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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChazAshley

Garen - The True Carry

ChazAshley Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Welcome to my build for Garen. Garen was my main champion from summoner levels 9 - 30. Garen I find is the most underrated champion in League of Legends. Many will say he's overplayed, many will say he's a bad champion. I have yet to fail with Garen, he's tanky so he can last in team fights while out putting alot of damage.

This guide will show you how I play Garen. I will provide screenshots as well.

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Marks - ArP is just a must.

Seals - now seal can vary. I use Dodge just because I have limited rune pages and I need in for other builds XD. You can however use Health per level or go for more cooldown reduction. However since I also use Evasion + Nimbleness masteries dodge runes will come in handy.

Glyphs - 6x Flat cooldown reduction and 3x per level cooldown reduction. (Always good to get more CDR by late game.)

Quins - ArP again are just a must.

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Since in my build I have Frozen Mallet, Sufire, and Gaurdian Angel for enough survivability I like to go 21 - 9 - 0. Kills will come extremely easy early game.

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Start off with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions. the faster you move early game the better. Health pots to keep you in lane longer. Simply last hit and use your E to harrass until you are level 2. If you have more than 65% health run in the bush, use Ghost, Q, exhaust, E for first blood at level 2. Port back and grab the boots of swiftness (If 3-5 of the enemy team has stun/snares/slows/taunts get merc threads) to make this combo even more deadlier. Stay in lane until you have enough for Phage, port back only if your opponents have or if they are not in the lane and you know this for a fact. Once you have enough for Frozen mallet do the same thing. Now I doubt you'll be in your lane at this point anymore. It'll be mid game and small teamfights will occur. With your frozen mallet you and or your teammates should be focusing each ever champion you decide to initiate on. Next item will be for Sunfire cape. this is used for you to run through enemy jungle and with the provided defence, health, and DPS you should either be able to kill or scare them out of their jungle so you may clear their jungle. If you are having issues getting kills grab the Avarice blade first before the brutalizer. Finish Ghostblade. At this point prepare to be FOCUSED. Grabbing Gaurdian Angel will most definitly cause the enemy team to surrender. If they don't surrender, no worries. Gather your team and ace them. As for your last item. I have actually never gotten to finish the Infinity Edge after 150+ wins with Garen, so it's really your chose. You shouldn't need any Armor or Magic Resistance.

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Summoner Spells

As I had stated in the last section.

If you have more than 65% health run in the bush, use Ghost, Q, exhaust, E for first blood at level 2. Why wouldn't you use summoner spells to get Frist blood at level 2 :/

The ghost + Q make you run so fast that landed the silence + massive damage really easy. plus they can't use any spell on you. Exhaust so the ycan't get away and use E to spin and get first blood. I hvae gotten this combo to get me first blood even from the further most bush. (One closer to enemy turret)

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Just a few finaly notes. I have a 100% win record in Solo Ranked Queue with the build. Whenever I in-house I am forbidden to use Garen. I hope my guide helps alot of people who are either new and want to gather wins for XP/IP. For those veterans who have put Garen on the shelf because they think he is useless. Give this build a try and you'll win games easily without breaking a sweat. Now for some screens.

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This last one. I miss bought the sunfire before frozen mallet. :)