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Garen Build Guide by GobboLord

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GobboLord

Garen: The Horseless Horseman of Light

GobboLord Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Garen Introduction


##PLEASE TELL ME IF THERE IS A SIMILIAR GUIDE, dont wanna intentionally copy,if it occurs, i will change some things on the guide##
##Also, if there is something in this guide that you dont like, disagree on, or wanna give a tip. Please write it in the comments, write it in like this for exampel: "Disagree on: Marks.
Reason: i think like this because..."##

The story about the Four Horsemen is that they will ride forth to punish the wicked, In my opinion, Garen is charging in and punishes the noobs that crosses his path. So more or less, who needs a horse when you can kill people by running instead?

I played alot of champions, but its not many that actually caught my attention as much as Garen did.
He is quick on running, can become a good offtank/tank if needed, and he can do alot of damage with the right items.
In this build i will make a Tank Garen, with the possibility to gank people or also pull of some kills in teamfights.

A tiny song to inspire you :D It´s called SPIN TO WIN. (Made by DruoxTheShredder on Youtube)

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Pros / Cons


Good on staying in lane without teleporting back to base.

Can get go into teamfights and still have a chance to survive.

Good Chaser/Escaper (with good boots and Q)

Can easly kill people with R

Good farmer and pusher in lanes with E (Judgement)

Cooldown based


Mostly focused in team fights

Long cooldowns in early game

Mostly focused in lane

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Marks: Mark of Desolation
Why this mark?: I use Mark of Desolation since that this build doesn´t have any items that provides Armor Penetration, so to back it up, i use these marks, to still do good damage.

Seals and Glyphs: Seal of Resilience and Glyph of Warding
Why these runes?: The seals gives early game Armor, and the Glyphs gives early game Magic resist. The reason for going for these runes, is that it will stack good later on with your passive on Courage. This will give some extra defence wich can keep your enemies away from harrasing away all your health so you have to wait in bushes for your Passive (Perseverance to heal you up before getting into the brawl once agian. You surely want to stay in the lane as long as possible.

Quints: Quint of Swiftness and 2x Quint of Desolation.
Why these Quints?: The swiftness Quint will help you in various situations when stacked with Boots Of Swiftness such as Ganking, Picking up a kill with R or even Escaping. This should provide you with a great mobility over the map.

The Desolation Quints will increase your Armor Penetration even more, check on Marks for the explenation.

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In my Masteries, im going with a 9/21/0 build, and i will explain why i use these masteries.


Deadliness:I put points in this mastery to proceed to the next level in the masteries.

Cripple:I put points in this because it gives you a slightly better advantage over your enemy by improving Exhaust. Decrasing there Armor and Magic resist, aslo increasing the duration with 0.5 sec.

Sorcery:I put points in this one because i want to decrase my cooldowns a bit more, so i can use my abilities a bit more often.

Archaic Knowledge:I put points in this one since his Ultimate (Demecian Justice, R) uses MAGICAL DAMAGE, and it will increase your chance on finishing off your enemies.


Resistance:It will increase your Magic resist in early game, stacks good with your runes and your passive on Courage.

Hardiness:Same thing with Resistance. Stacks good with runes and with passive on Courage.

Evasion:Some dodge chance could never harm, and it´s also for proceeding.

Nimbleness:Gives a good effect from the Evasion mastery.

Harden Skin:This will make you a bit tougher and makes you able to take a hit or two.

Defensive Mastery:Is for proceeding.

Veteran´s Scars:Some extra HP in beginning can be a good thing to have. Makes you even more Stout in your lane.

Tenacity:What can i say? a great mastery for tanks, and makes you able to take more hits than normal.

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Summoner Spells

These are two of the summoner spells i use most for Garen.

Exhaust:Gives you a good advantage by decreasing there Defensive stats if you have specced Cripple in your masteries. This can also give you a hand to get a certain kill with Demecian Justice if the target is too fast. This can also be used to escape from a certain situation.

Ghost: This spell will give you a great speed boost if you are chasing, or escaping. Really nice spell, it´s really usefull.

Other Possible Spells:

Flash: This spell can be exchanged with Ghost if you want, flash can be used to blink in with suprise in a team fight, getting closer to targets that are too far away from you, or escaping.

Ignite: This can be replaced with Exhaust if you want to pull down your targets HP so you can deliver a certain death with Demecian Justice or use it if it diden´t kill your target. Also good to use if your ultimate is on CD and you want to finish someone off.

Cleanse: This is a spell i dont use often, but if i KNOW i will get targeted alot, or CC:ed alot, its good to have something that can quickly shurg of all roots and such so you can escape or make the final dash for a kill.

Out of question Spells:

Clairvoyance: Leave this to the supporters, or to champions that needs it such as Lux or maybe Ezreal.

Fortify: Leave this spell to the supporters.

Clarity: WTF are u doin?

Heal: Since dawn of time, Heal is for people that doesn´t know how to stay alive.....

Teleport: Not the best spell, it´s sure is good but it doesn´t cover for ALL situations, so IMO it feels like your wasting a summoner spell with this one when i play Garen.

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The items i have chosen is making Garen into a TANK/ a bit of a DPS.
I will try to explain WHY i choose these items.

Doran´s Shield: This is a good staring item for Garen. But something else that aslo works is a Regrowth Pendant and one HP potion in the beginning, can help you make Warmog´s Armor quicker later on.

Boots of Speed: IF it would happen that you have to teleport back before lvl 6, go back to base and buy these boots. Feel free to get Three HP potions if you get alot of Harrasment in your lane.

