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Garen - From CDR To AD

Last updated on October 22, 2011
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This is my first build so...yeah.

Garen is one of my first played champion and unlike people, I Don't Build Tank.Period
I find Tank Garen quite inflexible due to low Judgement and all Tank Garen will do is just bait,hide bush,wait for passive and come out over and over again.The only way Garen can kill will be ksing people with Demacian Justice. Many people will not like this+ High Cooldown once again so it will be ......ks wait 100sec ks 100sec and so on.

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For my build, Garen will have 2 main advantages over Tank Garen

1.With low cooldown, Garen can combo(Rush in Q-E-Q-E-Q-E and so on) and use Courage quite often
2.High Dmg(Pure AD builds are higher)

There's only one thing you need to have to suceed..........TIMING!
If you buy the items at wrong time,Judgement will do low dmg and other champion can outdmg you.

But why Garen? Why not other champions??? Well,Garen can secure with his ult(THE ANTI KS!). Just Ignite+Ult =kill.

-Strong Early Game, Deadly Endgame
-Secure Kill with Demacian Justice
-Can combo with this build
-very consistent

-Good Initiator and Judgement Removes Slow/Stun/etc

-No CC
-Item Dependant
-CC will screw you

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Runes & Masteries

Runes...are pretty obvious

Greater Mark of Desolation in both builds increases most of Garen's Damage, as most of it is physical attacks.
Greater Glyph of Focus in both builds gives 5.85% CDR.
One Greater Quintessence of Focus in both builds gives another 1.65% CDR, which combined with the glyphs and masteries is just over 10%.
Greater Seal Of Malice for critical because Judgement can critical as well as auto-attacks


Classic AD Setup

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Decisive Strike: Your Initiator.Max this second. Silence,Speed Boost,Effect Towers...need I say more?

Courage: Max Last. This is for staying in fights and when you are getting gank. Its Passive is amazing at level 1

Judgement: MAX THIS FIRST! This is your main farming skill which scaled with your AD and critical(yay) This is extremely powerful early game but slowly become weaker.

Demacia Justice: Your Ult. Add whenever possible. This is your finisher and anti-ksing tool. It secure kill as every hp your enemy lost increases is damage. In short for prediciting dmg=
Level 1=Use When 10-15%
Level 2=Use When 15-20%
Level 3=Use When 20-25%

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Summoner's Spell

Preferred Spells:

Flash: Enemy running away? Q-E-Flash-Q-E-Kill XD

Exhaust: Look above. Need I say more?

Ignite: Combine this with your ult and your enemy will cry.

Useable Spells:

Ghost: This is really not necessary. Ghost+Q=GTFO!

Teleport: Lane control.

Cleanse: Obvious reason but Garen really doesn't need this


Clairvoyance: For Supports
Clarity: garen no mana stufu
Revive: Not completely useless but.. are you really gonna die all day?
Smite: Garen is not a jungler

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Start of with Doran's Blade or if you want to get straight to it get Boots of Speed

Ionian Boots of Lucidity:(15% CDR) You don't really need Boots Of Swiftness because of Decisive Strike.

Brutalizer: (10% CDR) Brutalizer gives a usefull AD, CDR and ArP.
Avarice Blade: Critical For Judgement

Youmuu's Ghostblade:(10 to 15% CDR) Youmuu=stronger and gt atk speed/movement speed passive

Spirit Visage: (10% CDR) Health,Magic Resist and CDR. Now Garen Can combo as Q=4.8s CD
E=6s CD.

Infinity Edge= You finish CDR Garen now you need a massive boost. Infinity Edge gives you AD+critical so yeah

Frozen Mallet/Phantom Dancer= If you want to slow people with Q then Frozen Mallet first. If you want more dmg then Phantom Dancer first.

Stark Fevor: Atk Speed,Lifesteal,ArP. Great item for you and your team

Optional Items:

The Black Cleaver: ArP and some extra dmg

Sunfire Cape: Judgement which burns. hehehe

Force Of Nature: Strong AP enemy team? no worries

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And This ends my first build of Garen from CDR To AD.

I hope you enjoy this for i spend quite a while and tq