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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arzndragon

Garen-The Might of Demacia (DPS)

Arzndragon Last updated on November 15, 2010
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Hello there, it's me, Arzndragon here to tell you how I play DPS Garen, one of my favorite DPS characters in the game.

-Large Damage Output throughout the entire game
-Can still be a semi-tank at the same time with the Armor and Magic Resist increase from Courage.
-All of his skills depend on cooldown so as long as you have high health, you're fine to stay in lane.
-Stays in lane longer than others due to Perserverance.
-Already has a great escape method without ghost or flash. Decisive strike gives you a speed boost and Judgement removes slows.
-Demacian Justice prevents ksing AND executes an enemy quickly so your team can focus on fighting other enemies.

-No CCs without Frozen Mallet.
-Vulnerable to CCs without Cleanse.
-Cannot tower dive as well as Tank Garen.
-Usually targeted first in team fights because of his insane damage output with Judgement.

For my runes, I have armor penetration for marks because none of the items I have give armor penetration sadly (trust me, you probably won't need Last Whisperer). For seals, I have flat health to help in early game and to survive a couple more hits in team fights when you really need those health seals most. And for glyphs, I have CD reduction per level so you can go on and on with ganking with Demacian Justice.

My masteries are 21-9-0. The reason I have points in Archaic Knowledge is that Demacian Justice deals magic damage if you haven't known. Archaic Knowledge gives magic penetration which ensures that Demacian Justice will finish just about any champion under 30% of their hp.

For my summoner spells, I took Cleanse and Exhaust. Cleanse is to help remove any CCs other than slows to save your life. Exhaust is to slow enemies so you and your team can finish the target quickly. Any other summoner spells are not really great except for flash or ignite.

If you want to see Garen's skill analysis, check out the Tank Garen build I have up, too lazy to put up the skills again, sorry folks.

The first item a Garen player should buy depends on the other team. Usually, as in 80% of the time, I always have boots of speed and three health potions. If the other team has melee DPS (ex.Ashe, Shaco, another Garen, etc.), take a Doran's Shield, it really helps with the extra health, armor and regen. You can take in lane MUCH longer with Doran's Shield than Boots of Speed. If there's a magic team, take Null-Magic Mantle.

Always get side lane with a ranged attacker or caster with a CC (Ashe and Veigar are great). It helps to put enemies in range of Judgement longer. Hopefully, you get first blood like this if you put exhaust on an enemy or a teammate uses ignite. Early game, you should just hide in brush and when Judgement is ready, step out and use it with Courage then go back to brush over and over. This harasses champions while hopefully getting you last hits without taking too much damage. Plus while waiting for the CD, Perserverance keeps you alive.

As for items throughout the game...
Need armor? Sunfire Cape
Need MR? Banshee's Veil (very helpful in team fights)
Just need plain damage? Skip Phantom Dancer and go for the Bloodthirster if you really need it.

Thanks for reading! Vote up, comment and ask any questions below. See you next time when we go to (in Garen's voice) TO THE FIELDS OF JUSTICE!