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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tanii

"Get over here!"

Tanii Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Well..have you ever thought to try something different and just be a total dumbA by being a melee instead of a tank? Well here are my thoughts on blitzcrank as a Melee character instead of a tank where he takes the damage and starts whooping some butt.


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Pros / Cons

Pros: Blitzcrank in this build is a awesome hitter and finisher. Very good at initiating group attacks with his Rocket Grab. Mages that have channeling spells like Fiddlesticks are a bit useless against blitzcrank, who can stun and silence them. Also he can assassinate someone with low help from a brush or behind a wall using his rocket grab to pull and finish them off with whatever skill he has. Boots of swiftness and Trinity forces speed boosts PLUS overdrive allows blitzcrank to make a speedy get-away or a chase after the enemy.

Cons: Blitzcrank might be killed easily if not taking caution the whole game. His defenses are pretty low until you gain both banshee's veil and guardian angel. Mana Barrier can help, but with its 1 minute cooldown, you can't do much if you have to wait. Blitzcrank is pretty BAD in 1vs1 situations where both have perfect HP and MP. If your speed has been cut off and overdrive is not working either, your pretty screwed if a group of people catch up too you.

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For Runes, i kind of focus on CD's, which allows my Ult and rocket grab to have a very low cool down. And possibly having my power fist a low cool down as well. The dodge runes are there for a minor back up in case your low on armor/MR. It is a low chance that characters won't hit you, but its better than nothing since at times it might just give you a miracle while running away.

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Skill Sequence

Ok the skill i would definitely focus most is Rocket Grab in the beginning, due to it have a pretty big CD at lvl 1, i dont want to leave it at 22 seconds. Within those 22 seconds, i could be grabbing someone for a Gank or a chase. So higher the lvl, the better the CD is.

Next, power fist is also a must. But lvl 1 is not that bad compared to Rocket Grab. It is the 2nd skill you would want to max out after Rocket Grab. Great for popping people in the air to cancel channeling spells, people close to turrent, and even for hitting double the normal attack on that turrent so it can freaking die already.

Overdrive; honestly, is not all that needed beginning-wise. lvl 1 overdrive at lvl 3 is sufficient enough to run or chase a bit. I'd max this out the last since its good for late game or mid game. At late game, that speed boost and attack speed boost is a must since you can take down the turrent pretty fast with maybe a little extra help.

Static Field: my favorite skill of the whole game. When a enemy tries to run away and your very close in killing him, but cant cause hes a bit faster than you and your SOOOO DAM close and your rocket grab is gona take forever to load back up, this will be your piece of cheesecake(Lol)for that moment right after you activate it and explode your enemy. Plus with its relatively low cooldown, you can use it in almost every situation from killing other champions to kill minions and jungling. Static Field also has that secondary ability where it will SILENCE your enemy for 0.5 seconds. 0.5 seconds is pretty long in my book when it comes to blitzcrank. Enough time to pop the enemy in the air again for making your enemy have an extended amount of time not being able to use his abilities or to run away without you panicking over the fact they might have some stupid skill to whoop you. Great for enemy champions that are mages like Fiddlsticks.

Mana Shield is blitzcrank's passive ability. It allows blitzcrank, who lost his HP to around 10% of his HP left, to gain a mana shield that has the power of exactly HALF of his CURRENT MP. This is a really useful passive since blitzcrank could survive for a little longer. Plus if your enemy has a sure-kill ability, this might counter it considering right after it touched 10% of his health, his mana shield pops up and takes the damage for him. BUT be careful, if your mana is LOW, the power of your mana shield is LOW as well. So take caution .
Example: 10% = mana shield is up. you have 800 MP out of 1000 MP in your MP pool. that means the power of your mana shield is exactly 400. that is how much damage it can take before it dies off.

Rocket Grab: level: 1/2/3/4/5 Cool down:22/21/20/19/18 Mana: 140/140/140/140/140 Damage: 60/120/180/24/300 (PLUS %80 of your AP)(Magic attack, so AP affects this a bit)
Summary: Upon contact with enemy, it will stun them from the time you grabbed them all the way to the grab coming back to you.

Overdrive: Level:1/2/3/4/5 Speed Boost: 16%/20%/24%/28%/32% Attack Speed: 30%/38%/46%/54%/62% Cool down: 22 seconds Mana: 90MP

Power Fist: level: 1/2/3/4/5 Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds Mana: 25 MP Range: 300
Summary: The only physical attack other than Blitzcrank's normal attack. It deals DOUBLE the attack of your normal attack and pops 1 enemy in the air, making them unable to use skills until they come back down to ground level. This is considered a stun move.

