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Garen Build Guide by RyuBcn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RyuBcn

Garen in random Dominion solo play

RyuBcn Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide provides a type of play in Dominion with Garen that i never saw on a guide so i decided to write my own.

I'm not a expertise player, i'm still leveling to 30, i'm trying myself, and have awesome results in random Dominions, winning 9 battles every 10, and EVER the champion with more points in the battle, so a lot of rewards winning or loosing, so i want to share us. The key here is "random" Dominions. When you play in random, no ppl are in Skype or something to coordinate, and in our team, happens the same, everybody plays to enjoy and have fun killing other champions. We'll get advantage on this playing for win.

I keep update while i'm playing LoL, if you have constructive comments, let's to discuss them to improve this kind of gameplay. When i'll reach to 30 and i'll play in team maybe i'll change some things or create another guide to complement this.

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We avoid every battle with champions or minions, and will focus in speed, to get very fast the towers without champions on it.

As soon you start the play you have the fastest movement with the boots. Use to move fast, and get the first tower, after this we move to the jungle, and we'll move to the first empty tower. Every time ppl get a tower and never defend, they want more action, so we'll run to the tower, will get, and after this we'll move to the next empty tower.

If all towers are with champions, then we'll move to the tower with more odds to win (if other champions of our team is moving to a tower then move you too).

Attacking a tower with your team, take a potion if you have, pop to move fast and silence your target as soon you land a hit, use to take less damage from the tower (you or your friends), after you land your silence hit, use following the location with more champion targets, no your silenced first target (you don't know what will do your team). If you are being focused, use to mitigate some damage, and as soon you see one of the champs at 20% health, land your ultimate if it is available. This start move will work very well on random plays, it's a lot effective, instead of focus your silenced first, target, and it works too because the kind of items, that synergize with the char and build and let you available all skills when you raid over a tower with your team.

Defending a tower:

  • 1 vs 1 scenario. If you think that can win, let him to reach the tower, so the tower will hit him, move rear tower, if he start cast to get the tower start to silence him with , if he is attacking directly to you then, if he is a melee kite him moving around the tower, the tower will finish him, land on him to prevent to stunt you or if available.
  • 2+ vs you scenario. Stand rear tower, don't flee yet. Let them aproach, if all cast to get the tower spin to them with , then use on one of the champions that have cc's (stunts, slows, fear...), and fleeeeeee, because with you have increased speed and the towers is hitting them so, a lot of times one of them will recast on tower to stop the tower to fire them. Spam the alert in the minimap, so maybe someone can help to defend. If not, run to other tower through jungle.
  • 2+ vs 2+ scenario. Fight like the same skill sequence than attacking with others champions but if the enemies have minions at their side, pop , if not, then better save the spell for later.

Remember you don't attack or defend towers never, only if all towers have champions guarding them you will attack or defend a base, if not you must go and get a new base, it's our gameplay, run run and run.

When you can defeat minions with a single spinning through next tower, do it so you will earn some extra gold and improve the 25 armor and magic defence bonus from . Our items are expensive, and the match will have short time duration, about 15 min.

Ever watch the entire map, you can cross in 10 sec. all the map (using speed bonus in the map), so if you notice a champion that is fleeing, intercept and use to finish him. You will get more kills doing this than making 1vs1 and then be ganked because you are low life.

If you have any kind of problem with this gameplay, discuss, i'll solve.

There are others champions that can have this playstyle like , , ...

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Summoner Spells

This spell with the mastery point, make the towers hit in area. How many times you lost the tower because a lot of minions was there hitting the tower. Regens our tower (the green circle) and let us attack a tower because this spell grants damage reduction from enemy towers. A must have in Dominion :P

If the resurrection times are ever below 30 sec, why need this ****, maybe you think... well instant revive ever is good to don't waste any single second if we don't need to purchase, but it's because the mastery point. When we revive we earn a movement buff that let us move very fast to the point where we died and continue the battle, and we get a nice boost to our health.

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We start with Boot of mobility because we'll be out of combat getting one tower to the other. And we need move as fast as we can since the start of the battle.

The others items are at your own. I recommend you to achieve the 40% cooldown reduction, because Garen, don't have resource bars like energy o mana, so the only thing that cap us from spam skills unlimited is the CD of every skill, so reducing to near half the time of the skills, means run 35% more time, or land more ultimates in a single battle.

If you feel that your opponents are fast too, then purchase items that give you movement speed (no boots because don't stack).

The items sequence that i've written in this guilde will give you:

  • CD reduction of 40% to land more skills in a battle
  • 30% crit chance, so with that increase your critical chance, and mastery point and runes to do more damage when you crit, you will do a good job when attack.
  • about 50% damage reduction (physical and magical)
  • give you extra movement and attack speed, good to run, to flee, or to catch a champion
  • 1200 extra health, life steal, few armor penetration,...
  • slows your target on hit, usefull but optional in this build

The huge life is because we'll avoid combats, the passive of Garen will earn more hp, because i gain as % over time, so more hp more hp regen.

There are a lot of items that are a lot usefull but we don't focus on battling, we focus on movement speed (through our skills) to reach an abandoned tower before nobody.

Try to avoid items that give you mana or reg mana or ability points, because we don't use them, so i know that Triniy Force it's a good item but the mana portion of the items makes the item too expensive, because we pay gold to have this property and we won't get profit from it.

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Skill Sequence

The top priority here is because we need run as fast as we can, and this skill will reduce the cooldown and increase the speed when we level up the skill.

The second priority is because the mainly kills will come from when we intercept some fleeing damaged champion in our travels from a tower to another.

We'll put a single point to so we'll start to get the bonus to armor and magic defence in the first few kills that we do, but won't level up until the end.

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I tried the 3 trees and, the most viable is the attacking tree. At least when we are in combat we can do a little more of damage.

I moved out points from life steal and moved to reduce the dead cooldown, this is a fast battle and we can get ganked few times so instead spend 30 sec, start to abour 22 sec, it's a decent amount to make your next purchase and continue battling. With Zeke's Herald that provide us with 12% life steal, we can avoid these points.

The other viable mastery build is going in the utility build, because the reduction on your spells (more revive = more speed, more garrison = more towers defended/attacked succesfully), and you will get but... when you engage a battle you will suffer the lack of damage.

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As soon as i reach level 30 i'll give details about runes, i must verify if the selected works like i think.

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Pros / Cons

- Feel like Roadrunner
- Win 9 every 10 battles
- Get the first position because you get a lot of towers, 40+40 points every one
- You don't die easily
- You will kill other champions too
- Feel like you are winning because you and only you

- It's more fun battle other champs instead of get towers
- Because the items focuse on movement speed and CD reduction you are less powerfull

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Thanks to these people that will discuss a better way to improve this gameplay.