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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kizuraki

Gragas the big fat belly flopper

Kizuraki Last updated on June 19, 2010
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Gragas, the big fat belly flopper.

To get things started as Gragas, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should get away from you, between slam, ghost, and your ultimate, it should be GG for anyone who is running away from the belly flopper.

Anyways down to business. Teh skillage.

Barrel Roll - In this particular build, it's not what you're wanting, the only reason I end up using it is in team fights for that little extra damage and the heal from your passive.

Drunken Rage - This skill right here allows you to lane for a long time between the mana you get and the activation of your passive in it, it is just pure win, use it whenever you can, especially if you are planning to gank.

Body Slam - This is the center of this build, body slam, with this bad boy right here, you will be chopping down people in early and mid game, this is also great for that extra health from your passive if you are low and also chasing someone down or running like a little schoolgirl. On a side note, in combination with ghost it is even better, since when you body slam your speed boosts, so you get speed boosted body slams, great for chasing those pesky carries.

Explosive Cask - Lets put it this way JOHN ****ING MADDEN. What's that? Think you can solo? Bam straight to the meat grinder. What's that? Your Teemo wants a kill? BAM YOU STOLE IT. Hehe, all jokes aside, this ultmate is win offensively, defensively, creep killingly, kill steelingly, and well let's face it meat grinder throwing intoly. Another nice use for it is in the midst of a team fight, to disorient them, interrupt ults, push away an ulted fiddle, or rape Twtich.

Moving onto your summoner spells.


**Ghost - By far the best one for Gragas in my opinion, as mentioned earlier it speeds up slams, so it is win.

**Cleanse - To further ensure your escape and/or their demise.

Rally - This helps a lot with first blood, which you WILL be getting by the way. Other uses to note would be tower pushing, and team fights.

Exhaust - Who doesn't love disabling their carries? I sure know I do.

Teleport - Of the recommended this is recommended the least. Useful to stop BDing (they can die in a fire) or defending against large beefy creep waves.


Revive - Stop being a bad and stay the hell away from this.

Heal - Avoid it like the plague may bretheren.


Clarity - D. All of the above.

Ignite - You're not a carry, you're the monkey bitin' belly flopper.

Flash - Good spell, but highly unneeded with slam and ghost.

Fortify - Good spell, if no one else has it, you MAY want it, but other are better.

Clairvoyance - See Fortify.

Teh runeage braehsketta.

As for the marks you know, those red ones, you want crit, hence the name of the build 'belly flopper', now you're probably thinking something along the lines of "lolz keesooraykee u bad" but no, once you get a body slam followed by a crit at level one, you WILL thank me.

Moving onto the seals aka the yellow ones, you want to get some dodge ones, I mean what's better than avoiding damage all together? NOTHING, that's what. Also nice with the speed boost of nimbleness.

Those dreaded gosh darned blue things glyphs, for these you want cooldown reduction per level, all in all, they are the best for the reason that well, more body slams and ultimates is win, no?

Last but certainly not leastington my friends is the quintessences go with the flat HP for these since the large man may be big in heart, but he is not big in terms of early game health, with a measly little 4 bars.

For the time you all have been waiting for the items!

To start out you want to get an elixir of fortitude and two health potions, makes sure you use the fortitude right when entering your first blood battle, not in the fountain or some other **** place to waste its time. As for the health potions, I shallst trust thy better judgment.

First trip back to base you should have a decent amount of gold since this guy is hard to push out of a lane between his alcoholism and his slap happy drinking. You want to get boots, as displayed above, I take berserker greaves, you can get these, but guess what if their team is all casters get Mercury's, or if they are all physical get ninja, not THAT hard. Also if you have enough gold, start working towards that brutalizer, which is pretty core for your game.

Moving a bit later in, another useful item is a Stark's fervor, you want to keep this the whole game obviously since the buff helps everyone, not just the fat one.

Depending on how well the game is going, you may or may not want to get a Trinity Force this gives you everything the fat man loves, except for alcohol of course. Order of the items for it is, phage, sheen, then zeal. I'd like to recommend that you get phage before a stark's fervor for a little extra beef.

Next stage now, you make a choice here, you can get a pretty ankh or a nice sunfire cape depending on their team build. By the time you get these is when you begin to lose your rape damageness effectiveness btdubs.

Alright, time for the last part of the guide, some recommended playing styles/tips for the fat one.

-Body slam spam (luls I rhymed)and drunken rage spam allow you to lane forever, take advantage of this.

-Body slam, no joke, straight up, this is your ticket to survival and killing people, with its low, low cool down, it's win, especially when used in combination with ghost.

-Makes sure you use drunken rage whenever possible, I can not stress the importance of this.

-Don't be afraid early game, you can rape just about everything in sight sans the chode grasp maybe. Remember early/mid game is when the damage part of this build shiiiines.

-Your ult has a low cool down, take advantage of this, you can body slam/ult a fat creep wave for a nice chunk of gold/xp, with your runes and brutalizer the cool down should hover around 50 seconds, make sure you use it whenever you fight, to prevent their escape and you disorient them as mentioned earlier.

-Don't forget about those potions, they can really add to your potency for a relatively cheap price if you are feeling gimp.

Anyways, that's the guide, thanks for reading, feel free to leave and comments, concerns or recommendations, and the material in this guide is subject to change, that is all.

On a side note, I would like to give thanks to Gravestoned for stuff. Also, thanks to his AP ninja build it allowed me to keep laning until my belly was very large with gold.

P.S. Flop on belly floppers, flop on.