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Build Guide by Guest

Graves, Mystery Man

By Guest | Updated on October 22, 2011

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Graves, the outlaw...

Sounds good doesn't it ;)

Well, it is. he has massive survivability and his damage is through the roof if you build him right. Regardless of what you read elsewhere, this build has given me up to 150k more total dps in all of my games than any other build i've seen

Please read on, and enjoy!
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As you may have read elsewhere, the runes are pretty straight forward!

stack flat mresist glyphs to fortify Graves' weak spots (Glyph Of Warding)
stack flat armor pen marks to help early game damage, and overall dps (Mark Of Desolation)
Stack flat damage quints to get you through the early grind (Quint Of Strength)

Seals can be variable i suppose, i choose to stack flat armor (Seal Of Resilience)
But you could probably get away with anything you want here, depending on your situation.
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Pretty much your typical 21/0/9 build for max damage
3/3 Deadliness 1/1 Crippe
1/4 Sorcery 4/4 Alacrity
3/3 Sunder 2/2 Offensive Mastery
3/3 Brute Force
3/3 Lethality
1/1 havoc

3/3 Good Hands 1/1 Haste
4/4 Awareness
1/1 Greed


You can mix up utility depending on what skills you use, i prefer to use Ghost and Exhaust, you can see this reflected in my build.
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So here's where the controversy starts. This is MY OPINION, so dont troll...

Items you will end up with ( in order of aquire)


i've put them in this order because the amount of time it takes to get each items is pretty much where you start needing the item on the list.

All items and prerequisites ( items needed to get other items IN ORDER! )

BOOTS OF SPEED + 3 HP POTS (thx to uNique 2 )
Frozen Mallet ( MUST HAVE ITEM )
B.F Sword/Pickaxe
Infinity Edge
Zeal ( to tide you over until phantom dancer )
Last Whisper ( cheap, dont buy combo item for this)
Phantom Dancer
Vampiric Sceptor
The Bloodthirster ( end of the list because it is not necessary, but helps a lot against other carries or junglers)
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Skill Sequence

1. Buckshot
2. Quick draw
3. Smokescreen
4. Buckshot
5. Buckshot
6. Collateral damage
7. Buckshot
8. Quick draw
9. Buckshot
10. Quick draw
11. Collateral Damage
12. Quick draw
13. Quick draw
14. Smokescreen
15. Smokescreen
16. Collateral Damage
17. Smokescreen
18. Smokescreen
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust
Flash and Exhaust

Spells other than this require a mastery re-work.
That bit's up to you!
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Pros / Cons


Massive damage later in the game
Massive offensive pushing potential
Good team member, works well with most other champs
Endgame, he can solo gank most classes, pretty much do anything you want


Slow to start
Squishy if not build right
Relies on farming
Relies on tower kills + champ kills
Popular new champ, might be hard to get a game where you can pick him before someone else
learning curve
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Team Work

This is a big part of Graves.

Without someone to sit behind early game, your quite vulnerable to other champs, especially to shaco and annie.
But! without you, your team mates can have a hard time pushing back champs.

Your smokescreen is a lifesaver + a monster gank skill. Everyone who plans a good gank should consider Graves as a vital part in it.
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Graves, Mystery Man