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Garen - Crit master

Last updated on April 28, 2010
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This is Garen's Crit build since most of his skills deal bonus damage do to crit percent.

Summoner Skills

Ghost - I use this especially good in early game to chase with the Judgement skill.

Exhaust - If you don't have ghost you have exhaust as back up for chasing.

Vampire Scepter
Ninja Tabi OR Mercury depends on situation
Avarice Blace
Youmuu's Ghost Blade
Executioner's Blade
Zeal upgrade to Phantom Dancer

If your doing well by this point buy IE.
If you find your a little too squishy get Sunfire Cape.

Early Game:
I tend to harrass with Judgement and on later levels use Decisive Strike to help teammates out by silencing. Play defensive but note that if you can insure that you can hit the enemy with every hit with judgement then you should.

By this time you should have decent crit percent and your ultimate. You are bascially a finisher, and i personally like to think your a tank killer. Finish those pesky tanks with your D Justice or squishies when you see they have around 1/4 health left. 1/4 health almost guarantees a one shot kill.

Late Game:
By this time you should be pretty high on crit. Im sure almost EVERY hit is a crit now which means your Judgment skill is even deadlier and so if your decisive Strike. Don't forget to use Courage in team fights so that you can last longer.

If you happen to get ALL of your gear your crit percent should be almost at max and by this time should be ripping through tank shields with Judgment like no tomorrow.