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Graves Build Guide by Guest

Graves Standard Yet Effective!

Graves Standard Yet Effective!

Updated on October 31, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,685 Views 1 Comments
2,685 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Graves Build Guide By Guest Updated on October 31, 2011
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For Red Runes , 9 Greater Marks Of Desolation will give a good advantage for your damage during early and mid game as you can tear up your opponent even at level 1 , The Yellow and Blue Runes, 3 Greater Seal and Glyph Of Alacrity gives maximum Attack speed during the Early game when you just get "quickdraw" and Late game for dpsing , other 6 runes for blue and yellow are Armor and Magic Resist to give sustainable early game much easier cause you'll be mostly doing "quickdraw" and "buckshot" up in their face and wouldn't have notice how much your opponent damage you while you have your back turn back or continue chasing for the kill.Lastly , 3 Greater Quintessence Of Strength and remember the Mastery gives extra 17>20 AD for early game and gives your "buckshot" a whole lot more effectiveness in damaging and farming creeps.
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The Masteries is understandable just browse through it.
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Skill Sequence

For Graves, you need to maximize your damage from medium range to tank range.For Maximum Damage , you have to Max out your "Buckshot" so you can blow your enemy face off quickly and get your dpsing hit from your normal attacks then get a level of "Smokescreen" just to blind your opponent thats either guarding the turret or attacking your turret and help your teammate for a 100% chance to escape then Max out your "Quickdraw" for maximum Damage. your Ult is Obvious must get for obviously level 6,11,16 then max out your "smokescreen" last.
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Summoner Spells

It obvious that you have to get close to them for your maximum damage from your "Buckshot" . Exhaust can help ease that chase easier for early and Mid game or when you don't have a Zeal or Phantomdancer and best of all it reduces the enemy damage too. Flash is obvious for Classic no discussion here.
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Starting of the game , Get an Doran's Blade because it gives 100 hp and 10 Attack Damage and 3% lifesteal but it'll cost your mobility if your opponents try to gang you for first blood. next item is depend on your farm and gold , if you have 2.3>2.5K gold when your going back get an B.F Sword for your Bloodthrister and a Berserker Greaves . if you have lesser than that get another Doran's Blade and Boot of Speed and save up for a B.F sword.After you get your B.F sword and Berserker Greaves you can try Tank Dragon and get 1 of your teammate to help dps and always remember that "quickdraw" can be dash through certain terrains like the hill behind the dragon and use "quickdraw" to gain more attack speed for lifesteal while tanking dragon.After having those 2 items , aim for a Infinity Edge this may causes you lack of movement speed since after having Berserker Greaves you'll be only having 375 movement speed and you'll have to be more dependent on your "quickdraw" for escape but try use terrain for advantage.If your going B.F Sword + Zeal it'll be much more safer but you'll be losing some Damage in dpsing.After Bloodthister and Infinity edge and zeal get a complete PhantomDancer and sell your Doran's Blades away and get a Frozenmallet + Madred's Bloodrazor then you'll be a Anti-Tank killer
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Pros and Cons

-Insane Burst Damage
-Insane Dps Damage
-Sustainable Early Game

-risk of Lack of Movement speed in Early game and Mid game
-may get focused mostly
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Graves Guide
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Graves Standard Yet Effective!

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