead and get ignite or maybe Teleport. Or Smite if jungling*Wont go into detail on jungling. personally feel jungling with gp gimps him early and makes him weak mid game when he should be stronger.*

DONT On summoners are Ghost,Cleanse,Clairvoyance, and normal taboo summoners at high level.You don't need ghost cause of Raise moral is like a build in ghost. Same with Cleanse and remove Scurvy. I think Clairvoyance close to self explanatory leave it for supports.

Runes. This is lot more personal preference of what runes people want to do. i run 9 Arpen marks Arpen Quints,the Flat Armor seals and Flat MR Glyphs. with masteries it gets you 31 Arpen early game. Never understand level per runes cause really Runes are only there to help your early game. so why i rune flats. at beginning of the game i start with 40something armor and high 50's in Mr. that good starting Resistances.

Alternative runes
Ok so i can see it now.People will say it "well you should run Crit chance runes or Crit damage". i could agree and disagree. cant remember where. but they said that in end game it close to 15 to 20 percent more damage with Arpen rune over crit runes. my personal preference i personal see as replacement reds you could go a few things Attack damage,crit chance or maybe crit damage. all not bad choice. it help early game a bit. For Seal a possible alternative are mana seals. flat or level here. but with early Philosopher. don't see to much in the need. As for Glyphs. can never go wrong with Cooldown reduction or maybe Attack speed.

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Masteries.i run a 21 9 0 runes.the crit chance and crit damage help a bit with Havoc at the end for nice damage with tanky build i run. with 9 points in defense i get nice starting armor and mr at beginning game with my runes.

Possible alternative out there of course. there normal carry 21 0 9. another possibility is the 13 17 0. it a must that you get the 6 ARpen form the offensive masteries.and then with little more tankyness form the defense masteries. I've done it before it alright.

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OK. Items..i feel like I'm going to be flamed pretty hard for this. but i can see many people saying it.."WHAT NO IE AS CORE ITEM????BLASPHEMY BURN HIM!"but keep reading please.At Gankplank current state he is a great utility cause of the stacking slow and poison etc. why i named the guide Gankplank the brawler. it a Tanky build that rewards someone for going toe to toe with other champs instead of sitting back and just using Q. it can tank. it can keep group together. and deals good damage. i personally feel crit chars dont need much more then 50 percent crit chance. with this you hit the nose exact.

This is the Core build. You have your 50 percent crit chance. and a bit of tankyness. form here you gauge the other team in how you should precede in building the next item. now while i love idea of going tankier there of course more offense and defense approachs for next. the main build i game is like 50 50 build. alot of MR and Armor to deal with both type of champs. Alternative items if there mages are doing better go ahead and get FON. or if physical maybe Omen first. those being possible alternative. Thornmail i wish say this is Situtial only get it if they are heavy AD. or Tryn is possible on another team and doing well.

Above is a Attack Damage Alternative after the core(PS EXTREME More AD alternative). So if your team is already very tanky and just need the damage. that possible alternative as well. Alternative items could be Wit's end or Sword of the divine for more Attack speed.

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Early Game

At Start of the game is best to Start with Regrowth pendant and mana potion. Lane choice either lane with someone or take solo top if you have jungler and other team does as well avoid 2v1 of course. and leave mid for a ad or ap carry. early game try to passively farm keeping the other team at Bay with Parrely. occasionally it ok to kill minions with parrely this is important skill the extra little gold can be nice. but with the nerfs on gold you get. it not as important as it use to be. Once you get your ult pay attention to other lane with possibility of helping you team out with it. Dont try to kill someone who low it most likely wont. so first time of course once you got the gold is Philosopher stone and boots. with this you wont have to leave lane for awhile and it important you get it early game since it is a gold per 5 item. so by end of late game you should have Philosopher stone,boots,Chain vest,null cloak,cloak of agility or maybe finish it to Atmas if doing well.

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Mid Game

Mid game you can finish Merc treads finally and you now begin working on Frozen Mallet. i usually get giants belt first of item. just extra health nice. once finished with that start the Phantom dancer. during this phase your not overly tanky. but you can take a small beating so it try to gank and get kills progress along. during this time it better to save your ult for when ever team fights break out OR if you have to save a turret. but don't do that unless you have to. end of Mid game you should have Philosopher stone,Merc treads,Atmas,Frozen mallet and PD. this like 25 30 min mark of the game.

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Late Game

Alright. Late game. so this and mid game is where the build shows off well. now you can sell Philosopher stone if you need be. but now is when you get full on tank items now. Omen if there Ad heavy. Banshee or FON for MR heavy. get right up into team fights going for squishy chars first and mostly ignore any tank char cause they wont be able to do to much to you. Remove scurvy to get over first round cc they propyl use all on you to get right into the fight.using your ult to Initiate a fight is good and bad. so be wise when to do it. but most part let someone else first Initiate if possible.

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i hope this guide has been useful Give it a try. Criticism is good to help improve the guide. should go well i may make another guide for some other champs.But right now i updating it as time goes on.I also apologize for any ****ty grammar or spelling mistakes there may be. i'm not best writer because of physical problems

So thank you and please leave comments and Reviews of what you think