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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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GPM (gold per minute) Ez

Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This Ez build is ALL about maximizing early game to properly transition into mid/late game.

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Pros / Cons

Last hitting/farming
Strong through out the whole game
Has a built in flash
Essence flux is great for towers and baron
Exhaust and Ignite make him awesome for 1v1 scenarios

Super squish
Built in flash doesn't have much range
No target-able abilities all skill shots (Which I love)
People love targeting you, it's gonna happen.

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With this build the only scaling runes I used are the mp5/lvl runes. All the other ones give full power at level 1. You should start out laning with roughly 78 AD which makes huge difference when it comes to last hitting. The AS runes help slightly with the timing of getting your last hit off.

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My masteries are pretty standard the only real variations I could imagine are switching points into CDR. I personally think this is pointless. MS is your main ability as AD and it hits for less dmg than an auto attack crit, by late game fights you really just use it to keep your stacks up and to refresh your other abilities. One thing to note though is the increased dmg to minions is essential. Not only is this going to maximize your early farming, but it also enables you to gain more health back from your doran's blade via the 4% lifesteal.

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The start of the build is the most important. First item Doran's Blade is a must, grab that and a health pot and you are good to go. Upon your first recall if you farmed enough go ahead grab the BF sword and go truck ppl with it.

-> I.E. RUSH <- If you farmed enough for the bf sword on your first recall you are doing great and I will generally just grab boots (rank 1) and rush the rest of the IE. Most of the time with an IE rush I wont buy more than 1 more doran's blade, but if you really feel its needed grab an extra.

If you recalled or died before you could buy a BF sword for what ever reason, like an OP vlad skillfusioning you for 1/4 health pool for no reason, don't worry just grab the other 2 doran's and your boots.

-> BOOTS <- Never feel like you have to go with beserkers or your dps will suffer. Merc treads are completely viable! I hate seeing an opposing team with like panth, sion, and taric and no one grabbing merc's.
Other boots
Swiftness boots, nah its not going to make the difference you want.
CDR boots like I said the your auto attack crits are more dmg than anything else.
Mobility I guess if you really want the speed to move from lane to lane for farming and such but it doesn't seem logical imo.

So if you I.E. rushed then get your boots, if you got your boots but still need your I.E. do that next. The next item is Zeal the extra move speed helps a lot plus you are getting extra crit/as with it which is incredibly good. After zeal I go for my BV.

-> SUVIVAL <- Survival items are a must and I like BV for the spell block. It makes it harder to initiate on you along with a decent chunk of health/MR, other items I could see are GA/Frozen mallet. I still like BV the most though.

After your survival item finish your Phantom Dancer. Once your PD is done I'm guessing your down to your last Doran's blade and your about to sell it here I pick up a vamp scepter for my future thirster and to keep a bit of life steal on me at all times. The next Item you grab is The Black Cleaver, before its buff I never really cared for it but now its much more viable and since you don't have any AP besides masteries this helps a lot. Then if your game is still going on I finish off with a blood thirster for the life steal and 100 AD once it's capped.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ignite, yup no defensive spells you have your own flash for that and with my aggressive play style this combo gets me a lot of kills.

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Unique Skills

Mystic Shot (q) - Your spam spell designed to harass, last hit, refresh your CDs, keep your passive up while other abilities are on CD.
Scales with AD

Essence Flux (w) - Your "utility spell" designed to buff and debuff AS of champions, and get you your passive stacks.
Scales with AP

Arcane Shift (e) - Your "flash" designed for your escaping and chasing.
Advice on smart shifting - This ability has a long CD even at max level its only designed to be used a few times through out a fight so use it wisely. I have to restrain myself from using this to get up in the action I've done so countless times and pay so many times with my death. It doesn't even prioritize champions like it should so as AD its damage is very minimal to begin with I highly suggest saving this ability in using it when you get targeted, or for chasing with it on use it when you KNOW THAT YOU WONT NEED IT FOR ESCAPING.
Scales with Ap

Trueshot Barrage - Ez's signature ultimate. Designed to damage a target from anywhere on the map. Honestly there are many situations for this ult and judging when to use it properly just comes with practice and gameplay.
Common uses:
- At the start of a team fight to get your stacks up/reduce MR of their team.
- When someone is recalling with low health if you can hit them before it goes off and your good at aiming into the fog.(EXTREMELY SATISFYING)
-When someone is low health and running away from the aftermath of a fight.(ALSO VERY SATISFYING)
-To grab an assist from a battle you can't make it to.
-Clearing creeps at a tower.

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OK like I said this guide is for farming, mainly just for early game though. Learning how to last hit does take time a practice play a couple custom games against bots so you can really get the hang of it. With my build you should become awesome at it in no time! BUT remember the farming doesn't stop at mid game, unless your team is setting up a gank pushing or being pushed you should always be farming. I try to finish every game with a +200 CS at the end, it really really will make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a carry. While farming you can easily over extend always keep an eye on your map for mia's and use wards for knowledge of there movement/baron/dragon. If you don't feel safe farming in an area back off it's not worth it to get ganked.

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Author's Note

I love Ezreal hes by far my favorite champion in the game. If your a new Ez player give him some time you will fall in love too. Hes rough at the start but has a really high skill cap which makes him rather fun. My Ez play style is always shifting. So leave feed back on your play style's, or changes that made to this build, or how it helped you. Also please vote on the build and let me know what you think even if its a down vote let me know how you feel.
-Thanks for reading, Wyley

Oh and if I have typos or used and abbreviation your not sure of say something.