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Garen General Guide by WaYnEIkB

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WaYnEIkB

Garen DEMACIA! AHHH! Wait...why are u guys running?

WaYnEIkB Last updated on November 21, 2011
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75% Tank Garen = GG


A & E Combo = Penta

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why build like this?

The reason its a typical Tank build with an Atma's Impaler is because even if you don't build damage, Garen still have an decent amount of DPS with his combos and ULT. With the W spell you can take alot of damage in a team fight and make the bad guys think your an DPS and should be focused on, but your not, so you can make them waste tones of spells and time on you, when your team is owning them. I have a 90% win chance in ranked with the tank Garen build solo top. Try it a few times its awsome.

For the damage/crit build its pretty much what alot of people does, except adding a few tank gears into it. Even with the W spell and slow remover garen is still pretty easy to kill if not build tanky, but if a damage Garen wants to solo any champ, ill say he can own all of them. With damage Garen you need to make sure not to charge 1st in a team fight, go in 3rd or 2nd and kill there DPS first with ult and spin spin.

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Pro s and Con s

Tank Garen
Pros: -Very hard to die with the slow remover spell E
-survive a team fight doing steady damage
-at least 1 kill in a team fight with ULT or combo of Q E R.
-super disrupter, when u shout "DEMACIA" and charge in 1st bad guys panic
-confuse on if kill you or leave you( you have damage but tanky as ****)
-OP solo top (If you know what your doing)
-GAY bottom (If you know what your doing)
-anti gank (with Q to speed and E to remove slow and W to reduce damage)
-make people RAGE quit on trying to get an Garen kill.

Cons: -need pro solo top skills to get gold
-shine at 15 mins in game if your doing it right
-need CS and farming early game
-if your team have no carry or DPS your screwed 100%
-when you see KOG'Maw you run
-kill steal
-not big damage in late game but impossible to kill

Crit Garen
Pros: -when you spin they run
-if they dont run there dead
-if you have Q W E R up, just own someone in solo
-can take out 35% of bad guys health if you spin in middle of a team fight
-scared the **** out of people when u chase them down with ult
-lore bad guys around or to team mates
-****ed up damage

Cons: -need to use W spell very very very well, or you die too fast and cant do all the damage
-not big damage even 100% crit against stacked armors (no ap)
-your team needs a tank or big CC and high damage ULT
-run when you see KOG'Maw
-I dont like this build

I know im being a **** with some pro and cons, add some if you wish.

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Boots Choosing

Always make sure to get the right boots, if its heavy CC & AP get an Mercury's Tread, if this heavy AD & attack speed get an Ninja Tabi, but normally I always go for a Movement 3 boot which is swiftness, its good for chasing and using your ult and combo with the Q skill. An Ionian Boots is great too, of course it depends on the bad guys your slicing.

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Armor choosing

If the bad guys your slicing have alot of strong ULT / AP get the Force of Nature Before the Warmog, if your losing and the other team is building on all sorts of damage get the Thornmail. I always try to get an Guardian Angel(Gngel, short form GG) It makes the other team wants to kill you but dont want to kill you at the same time.

One of the reasons that I get a Warmog early game is because if you have 100 AR&MR but with only 1800hp your still gonna die very fast, trust me. So boosting up health can take a lot of damage and skill shots.

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Don't hate

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