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Garen - ARAM Guide to Survive

Last updated on November 15, 2012
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What a guide for an ARAM game?!

Hello! This is my first guide and you will probably be asking yourself, "Whats up with a guide for an Aram??" In an All Random All Mid game, you might get Garen off the free week rotation and you have no clue what to do. This is a guide to help! Unless you already have him and you know what to do with him but looking at my guide will give some awesome ideas for you! c:

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What is an ARAM?

ARAM stands for All Random All Mid.
This type of game originally was played on the Summoner's Rift, but luckily it was transferred over to the single-laned map, Proving Grounds. You start off with a random character that you own or from the free week champions available to play. This part of the game usually is the hardest to pass because everybody sometimes does not like the champ they have gotten and does not like the other teams composition. You will spawn in the Proving Grounds and you have at least a few seconds to get your items. You will start out as level 3 with 1375 gold. (Choose items wisely - regen, gold per 5, boots, damage.) Since this map is only one lane, early game is all about harassing and last hitting. Many people dont realize but creep score are very important. Usually you get summoner spells Heal and Clarity in Aram but now the new spell Barrier is mostly used. (Occasionally there are other types of Arams like ABAM, ARAZ, ADAM.)