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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Garen, good old Spin to Win is back!

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Garen, the champion we all know but almost never play, because we think its a champion that only works for noobs, or low skilled players, but looking at wingsofdeath play him i thought i could make a guide for him, most part of this build is coppied from him. He won that game hard by the way. For all the people still thinking garen is bad, try him out, try this build out, and see that garen is huuuge in seaon 3.

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Pros - Cons

- still strong early
- buffed for the late game
- when he wins lane he beats lane over and over and over
- awesome gap closer + silence (great for countering champs like vlad or teemo)
- underrated
- uses black cleaver, best item in the league at the moment

- can lose some lanes pretty hard
- If you get behind all you can do is go tank because you wont be killing people fast enough
- cant think of much else

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Item guide

So here we are then, items, pretty important in LoL.

I start with boots 3 pots but in hard physical lanes like riven or gp (gangplank) you might want to start with cloth 5 pots. Then i rush brutalizer, you have to do this, in every game you play, you rush brutalizer. Then it depends, in some games i rush my black cleaver, when my opponent doesn't have a lot of cc or magic damage, otherwise finish mercury's treads first. After you get black cleaver go for huge damage and pick up your IE (infinity edge), this might look a bit weird, you might think that IE is only for adc, but this is a dps guide after all, and you'll see, with bc and IE you pretty much 1-shot-wombo-combo everyone to the demacianjails. You can optionally get something like a spirit visage, its also a decent item on garen, with the cdr and the health, but you dont realy want to get this unless its absolutely nescesary, also a executioners calling can help with vlad, gives some nice critical hits too. Then after these core damage items you want to get a GA (guardians angel), because its great with your w, because it gives a lot of armor and magic resist that multiplies on your w, and you might need the passive for the teamfights that are starting. After this you should get SotD (sword of the divine). This part might look a bit strange, because it only gives attack speed, witch doesn't really help garen all that much, but look at the passive, it makes your e crit for the entire duration, that means A **** TON of extra damage. If you even get to this part you should start buying red elixers for teamfights and you can top your build off with a mercural scimitar, wich gives the mr you might need and get you out of sticky cc if you need to get to your main target in teamfights, this last item can be replaced, for example you can buy a randuins omen if your enemy team is really ad heavy, but otherwise, sitck to the build.


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This doesn't need a lot of explanation in my opinion. If you want to know what your skill does then drag your mouse over it and read, all i have to say is:

Your q is a gapcloser, an extra auto-attack with a bit more damage and a silence, this means that it resets your auto attack timer, so if your 1v1'ing, use your auto attack, then immediatly q and then auto again.

Your w is a tank skill, it multiplies your armor and mr, so building those is more effective then health. I max this last because this is a DPS build, and the other skills are overall more usefull

Your e is what makes garen garen. It's his SPIN TO WIN skill. The majority of his damage comes from this skill, not a lot more to say about it though.

Your r is more effective on low health enemy's so use it as a finisher.

Combo: Run in or q if you need a gapcloser, press e, melt him down, then use r. You press w when you feel your opponent is going to attack back or when he will do most of his damage.

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level order explanation

first W > Q > E and R every time its available. W first because it scales most for potential damage output, q because it will help you more then e, and e because it's really only usefull in the late game, so you'll get it when you need it.

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21 Offence : This is a dps guide ffs, ofcourse we go 21 in offence! It gives so much pro's but i dont really have to explain this i guess.

9 Defence: just some standard stuff since you dont need utility and you can use the extra health and mr/armor

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My choice is pretty standard, exhaust also works.

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Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading this guide, it's my first guide and I worked quite hard on it, hope you enjoyed, please, please, leave me a comment with your opinion.


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