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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Garen, silence, not spin, to the win

Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction - I dont like him (well, his lore), but i play him

For me, Garen is a cheap champion and, if in the right hands, op as hell (he has stuff on him no skill can make, but lack of it can brake - like Cho'Gath but taken up to eleven). All in all he is fun to play (no matter how cheap he is) since he has a lot of first blood and general ganky potential with , he is not realy stopped by and you can use if you know that youll get caught in any other kind of cc.

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Pros / Cons

Pretty good burst
High to mid lane staying power
High chance of getting first blood
Good farm
Silence with big damage that may make BAnnie and her kind back off
High 1v1 power if Exhaust/Flash combo taken
You can spin for creep farm and make the enemy feel
safe since most garen players max Judgment first
Good movement speed while still having
You are the GOD of Kill-Securing!!!

Cons: - - - - -
Longer cd and damage on Judgment so you have to know how to last hit and
try not to get into slows as much
Higher damage in exchange for a bunch hp (i dont know if i should put this into Pros because you dont have to get warmogs and atmas to work).
Randoms may want you to tank = waste of potential or pro-tential as a friend may say
Needs a lane partner with a sane mind that knows how to ****ing attack!!! - biggest burden if you aint over skype/vent
You are the GOD of Kill-Securing...

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Pretty much anything you want... runes are and always will be personal preference, but i think that with this setup you get most dmg/survivability and with the and a slight edge at the start.

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Skill Sequence

Any player that suggests you to start with Judgment is the one said that you have to start with Cull the Meek on Renekton (what is ok if you are facing 2 tanks or tank support since then there is a low chance you could gank any of them) or even worse with Slice and Dice...
Garen has a silence that deals tons of damage at at lvl 1 so take it, why do you need to spin around dealing sub par damage to 2 enemies when you can chip down one to 1/3 with a auto attack, your q and another aa ( resets your attack timer).
Then after a starting battle that decides what side will play more defensive (or getting fist blood if you have a partner with stun/ignite), its time to farm at least a bit up, so now get the move everyone knows on garen and even has its own ability spotlight , - you farm that you wont upgrade till lvl 8 where the lack of its damage starts to show.
Watch out, while in Judgment you can use Decisive Strike for a speed up trough the minions to a overextending enemy champion for some chip damage and a silence, and that can save lives if used in a correct manner.

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Garen is one of those semi item relying champions, after he gets his core, you can pretty much pick whatever you want.
I usualy start with boots and 3 pots, getting Phage and Pickaxe after recalling at 6 (after getting at least one kill and using your OMG KS ulti or 2-3 assists), if the enemy has high damage or their jugler tried to gank the lane your in and/or did a good job dealing damage to you get one or two parts of or a if you didnt get enough money and feel like lacking on minion kills.


*lvl 6 first recall (at least 1 kill)*
or you might think that there is no need for boots now but they give you a huge boost and if you remember to swap em out later and are willing to offer the money get Ionians.

*lvl 6-10 (2-3 kills min)*
is one of the most important things for ad garen, it lets you shred tanks as if they were a ranged carry in melee and oom and gives a fair amount of attack power.

*lvl 8-12 (3-4 kills min)*
is the alternative (i usualy get it later, the flat reduction is a massive boost when combined with the % reduction) since it has pretty much the same effects as only a bit short if your going against a tank (what i would assume every good team would do) and doesnt help your q and e as much.

*lvl 10-15 (4+ kills)*
is your real CC, now depending on the situation (did you push to the tower - happens a lot, does the enemy have hit and run tactics and so on) you should get it early or late, but if you dont have gold for it by the time you are lvl 15, chances are high you are doing something wrong or your team is fulled with idiots that dont know how to act after you go in.

Typical mid-late game items (chose items to conter the enemy if they are killing you more than you killing them from now - well the hard counters)

gives you the boosts you need to survive a cc, boosts your friends and gives a small amount of damage, now if you feel that you dont have enough MR, get instead, it will boost your passive, give a bit cdr and later your life steal (if the enemy doesn't gg out before you get it) - is also good if you dont have the money and my now you should sell the heart of gold, if you took it.

If the enemy has a annoying map ulti (Ashe arrow, Karth requi, Ezrael or Lux sparkle,
dont bother with , get , it pretty much has the same effect for the annoying stuff and it boosts your ad.

Stark's Fervor size The only thing you realy need is the enemy armor reduction (what can get em under 0 when you attack), but the team stats are also nice and you get to swing a bit faster - usual late game pick.

Not a real fan of it unless its in a fun game... it does give nice stats trough if you max the bonus...

Also not a big fan... Snowball items in general are bad on Garen since its pretty sure that you'll die at least once if the enemy has any idea who he is up against (map awareness helps and there are games where i didnt die a single time with him, but that's only because i had a friend jungle amumu and ward all around the)
If you do get on 20 stacks you can roam better than Alistar by spaming your q.