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Get ya Bard on

Last updated on November 3, 2015
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Threats to Bard with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal I find ADC Ezreal to be VERY weak against most other picks early game, which means you can pop in and out often as you like.
Soraka She's like you, with less crowd control and mobility and innate mana regen systems.
Vayne She synergizes well with Bard, though he counters her quite well. Portal away when she ults, and wait for her to follow through (which she will, as she's a tryhard champion). Stun, kill, win.
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How are you doing, fellas?

I am 'The Britches', I play on NA. I'm a Bard main, which came about when I heard he was underpowered as ****. I'm here to give you the cheesiest possible build you can put on this balloon of a champion to make him... slightly less useless. Don't expect to get kills, but you'll get ton of assists and have a damn good time playing the game.

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When to get Chimes, go mid, and wreck a few days.

As a Bard player, you're going to be wandering around like a jackass picking up his "Chimes". Since they will be removing mana potions fairly soon, this is a good thing as they provide a signifigant amount of Mana as you collect them. HOWEVER, You will have times when this is good, and times when this is bad. When your ADC has gotten a double kill, take your sightstone and have a jolly good time of picking them up. If you ADC is dead or backing is also viable. If the support is a heavy CC champion (ahem Nautilus, Leona, etc. Ahem) YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE LANE WHILE THEY ARE AROUND. You do not need to back very often at all. Your chimes give mana, and just drop a shrine ahead of yourself as you meander through the Jungle. Easy as cake, and by the time you ADC notices you're gone you'll come back with full health and mana. So when you need to back, it's time to Journey.

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I get really hot on this topic. TAKE YOUR PORTAL OFF OF SMART CAST. THAT my friends, is the key to playing Bard. The reason so many players cannot grasp him. It's how you WIN! Really though, the portal is a great move, one of the best in the game. If you're pushed up to tower and your jungler comes in for a giggety-gankerson, just portal on through and come up to give them the "know-how". Need to get out of base faster? Walk to the edge of the platform and portal all the way to the Inhibitor. Steal Baron, Dragon, Buffs, Scuttle, all with this great move. It's also the best escape for you and your team, as your stun can hit enemies as soon as the come through. SO USE YOUR PORTALS.

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The Bard Q, and Ultimate.

These are together because they're so often misused. Your Q is not poke. Do not waste the signifigant cooldown on something as petty as the 6 damage you might do to the enemy tank. WAIT FOR THE TEAMFIGHT TO HAPPEN, And during that chaotic time take out two of their guys at once. Same goes for your ult. DO NOT USE YOUR ULT TO "START" A TEAMFIGHT. Your ult is for zoning out the tanks, or heavy incoming damage of the team. Is a 20/2 rengar coming upt to give it to your Vayne whether she wants it or not? ULT HIM. Are their tanks all in one area? ULT THEM AND KILL THE SQUISHIES WHILE THEY WATCH HELPLESSLY LIKE THE CHILDREN THEY ARE!

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Shrines, Auto's, and other stuff

Your shrines are fairly straightforward. You ought to have two down at one time, be it one at your lane on at mid, two in your lane, two at mid, etc. You should always keep one in hand as a flash heal and speed-boost for an ally or yourself to engage, disengage, escape, or some similarly utilitarian purpose. They're going to take a fat chunk out of your mana pool though, so be careful and collect a few chimes to bring it back.
Your Auto attacks are among the strongest early game. You'll proc your spellthiefs edge twice with the hits, so use it often. It provides a slow, so you should auto and use your Q DIRECTLY afterward to oftentimes stun both of your opponents at once.

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Closing statements

Bard is the best champion in the game. If you're losing, you just need practice, sport! Thanks for reading and I hope this cheddar guide helps you learn this fun, and interesting champion.