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Last updated on December 23, 2010
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Malphite Build

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-strong early game
-Awesome initiater
-Awesome farmer
-can gank any 1
-really hard to die

-if your team sucks nothing you can do
-thats about it:P

this is a malph mid build only and yes mid trust me its OP if done right
okay im going to explain this really simple. at lvl 1 try to get 2 shards in before you hit lvl 3 and after each shard try to get in atleast 1 auto atk in. never use ground slam to harass waste of mana just use shards and always try to have atleast 200-250 mana in your pool before hitting lvl 6 and never have a full mana pool if you do this right your opponent should be at atleast 25% hp or less an at lvl 6 with a shard ult groundslam combo 100% kill every game every time except for vlads with regrowth pendent P.S. before every harass attempt make sure your passive is up

extra tips:
-early phase only use ult when its a guarantee kill and there at low hp
-try to stay in lane as long as possible you can even get 2 doran shields 1st
-you have to do alot of harassing and dont mind if your taking the same amount of dmg from harassing your hp regen and passive should let you have the advantage the whole time
-banshees and omens are optional for which you get first depending on the team your vsing so is tabi and mercurys.
-use your ult as an escape too

i made this build within 10 mins but i made it because of all the ****ty malphs out there i see every day and i face palm every time when they question malph midding my average record is 14-2 and carry the team every game(every single game)

try exactly what i said in this guide and then comment