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Quinn Build Guide by Guest

AD Carry Go for the Eyes!

AD Carry Go for the Eyes!

Updated on February 23, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,855 Views 0 Comments
1,855 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Quinn Build Guide By Guest Updated on February 23, 2014
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Quinn can realy go with anny support in general, but supports with damage is better for Quinn, since she already does alot of damage early and can keep distance between herself and the enemy with her E.

I recommend Annie becuase she has her stun with her passive and can poke alot with her ablilties and when you guys get to lvl6 and you get your ultimate ability you will kill the enmy SO FAST.

Nunu is also a great choice because his ultimate DESTROYES the enemy and you can slow the enemy and do alot of damage to them with a quick E auto attack Q combo, and then Nunu bursts them down with his ultimate and you get the last hit as Quinn.

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Quinn is an amazing invade champion since she can use her E for damage and proc her passive and come out with alot of burst at only lvl 1.
Design your team to make it as good as possible for invading. Use champions like blitzcrank and
Kha'zix because blitzcrank has his Q hook, and Kha'zix does alot of damage with his Q.
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Lane phase

During the lane phase you want to last hit minions to get farm. early game 15cs is equal to a kill. So if you have more cs than your enemy adc you will kill them faster since you will have better items.

Poke the enemy using your E first do an auto attack with your passive and then use your Q and get some distance.

always use your W when somone is missing on the map, and try to position yourself closer to un warded bushes such as the tri bushes or around the dragon.
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Pros / Cons


Nice Kit

Mana officient

Fast with ultimate

Valor abilties cost no mana

Free ward with W


Only two damage abilities

Dosent have an amazing item

Only has one skin
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Play Style

Make your tank engage and then use your E to go in right after this will proc your passive and also do damage and giev you some distance.
Stay in the back and auto attack and spam your Q.

You can also come in to the teamfight from behind of the enemy. Use your R to run towards all of your enemies use your E and then Q and then press you R again to do the massive AOE damage.

I prefer this style more. It makes them run. and chasing is fun as Quinn ;)
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Go for the Eyes!

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