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Gangplank General Guide by Guest

GP Kill Spree!!!

By Guest | Updated on January 13, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello my names Gorgeth and pretty much I made this Guide cause I just felt something was missing from the best GP Guide on Mobafire and I just got bored and decided to see what tweaking I could do I spent a lot of time on calculations and item sooooo I hope you enjoy please rate and comment any thoughts are welcome I am always looking for a better build
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I choose to keep the runes from the top build already simply cause they make sense to me

Greater Marks Desolation x 9 easy enough penetrates armor early on good for your parley good for destroying squishies and dealing moderate damage to tanks

Greater Seal of Alacrity x 9 Great through out game I like them cause in my build you don't start hitting as fast as you would top build but you will have a high critical chance so in turn you may like to stay and see if you get that critical that turns the fight around or better yet end it

Greater Glyph of Celerity x 9 I get these so I can spam my Parrrley EVERY CHANCE I GET!

Greater Quintessence of Furor x 3 So i don't get an Infinity Edge I need my crits to do some extra damage in my opinion I don't need an Infinity Edge to rape and if you use the build I think you'll see that as well
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21/9/0 Standard for an attack damage carry except for the fact I don't spend 3 points in Sunder and the reason for this is Youmuu's Ghost Blade +20 armor pen matched with runes is 34 armor pen 20 more than the current top build
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This is where I spent most of my time so here goes the top build suggests the first main items you get should be an Advarice Blade Ionian Boots of Lucidity and a Trinity Force a total of 5870 gold for 390 MS 27% Crit Chance 30 AP 30 AD 30 AS 15% CDR 25% Slow chance Unique 100% base damage on next basic attack and 5 more gold every 10 sec looks good and all but heres where the game changes
My build my first 3 items are and I quote "Boots of Speed" Cloak and Dagger and a Youmuu's Ghostblade this costs 4487 merely the cost of a Trinity Force and yields better and even some of the same results 370 MS 35% Crit Chance 30 AD 20 Armor Pen ( 34 with runes ) 15% CDR 35 Tenacity Unique Active +20% MS +50% AS Melee attacks increase duration up to 8 secs 60 sec CD This gives you a scary early game dominance and great gank abilities on top what GP already possesses after the 3 first items I proceed to get Boots of Swiftness cause now I have eliminated the need for Lucidity you you are much faster after upgrading boots I do see the need for a Trinity Force you just cant pass up the 25% chance to slow and the 100% base attack on your Parrrley are too good to pass up after Trinity Force I get a Phantom Dancer for even more speed and crit chance and to become ridiculous and near impossible to put down I get a Blood Thirster
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Skill Sequence

Well Well Well here we are on to the skills

[Parrrley] this is your harass poke prod and execute ability its says hey look I can crit and apply on hit effects and with the CDR is on an extremely low CD about 3 secs to be more precise not to mention after you get Trinity Force you have a good chance to slow not that it makes too much of a difference thanks to your passive you already slow by 7% every time you use it not to mention .... the slows stack ..... up to 3 times I take a point in Parrrley at lvl 1 and max it first

[Remove Scurvy] Ah the times this ability has saved my life pretty as said before your get out of jail free card removes all CC from you ....ALL CC I only take 1 point in this at lvl 2 and max it last and the reason I do not feel it is necessary to max second is because I based this build around power and dominance although it does help you a lot as a heal early game

[Raise Morale] Thee ability I think the top build has under estimated I use this for everything when I push when I poke and most of all when I gank I love the passive movement speed boost and is why I only get Boots of Speed early game lets not forget that it also give you more damage as well and further more when you active it it doubles what more can you ask for support for you and your team you wanna push activate it you wanna poke activate it and if you see the enemy team run like theirs no tomorrow activate it when you gank

[Cannon Barrage] Where to start how bout that its global did i forget to mention it slow or maybe the fact it can drop a multitude of cannon balls that deal the ults damage each time or maybe the fact that if your team needs help and you don't feel like running to there aid you can always pop this and watch the enemy run I don't know what it is that makes them run maybe its the fact that normally its a sure sign GP IS ON HIS WAY! ..... also if your greedy or just plain mean you can use it to steal teammates kills
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Summoner Spells

Ghost ... why take flash when you can cleanse run and get a lot further than any flash will ever take you not to mention GP is already fast pop Ghost now you are faster and can run through minions

Exhaust I take it for those early game OP champs that dwell on attack speed to kill enemies or the really annoying ones that like to drop bombs on your head and then run away also great for getting away even if you don't have Ghost or the ability to activate Youmuu's GP can out run most champs throw Exhaust on them and your like a speeding Rammus in rolling away stacked with Phantom Dancers
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Not gunna make this huge last hit with Parrrley get the extra gold......
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Team Work

Please Please Please do not forget how helpful you can be in a team fight remember that your ult is global and simply by casting it you can get an assist or even a kill not to mention your Raise Morale can push a lane super fast and remember always call MIAS
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Side Note

Please rate and leave comments so if you down vote I know why please don't down vote due grammar errors punctuation things of that nature please remember this is a guide on my way of playing GP votes should be based on the build not the way the guide was written if you think I should add more sections or explain something more in detail please let me know I am always open to hear what you think

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GP Kill Spree!!!
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