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Garen - The unkillable dps champ

Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Garen can make dmg?

Garen is a high dmg char though most people dont play him like that but its tricky to get enough survivability. Read on and spin to win

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I wont tell you how to play garen in detail...

come on its realy easy ;)

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for quints take health/5 sec flat
for red take arm pen flat
for yellow take armor flat or health per lvl
for blue take magic res flat

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build 21-9-0 take cd in offense

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start out with dorans shield
then get boots lvl 1
now build a sunfire cape
finish boots of swiftness
buy last whisper(40ad - 40% arm pen)
buy force of nature
buy infinity edge
get guardian angel
and pots in last

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Skill Sequence

max out judgement and then the silence nuff said

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Summoner Spells

exhaust/ignite for max dmg
exhaust/ghost for max flexibality

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Team Work

just silence the most dmging caster and spin into the carrys use your ultimate on the most fed enemy to ensure he dies fast( ulti when he has 30% hp)