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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Gragas Mid after the nerf

Last updated on October 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Gragas with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zed Poke him down and when he ults you just W R him and he won't be able to kill you anymore
Katarina really IZI, when ever she all ins you you just ult her into your side of the lane and finis her
Orianna you will see how easy this is
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Hi there my fellow summoner and Gragas player, I took the time to make a guide to the new and reworked gragas which is in my opinion just as good as the old one but in a new way. read onwards and find out why this fat man has a lot of potential

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Reworked Gragas and his lanes

So Gragas got a big rework that is an overall change to his kit, a lot op people are not playing him mid anymore because of the changes and I find that a little harsh on the fatman. The biggest change is that the AP scaling got reduced from 90% to 60% and also the attack speed reduce got removed, this pretty much means he losses a big chunk of his poke. however if the barrel lays on the ground for 2 second the damage get back to the 90% Ap scaling and the barrel also slows move speed that starts at 30% and scaling up which is really great. This sums up that gragas can push waves and farm safely but losses a lot of his safe long range poke.

Gragas his w has gotten a huge change, it used to give mana and a damage reduction which lastet for 20 sec. and was a permanent damage reduction at lvl 9 which was kind of stupid. So the new W costs mana and deals extra damage on the next basic attack and it still reduces the damage but only for 2.5 sec. so this means that Gragas doesn't have endless mana anymore and will take good damage, however the next auto attack on the W scales with 30% Ap and 8% of the enemy max health which is really good. this means that when gragas get in range for that aa he will deal a lot of burst damage especially with a lich bane or iceborn gauntlet.

E gragas lost all AD scalings on his e and got a slight boost of 10% AP scaling, the skills doesn't change much except that you stop the cast with unit collision and that u knock the enemies up. this helps with the W because when the enemies are knocked up you can easily land the empowered aa.

Gragas losses 20% AP scaling on his ult, which means he won't be 100 to 0 ing with just his QR combo. its still a good ap scaling dog tool that can create chaos in a teamfight or knock someone back to your turret.

Gragas has become a more aggressive mage that likes to be in front of his enemies. thats also why he became so good in top lane and jungle, however for me the fatman will always be my go-to midland.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Good poke
[*] Great ultimate when ganking or do create chaos in a teamfight
[*] great sustain
[*] auto tanky
[*] Great escape move
[*] very burst much wow

[*] Can get outranged by a lot of mages
[*] Is skillshot based which means he does need to hit them
[*] High mana costs
[*] Needs to be get in melee range to deal the full burst

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General rule when trying to get big : play ****ing farm simulator. See those wraits they are yours ok, you can farm everything you want and get super farmd. you'll see how much it helps. when farming in lane just trow your q on the caster minions and let it explode after 2 sec for the extra damage and then repeat the melee minions and follow with a body slam to kill the wave. Try and farm safely when reaching lvl 6 for you can dive with the big burst you gain at lvl 6 try to only do this when you know you will succeed or get some help from your jungler.

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Team Work

Gragas works really well with the most pin down champs like vi, taric, morgana, warwick because it makes is really easy to land a good ultimate,]. but gragas is also amazing with yasuo or orianna because you can set them up for a good ultimate. So gragas can work in a lot of different team comps.

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