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God Mode Sion

Last updated on October 3, 2010
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My first build I made and posted ever, so bear with me on it.

This build rocks just about any champ with any spec, even tanks, just don't attack them first! Theres not much to explain about how to play it but I'll do my best. It has a lot of damage, some good physical mitigation through avoidance from phantom dancers. Also it comes with all the stats any physical damage dealer would ever want but for Sion they make him almost godly. You'll be finding yourself getting double and triple kills around the 15 minute mark in solo laning or just solo ganking.

Now I use ghost and exhaust because they are great for snagging kills from runners, and saving you getting killed. Sion, with this build, is a killing machine and his soul purpose is keep as many enemies as possible dead. Fewer the enemies on the field, the bigger field advantage you have.

I choose stun for the first champion ability because mixed with ghost and exhaust it is a first blood getter. You should choose your laning partner with the most burst damage, or someone with a stun. If you can your almost guarenteed the first kill for 400 gold and a good possibility at snaking a kill from the foes laning partner that still is alive which your stun would be ready for by the time you killed the first champion. Don't be afraid to play pretty aggressive early game as you are well equipped with most damage potential out of all champs because of enrage. Last hitting minions is a must, you need to farm the **** out of them for the obvious gold benefit. Also you need those last hits for adding to your max hp through enrage. Once you get level 6 port back to the spawning glen, go shopping, then get ready for womping. First once your level 6 go get your lizard and golem buff. Go back to laning try to be solo in a lane, it will tempt enemies to come attack you and you can easily defeat them as they come 1 by 1 , or even 2 of them vs you. Just play smart stun the one that deals the most damage first, throw up exhaust after the stun and use your ultimate right in beggining of the fight. I say this because if you wait until 50% or so your doomed you may get ignited or some other debuff with the 50% reduced healing and get wrecked. Once you get your boots made after your first phantom dancer you just roam the map slaying groups of minions and all the enemies you can find. But you don't want to just kill enemies push towers while doing so forcing enemies to split up allowing your team to easily march down lanes.

Itemization is pretty simple. The way i have it posted is how I get my items in that exact order. 8% crit is crucial for beggining the game with enabling you to snag the first blood much easier, those crits that come early game basically do 20-35% of the enemies life per hit. I start with a phantom Dancer befor anything because it provides key stats to this build: Crit, Movement, Dodge. I build 2 Phantom Dancers and boots befor damage items because enrage can and will last as enough damage to keep laying waste to people until nearing the end game which is when you should be completing your Infinity Edge. Bloodthirster is great for the maximizing of your damage after infinity edge as it gives 100 damage as its fully charged with 25% lifesteal which adds on to your ultimate. The black cleaver I also choose because it offers a great ammount of damage but a even greater on hit ability, for the end game content allowing you to eat up tanks.