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Graves: True Gritz

Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Graves Build

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Hey guys, this is my first guide. As you have noticed, it is on Graves. Graves is an underplayed AD Carry that has incredible stopping power. However, like all carrys, Graves is very squishy and dies quickly. This guide aims to solve that problem.

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For runes, get the basic AD Carry runes.

9x greater mark of strength
9x greater seal of resilience
9x greater glyph of warding
3x greater quintessence of strength

These runes give you the early ad that you need to farm well, and gives you added armor and mr to ease enemy harassment.

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Basic masteries for ad carry. Helps a ton because it gives additional ad, attack speed, and crit chance. Also armor because Graves is squishy.

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This is what's most important, so listen up folks.

-Dorans Blade or Boots 3xHP Potions
(Dorans is always a good choice, but if you feel the need for greater mobility, go for the boots)
-Beserker Greaves -GET THESE NEXT

-Infinity Edge
Basically, once you get your beserker greaves, rush an infinity edge as it is your money maker.

-Warmogs Armor - for greater lane sustain. You get a ton of health and hp regen to negate the squishiness of Graves.
-Atmas Impaler - builds very nicely with warmogs. You can get a ton of attack, defense, and health with these two items. Builds a tanky ad carry. What a terrifying thought!

-Phantom Dancer - gives you good attack speed and crits. You will crit with every hit.
-Blood Thirster - gives you more lane sustain,team fight sustain, etc. And a good amount of AD

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Skill Sequence

Max Q first
Max E next
Max W last
Get R whenever you can

SKILL ORDER - since you are tankier than usual, you can play more risky

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Summoner Spells

I role with Ignite and Flash because Ignite lets me take out any champs running away.
Flash is always good for good positioning or getting out of a sticky situation.

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Basically, this build is for a tankier Graves.

The warmogs + atmas gives Graves a ton of damage and health. Makes his sustainability increase ten fold.