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Garen- I will bring you to Justice

Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Garen, if played right is capable of great survivability as well as putting out more than enough damage to down enemy champions. I consider this build a tank/dps build and I hope it can prove as effective to others as it has to me. You can act alone indefinitely with this champion but assisting team mates will get you further than you would think.

This is my first guide and will constantly be updated in the future.

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Being summoner level seventeen I'm using damage by level eighteen runes at the moment until I can get ahold of enough regen and health runes to make a full page. I have found having the extra 20 damage at level 18 can be very effective as well so this isn't a bad alternative to the current runes I have listed.

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These could easily be changed I have them set to my play style. That being don't lose your base at all costs. Hence the defense tree specialized all the way to reinforce as the turrets do splash damage when fortify is now cast. If you don't kill your attackers with it its good for a scare and to make them back off long enough to get yourself down there and save your turret. Many games I've found myself not able to use it at all due to high survivability and the easy pushes I can force with Garen.

I don't see many guides full defensive spec (sorry if I've just overlooked them) however I find the ability to not die much more important than the ability to get a kill and die directly after. which many people seem to believe okay.

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Ah, items. I thought long about this one and with Garen's natural ability to heal after not taking damage for seven seconds more health Regen along with splash damage and a little attack speed are my way to go.

I personally do not use boots with this champ however I listed the two I think would have most success if you switched out an item on the build (I would recommend sword of the divine as a replacement candidate as your whirlwind can put out plenty of damage followed by justice without attack speed.)

I start with warmog's as the enemy team doesn't expect such health with Garen so early. I then follow with sun fire to make my whirlwind that much more effective. After I get force of nature to deal with those pesky mages as well as further increasing your health regeneration. Due to not having boot's I bring in the frozen mallet for the further health increase as well as the ability to catch my pray. I then get tiamat for splash damage so when I find myself within a gank they both take damage and tend to back off that much sooner. Follow that with a divine sword and if you were already doing good you should be a god among champions by this time.

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Skill Sequence

This could be off as I don't know the actual progression but, I get E as often as possible followed by Q whenever I cant unless I can grab my ultimate which I do as soon as possible every time. I then max out courage in the remaining time.

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Summoner Spells

I have listed heal and fortify doing to the mastery tree being specialized to them and my love of them. however these are really your choice and any summoner spells save clarity can be effective.

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I've had my fun playing this champ and he is a very strong solo character however give him a decent team mate and he is almost sure to win. Don't worry about getting kills so much as making sure you and your team mate live longer that those pushing your turret do. I watch to many people forfeit a life in a chase they cannot win. Remember you have the ability to take a lot of damage so being a hero occasionally can serve a great purpose. Remember your team is there to help you not hinder you help them achieve that goal.

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Pros / Cons

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Team Work

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