Boots of Swiftness: This item will REALLY increase your speed! gives you good mobility, gives a nice speed to move beetween lanes and getting around map, or even help you to gank/escape if needed. Another option to replace these boots is Ninja Tabi wich gives you more dodge. This choice is up to you.

Sunfire Cape: After your boots you want to get Sunfire Cape. When you build it up, start with a Giant´s Belt and then make your Sunfire Cape when you got enough money. Sunfire Cape´s damage stacks great with your Judgement spell. Makes you even more annyoing to have on your ***, and increases your farming.

Phage: When you start to build up for Phage, i usually start with getting Long Sword instead of getting Ruby Crystal first. This is just to get some more damage so you can provide with some good DPS. Later on you create Phage.
The reason for making Phage, check Frozen Mallet for explanation.

Frozen Mallet: Get a Giant´s Belt and combine it later on with Phage and you have yourself a great item! It slows your enemies with a great percantage and can give your team a good chance to make a gank, also it gives some extra health! (Not sure but i think Frozen Mallet procs with

Warmog´s Armor: This is a GREAT item for Garen without doubt. This gives some extra good health, and also stacks over time. When building up to Warmog´s Armor, start with getting a Giant´s Belt and then get a Regrowth Pendant. Then buy out the whole thing when you have enough money.

Atma´s Impaler: Time to get rewarded for getting all this health! With this item it gives you more damage ACCORDING to 2% of your maximum health! This will boost your damage even more, giving you some more lovley DPS. When building up to it, start with buying a Chain Vest, and then buy out the whole thing.

And now, your item build is done :D

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Skill Sequence

I will now explain why i specc these abilities first and why i max it out first.

Judgement: Garen performs a dance of death with his sword, dealing damage around him for 3 seconds, and reducing the duration of slows by 50%. Garen removes any slow effects on him at the start of the dance.
Garen rapidly spins his sword around his body for 3 seconds, reducing the duration of slows by 50% and dealing 60/100/140/180/220 (+) physical damage to nearby enemies every second. Garen removes any slow effects on him when casting Judgment.

The bonus damage is further increased by Garen's critical strike chance. Damage to minions is reduced by 50%.

Aaaahhh, Judgement. THIS spell is why Garen is mostly feared, with the right items, and enough damage, this can cause ALOT of damage. This spell is a good spell in team fights with a capital G. and it´s simple to use, spin in and enjoy the destruction. The reason for maxing this one out first, is that this spell gives you good farming, good damage and gives ALOT of raging kids.

Decisive Strike: Garen's next attack strikes a vital area of his foe, dealing bonus damage and silencing them.
Garen gains 15/20/25/30/35% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. His next melee attack deals 30/45/60/75/90 (+) physical damage and silences his target for 2.5 seconds.

Awesome speed boost inc! This spell will help you alot with moving around the map, chasing/escaping and like this wasent enough, it SILENCES! wich can give you a good advantage in fights since they can´t cast spells. Also remember that this spells works on TURRETS! I max this spell out after Judgement since i want to cause some more damage and dash around with no problems.

Courage: Garen's kills increase his armor and magic resistance. He may also activate this ability to give himself a damage-reducing shield.
Passive: Garen's armor and magic resist are permanently increased by 0.5 every time he kills an enemy unit. This bonus is maxed at 5/10/15/20/25.

Active: Garen places a defensive shield on himself for the next 3 seconds, decreasing all damage taken by 20/24/28/32/36%.

This is one cool thing with Garen, a shiel that decreases damag taken! works great when dashing into team fights in the last minutes of the game when it really get´s intense! Also it´s passive is a gift from above, stacking up to maximum of 25 Armor and Magic resist. The reason for maxing this one out last is mostly that i still get my stack with Armor and Magic resist, a good shield even if it´s not so high in level. You should be more or less fine.

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How to play in Lane and the rest of the Game

As Garen i usually got top if im in Purple Team, and i got bot if i get into the Blue Team.

Early Game: In early game, play a bit defensive. Try out your enemies and see if they are common noobs, or if they know what they are doing. Remember that "Knowledge is Power", by this i mean that if you know HOW your enemies plays, you can figure out how to play in the beginning. If they are Offensive: Play defensive and try to make em greedy enough to tower dive. If they are Defensive: Take it easy and don´t rush in to sudden. wait intill they are far enough from tower.

Mid Game:Here is where the most of the fun begins! this is usually when you leave lane phase and when everyone start run around the map defending and ganking each other, your part here is mostly to get stuck in with you Judgement and cause alot of damage on your enemies, chase them down with Desecive Strike and try to help your team, or your self, to get as much kills as you can. Don´t be selfish when it comes to killing people, your team will need you alot since you can both tank and cause damage that can result with good ganks and a good gold flow so you can proceed in your item building.

Late Game: Now the important part of the game begins! in team fights, use Ghost and Judgement and get into the center of the teamfights and try to attack the focused target, if no one have used G (the ping), do a great favor and use it on the most dangerous playr in the team, dont focus on TANKS. Try to tank towers as much as possible to help your team to proceed into there base. Once agian, don´t be greedy with kills, help your team aswell to get kills for them by assisting them so they can get there final items.

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I hope you liked this guide, please write in comments if there is ANYTHING that you disagree on, wanna make a change to, or if something is wrong.

Be fair in the voting, don´t down vote it because you dident like it, i will try to satisfy your opionion as good as i can.

Now get out there, and show them WHOS THE BAWS!