Static Field: Level: 1/2/3 Passive: Damage:100/200/300(+25% of ability power) magic damage every 2.5 seconds.
Summary: The passive lighting strikes randomly hits any enemy that is close to blitzcrank.

Active: Damage: 250/375/500(+100% of ability power) Mana: 150 MP Range: 600 Cool down: 40 seconds.
Summary: upon usage on an enemy champion, this active part of the ability will silence the enemy for 0.5 seconds, rendering the enemy unable to use any skills within that time.

Mana barrier: Half of your current MP is used as power to protect blitzcrank from harm. If the damage exceeds the amount of the MP, then it will go away, exposing blitzcrank. The barrier only lasts for a couple of seconds so use it wisely. It has a 1 minute cool down until its next use.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is kinda a requirement due to Blitzcrank not having much defenseive ability or in general. It allows quick escape or easier killing in some cases. So this is almost a most for most people who might have trouble against certain people.

Flash is not really needed in blitzcrank's case because he can just run away with Overdrive. Although it provides a "back-up" escape route since it can blink you over certain walls.


Heal is decent enough, but usually its only needed for early game and certain points in mid game. Blitzcrank might be a bit of a squishy at the beginning so this might come in handy with blitzcranks Mana Barrier.

Ghost: a good summoner skill. if you decided to get mana instead of boots of speed in the beginning like in some cases i do, then this is good for running away. Also could provide fast chases on the enemy.

Clarity: i have not tried clarity with blitzcrank as of yet. But, in some peoples cases, this might become useful since blitzcrank doesnt have much MP in the beginning. Considering Rocket grab bites a pretty big chunk of your MP at lvl 1-6.

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Early game: By getting the Boots of Speed in the beginning with some pots(HPx2 and MP), you'll be able to get down bottom lane and "gank" if you and your teammates are fast enough to get the items in shop at the start of the game. But, if you feel like you took too long, go ahead and do a Rocket Grab through the brush with your team behind you, ready for a gank. If successful, you've just earned you or your teammates a few hundred gold. Which can prove to be useful. Basically, try to hug turrent until the enemy comes close enough for you to do a lil grab and uppercut for a turrent kill. Try to survive until lvl 6 where you gain your ult Static Field, which proves to help you in many situations. Situations such as, when a opponent has like a small, stupid amount of HP left and your cool down for your grab is still taking a effing long time, use Static Field to instantly pwn their butts if your close. In early game, try to get Sheen and Boots of Swiftness(any boots would work actually, but this is my general boots for most characters).

Mid Game: If you managed to survive early game and maybe got a kill or two, then on to mid game. Your going to need Phage for the lil bit of extra damage and chance of slowing the target. Afterward, Trinity force would be a good way to make room for your item slots and gain attack speed and movement speed from the Zeal you had not bought. By this time, you should be able to have a few kills and hopefully less deaths then your kills. Try to stick with your teammates in group fights because Blitzcrank is a GREAT initiator due to his Rocket Grab, grabbing any individual from afar and allowing you and your teammates to get a good 3v1 or 5vs1 kill. Rocket Grab also has been maxed out so that the cooldown is at the lowest PLUS the CD runes you bought. Thus, making Rocket Grab about 2-3 Seconds faster allowing you to use it faster. If you managed to get money, get Tiamat, it'll help definitely since it'll kill minions around you for EXP.

Late game: I don't exactly know, but usually the game ends around Mid game to Late game. Now, you will be getting Guinsos's rageblade. Guinsoo rageblade gives off a pretty good amount of AP and attack damage, giving blitzcrank a pretty good upperhand in some cases. After that, it is time to prioritize on defense. Banshee's Veil is a good help against magic attacks and it provides magic resist. I would get Guardian Angel next for the armor and the resurrection upon death. Your Overdrive should be maxed also including Power Fist. Overdrive helps definitely late game because it allows you to chase running enemies with low health. And if they are in a clear space, try the 1-2-3 combo(RG-PF-SF). Although you might succumb to death a bit more than usual, if planned out right and played smart, you'll definitely get the kill.

3v3: This build is mostly primarily for 3v3 since i am used to a team that has a good Melee DPS and a mage with devastating AP.

5v5:Honestly this could also work in 5v5, but i dont exactly recommend it because other then trinity force, banshee's veil, and guardian angel. The other items aren't exactly up to par with other peoples item build. If it works, go ahead and try. But otherwise give me feedback if this build works in 5v5 or not. I can always post up my 5v5 build for blitzcrank.