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League of Legends Build Guide Author ivans

Garen: The guy who Shines with Pride

ivans Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You ever wondered why does Garen look so tough? When you see a guy with more buffs and lights than a christmas make's you a bit scary...or a lot.
Anyway, point of this build is to be real tank and carry to. I don't need to explain why carry. Basicly it means i have allways over 10 kill in a party and i don't just wait to last hit some guy with ult.

How to lane? - For some reason, it's very easy to last hit minions (and not just because you have your fist skill to help you with that). They kind a fear that you can come after then so they prob windraw all the time, use that. And if it happens to hear from some guy that you are KS-ing "his" creep...please change lanes.
- Against AP guys: You know, that is why i take mantle, you don't need so much of a speed but more to lower how much dmg you take. And believe me, with his just rock. Try to trick them a bit, spin around them, make them unconfatrable.
- Against DD fella's: They usually just try to cast some magic and hit you. But, after trying they realise that it's quite's not fun hitting tank!!! For is, you don't care, YOU are GAREN!

- How to "don't care/i am the boss": You know that time where you just watch each other and wait for shooting star or that rotating thing in desert to pass by? It's annoying, i know....for that, you just need you. Go in, use first skill and when cooming close, just use shiled. After brief period of panicing, they will start going back and you will survive. When finally confronting, i advise you take carry ones, to draw them and play with them (i know it sounds stupid but with that you can make them die with you carries)
But DO NOT go rambo all the time. First see if your team is capable of handling tough situations and how they handle CC.

- How to use items: 2 important thins are "Mercuy's Threads" and "Sunfire Cape". You make that at start for 2 reasons:
1) Speed and Magic Res
2) AoE dmg with spin?! - nuff said (and let me add HP and Armor to that)
- After you chose what you want, i putted usual stuff, but order is all yours to chose.
It's nice you don't die a lot, they don't like that...sooo they will try to bounty you out of your's g-g-g-godlike title. Then, be angel, make "Guardian Angel"...make them suffer.

- Why the runes for HP? Well, as you know, Garen is very poor with HP, but very good with Res. To make him more beachy, we need HP! A lot of it. It may sound uniportant but believe me when i tell you that IT DOES MATTER!!! Countless situations i survived and oula, all thanks to the runes!!!

- Why the skill order? Ok, on that one...basicly, you DO need first skill at begining. Good for silencing at ambushing at beginning, last hitting minions and gaining little speed. See??? After that,try to be allways with advantage with spinning rather than armor BUT if you are good minion killer, do it otherwise.

- Why the Abbilites? Yeeeah, ignite? IGNITE? You the tank for go...wait there, i know that you are thinking but you DO not need are freaking rock of the ROCK's and you don't want to be annoyed when guys waltz away with quarter of penny hp's...and you caste ult with here it is,fantastic ignite! For ghost, what is the better way to get into to the crowd and confuse them for seconds??? Speed, and you have it!

- Why do i conclude this? It's fun to ask yourself questions...hohoho
After all, i didn't saw all the Garen builds and tried to make it super fantastic's just what i use and i am very pleased with it. So i wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it! And ofc, you the comment button just to see some mistakes i made in this build and advices (beside typing errors)