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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rockdahouse

Garen CAN be a tank

Rockdahouse Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Ok so the idea is for Garen to be a main tank.
Of course you need to do a build based on the other team. i.e. if they are all attack toons, ignore the MR and go straight armor, and vice versa.

First of i start with a build of 8/21/1.The 21 for defense is for obvious reasons cause your going to be a tank, with dodge because imo the dodge is more important than the extra point of MR and quickness has saved me many times before. the one in utility for ghost because its my personal favorite summoner spell, lets you close in very fast for a judgment. The 8 in attack for critical chance cause he doesn't really benefit from other stuff, AP and smite and 1 in exhaust. Then the 3% cool down for obvious reason.

*If you don't take ghost, go 9/21/0, the extra one in archaic knowledge. helps with your ultimate on heavy MR toons.

Runes: I take dodge for seals and Quints because can make a huge difference especially with quickness. lets you get away very fast or even attack quicker with judgment because you dodge minion attacks. Also it clearly makes you dodge attacks which can either save your life or make you last just that second longer so your team can wipe their team.

I take crit chance marks for beginning game, you start with roughly 10% which gives you a good chance of getting crits beginning game. hopefully you start with the kill from there it is easy to get ahead being garen.

Finally i take MR for glyphs, i find garen is particularly easy to kill against to magic users beginning game, this will help him stay alive.

Spells: I prefer exhaust and ghost because exhaust slows and ghosts makes you faster. also exhaust can blind a auto attacking char if your caught out of place, such as a teleporting Twisted Fury

Items: I always start with the Boots and three pots, again its all about judgment for the first couple of levels. Boots lets you stay on top of the enemies. Pots let you be a little more aggressive beginning game. Then to Ninja tabi cause its fairly cheap, only 500 gold more and gives you 12% more dodge, 25 armor and more movement speed. Then go sunfire cape, gives you needed Armor and health as well as some needed dps, as you probably have maxed judgment when you get this.

At this point it becomes more situational. If they are more magic users go straight for force of nature unless they have a karthus and his ult bothers you like it does for me then i get banshees veil, but force of nature is preferred, gives you needed movement speed, since you didn't take boots of quickness, MR and a ton of HP Regen. letting you stay out until you are able to get Thornmail. I generally get this for a TF, Twitch or YI toon who is doing well, it will generally kill them late game because they don't get MR and you will have way more health than them.

Next i get Warmog's armor, This gives you probably dire needed health at this point, start building with Ruby crystal and Giants belt seeing as Force of nature will give you more than enough HP Regen. At this point you will probably be unstoppable at this point free to roam around in a crowd as you please. (if this is your wish, consider taking Cleanse instead of Ghost)

The last item is a toss up. if you feel you aren't going down ever and want to do more damage, Go for Atma's impaler. it will give you armor, crit and at this point as much damage as infinity's edge, and its cheaper allowing you to get end game pots earlier. If you find magic users are giving you a hard time. Get either Banshees veil or Force of nature, whatever you didn't get before. If Melee chars are still giving you a hard time (slightly ridiculous) then go for another sunfire or Frozen heart. Why frozen heart? well it gives you 99 Armor, 25% cd and 20% reduced enemy attack speed, very useful against fast melee chars such as twitch and yi. Although the 500 mana is wasted, i still think its one of the best remaining items. The sunfire cape should be self explanatory, health armor and dps. If you just want CD reduction and a little more damage, go for youmuu's Ghostblade, im not a huge fan of it, but it is an option.

Thanks for reading =)