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gragas-the friendly drunk (the surviving team mate!)

Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Hey guys. welcome to my first build. ive seen a lot of different builds for gragas, a lot of tank or AP. I dont see that with him. Gragas is the ideal team player, capable of soloing lanes, or being the perfect team mate, whatever your team needs. let me know what you think, but please try the build before commenting.

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i chose my runes based on what gragas naturally lacks, to try and help make him more rounded. Marks for attack speed give you some suprising punch, while the combined glyphs and quint give you enough CDR to stay strong for those prolonged pushes. the regen combine beautifully with his passive, allowing for great stay ability as long as you keep pumping out those body slams.

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again this is all about stay ability. with insight and mender's faith, the key is to not only just pay attention to yourself, but also to anybody you are laning with. help your team mates out! with the lttile armor and resistance, you are more survivable, while your health and health regen go up great.

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Alright. this is the one that will get the goat of a lot of people. this build involves selling off items as you need space. the philosophers stones are the single most crucial item in this build. its often difficult to get gold quick, the the combined passives give you a LOT more item chances later on, such as buying items whole, rather than tiering up. the health regen they give you is awesome for such a cheap item, and the mana regen combined with drunken rage gives you enough mana that rather than recalling back for mana (which no one likes to do) you just need to hang back for a few seconds to build your mana back up. all this combined gives you survivability, strrength for prolonged pushes, ease later on getting those bigger items. later on, you want the health regen. its is insane not to get warmog's with gragas, in my opinion. his passive combined with the regen items add up to massive Health regen. tiamat gives you splash and damage, as well as yet more regen! and the deathcap is there for good measure, increasing damage for barrel roll and his ulti. But the biggest thing about this build is that YOU ARE NOT OUT FOR KILLS!!!! you are there to support your team mates through your survivability and ability mayhem.

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Skill Sequence

alright. barrel roll is possibly one of the best openings in the game. seriously. pregame ganks are stopped dead once they try to take you and you drop both of their health by 100, especially if you have a team mate there to help. it also allows you to last hit multiple minions, so rather than focusing on one till it dies, i like to hit the mages and drop all 3 the below half health and then barrel roll. saves time and gives you money. drunken rage is an under rated passive. its damage increase allows you to last hit minions, while its damage reduction lets you shrug off minion damage. the mana doesnt hurt either. but what is important is that you upgrade your ulti ASAP. gragas's ulti can be a game changer whether its 1v1, 5v5, or anywhere inbetween.

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Summoner Spells

AWESOME!! most common thing i hear team mates say to me when they see this done right. gragas generally runs out of mana fast with all those barrel rolls, but wait to use clarity. use it too early and you kill stayability. what i do is watch the team mates mana, as soon as they start to run out, jump back and use it for the both of you. when you get that first turret run with minions, use your heal when the next enemy wave comes, minions surviving means you are hit less. otherwise, it is good to save your heal for when you or your team mate is in trouble. a well placed heal can quickly turn the tides of a 2v2. or at the very least save a running team mate. in 5v5, the same principles apply, except that you should be more careful with heal and more forthcoming with clarity. Insight makes clarity maybe one of the most helpful spells ive seen. if you dont like those 2, i suggest changing heal with either smite or ignite. smite lets you farm, while ignite can push back enemy champions.

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Team Work

KEEP INFORMED! your mini map is your friend. watch for ganks, while watching for team mates who are setting up for ganks. your ulti is the game over bomb. break up enemy advances while forcing the 1 or 2 in front straight into your team. at the beginning, ive found he works best with either morgana, ryze, or ashe. these guys can slow the opponents, giving you the chance to body slam them, or put a well placed barrel. as i said back in items, THIS BUILD IS NOT FOR KILLS. looks for the assist wherever possible. you are great for setting up kills, while constantly dishing damage.

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Unique Skills

i love this build for 2 reasons. 1) the items improve what gragas is naturally good at with stay ability while, 2) your runes improve what is naturally lacking. this gives a well rounded character who is the perfect ally in team fights, while still being able to solo if needed.

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Thats all i got. hope you enjoy gragas as much as i do! i am open to any suggestions you have, but please dont rip on it unless you have tried it. and it might take multiple games to get used to. thanks again!