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Garen Build Guide by Armonriel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armonriel

Garen: The TANK of Demacia!

Armonriel Last updated on October 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone.This is my first build and I chose my most played champ, Garen.
Garen in my opinion is a tank and a very good one at that!!!I hope you ll find it usefull
and you ll give it a chance.Once again this is MY opinion on how to play Garen.Hope you ll like it...Enjoy. :D

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Pros / Cons

1.great survivability
2.great laner(can stay in lane forever and go back only for items)
3.tank turets easily
4.great mobility
5.good supporter
6.tank slayer ulti
7.he is handsome :P

1.doesn't inflict as much damage as tanky dps garen
2.I cant think of anything else....

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greater mark of desolation.I chose armor penetration just so judgment and decisive strike inflict a bit more damage.

greater seal of vitality.I pick health/lvl over flat health because I just find it more usefull to raise your health a lttle over each lvl than just a quick start health burst.

greater glyph of warding.Its always good to have some magic resist from the beginning when you play as a tank.

greater quintessence of fortitude.This is so you can have a good tanky start. :P

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Skill Sequence

Now I dont need to tell you which ability does what since you are playing with Garen you should probably know!The thing is to know when to use which one of them!Here's how I do it:

Decisive strike is great against ability power champions cause of silence it also deals a preaty good amount of damage.Even so, I max it second.Also you can use it to catch up with someone, get away from them and also get faster anywhere you want since it gives you a bonus movement speed
which combined to boots of mobility and force of nature is a great deal of speed!!!DONT FORGET:you can use the bonus damge on turets as well i got tired of watching other players play with garen and dont use their q like that!!!!Use it like that also and the turets are yours for the taking!!!

Courage is a very good defencive skill!I max it third cause I dont need it that often but you can use it before this damn jax use his leap on you so you can reduse the damage you ll get!Its great since it gives you more armor and magic resist for each kill you get!when you r in a tight spot or tanking a turet use it!!!

Judgment is my FAVORITE skill you just use it all the time!!!its good for farming its good for killing its good for EVERYTHING (plus i love the way garen screams DEMACIAAAAAAAAA every time I use it :P).Its one of the best skills ever when someone slows you pop judgment and poof the slow is gone also it is great since you dont stop if someone stuns you absolutely great!!!Use it whenever you feel like it!!!I use it all the time even if I m just walking around the map!!!

Demacian justice is the cherry on top of the cake.This ultimate is briliant its what makes garen what he is!His ultimate deals damage based upon how much life his target is mising!I found myself in situations that a tank is getting away with low life!!I dont have that problem anymore since he is a tank he has way too much life so when he lost 3/4 of it and he has enough life to survive the damage from a dps I pop my ulti and there goes all of it!!!No more lucky alistar or malphite!

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I start with doran's shield which gives you even more health some armor and a bonus health regen which will keep you in lane long enough before you need to go back combined with your passive it just couldnt be better!!!
When you gather enough money from farming go back and buy giant's belt after that go to your lane and just keep farming!!!The health from giant's belt will keep you long enough!Gather as much as you can remember farming is the way to go since you dont inflict much damage to your enemies!when you have enough money buy boots of speed, they will give you all the speed you need for now plus what you believe you need most from the warmog's (I prefer regrowth pendant).
the rest of the items you ll have to decide for your own!It depends on what your enemy team is based on.If you are facing heavy dps champions rush to thornmail and they ll start crying.If they have more ability power take force of nature it gives you enough magic resist and the bonus movement speed is never bad!!!
Guardian angel is more of an item you ll take in the end since the build is expencive.I had an empty slot in one game and i was thinking what should I buy and i thought: "they have enough trouble trying to kill me!!!i d like to see them try 2 times!" so i chose guardian angel its a great item sice it gives you a little of everything(armor, health, magic resist)and now you just WONT GO DOWN!!!

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i get flash and exhaust.

Flash gets you in places flash gets you out of places!I just like itmore than ghost but if you prefer ghost over flash use it!It is still a preaty good spell suitable for garen.

Exhaust now is a spell you use more to help your team!Save them from a dps, stop a someone from escapingso your team can kill em you name it!The only use it has for you is save you if you r low on health (which doesnt happen often)and you want to get this dam xin or yi of your back!

Fortify is a good spell and you are good enough to get it since you dont need a second spell all that much!

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Well this is my way of playing Garen the might of demacia!I hope you ll like it and find it usefull!Plz give my build a chance and more importantly comment.I d be happy to know what you think good or bad I might be able to improve myself with your help!Thnx a lot guys!


P.S:The build is preaty simple cause I dont know how to add pictures of items and all the other things.Sorry about that. :/
And if you are going to downvote at least leave a comment with the reason and dont be an a**h***