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Not Updated For Current Season

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Garen Build Guide by Greneral1

Garenteed to winn!

Garenteed to winn!

Updated on September 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greneral1 Build Guide By Greneral1 2,456 Views 0 Comments
2,456 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Greneral1 Garen Build Guide By Greneral1 Updated on September 13, 2011
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Fear not im coming!

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How to play garen?

We all know that Garen is a very strong toplaner champ, so we are going to maximaze his
potencial as a BRUISER wich in my oppoinion is what Garen is all about and is the
best one if used correctly!

As the starting item i go for either Doran blade or Doran chield, depending on the enemy toplaner and jungler, if the enemy has Noc jungler and Irelia toplane i would prefer to go with doran chield etc just to minimize the threat LVL otherwize i prefer doran blade.

Next item will be situational boots, mercs thread or ninja tabis,
then i go for a giant belt to maximise survivalbility and has perfect syenergy with his passive and his w and for the coming Atmas ;).

After giants belt try to get Brutializer asap to make Garen exeptional strong early and cd boosts everything on garen, then get Warmogs, yea u heard me! WARMOGS, in this rate garen alrdy have stacked 25 magicresists and armour so, we put maximal HP on garen to make him exeptional tanky and wont lack damage tnx to brutializer and coming atmas.

then our friendly Atmas comes in to make him strongest AD damage dealer in this rate AND the strongest tank ;).

Then we get anoter of my favorite item on garen wich is Spelldrinker wich will also give Garen unexpekted hp chield and boost magicresist and ad.

Last item should without question be frozen mallet, why u ask? because i will boosts his hp and crownd control more and he dont need resists because Garen alrdy has between 160 -
180 this is why garen is so BIG.
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Masteries and runes and summoner spells

Masterise and runes is extremely important to put at full use!, i have calculated them to bee worth about whole 2000 gold so use them wizely.

Marks: ad per lvl: Garen is so strong without damage runes that he dont need flat ad marks and as stack so good so we want to get as much as possible, and garen benefits more from ad than armour pen (have tested it).

Zeals- flat armour: flat armour is more important early beecause most jungler are ad dealersand to minimize minions damage when u spinn ur enemy close.

Gylphs- magic resist per lvl: is none negotiable, tnx to wery few champs can rly do great magic damage to garen early.

Quints- 2 move speed 1 hp: the move speed puts Garen to a 330 move speed wich will give him the best standard speed and boosts his q wich is very important to engage and to esc, and 1 hp quint to boosts his bulkyness early also very important.

Masteries see TOP of page: 14/16 none negotiable!
I tested many ways of masteries and, this is the best simply caus it gives Garen good defensives and offensives.

Sumoners: I prefer to take flash and is none negotiable rly a must to have, to make sure u land a successfuld kill and the best esc.

then u go either for exhaus or ignite, its little depending on what pick enemy has and what play style u have ;)
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How to make Garen ult global!

Many players dont know how to make garen ulti global, so im going to tell u how to do it;)

When u engage an opponent u always start with his silence then judgement as the follow upp,
but keep in mind that when ure spinning the enemy make sure in the meanwhile ure spinning that u CAST the ulti and will proc automatically when the judgement ends and will land a successfull Demacian Justice even FAR AWAY! the only problem will be if the enemy is unseen
when the judgement ends the ult wont proc.

I rly hope u like this guide/build and i have never failed with it and always dominate the toplane and that u understand how strong Garen rly can be!

Will Keep to update so pls rate it and comment it if u have ideas, after u tested this build :P
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