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Guess what? YOU CANT MOVE!

Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Its called, CC.

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If this is the beggining, my bad, ill switch around, just some tell me!

If this is the beggining start from the bottom and read up, ill fix it if someone can tell me. Email is

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Items-Master Yi

First things first, many people overlook the abilities of the ghostblade, armor pen, dmg, crit rate, and a very beast active. It gives 50% percent atksp boost, and 20% movespeed boost for 14 seconds, its like YOU DEAD! Now the last item can be either madreds or infinity edge, or you can get rid of your boots and put them both in. The build is self explanatory, and you can also take out sword of the divine if you notice that no one is putting on ninja tabi or has passive dodge not activated. Simple yet very effective build.

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Okay, first order of buisness, the boots come on your first trip back, not as one of the last items. The build is self explanatory, lotsa dmg from bandage, CRYING THEIR SOULS OUT, and raging. Frozen heart gives him much needed mana, and rod of ages supports that as well, randuinsomen normal tank item, quicksilver sash is a quick debuff remover, better than cleanse, and thats pretty much it.

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This nunu is a tank mage, able to dish out serious dmg and slows, and support your laning partner. Same start as everyone else, no mana for nunu though, utilize his passive, a free spell, INCLUDING HIS ULTI!!!! This is a must to abuse. Use blood boil when you get it to build up his passive, and unleash a ice blast or an ulti on unsuspecting enemies. Sorceres shoes, and Rod of Ages is wonderful on nunu, mana hp and ap! Abyssal Scepter gives some more dmg to nunus ulti, Banshee Veil give nunu mag resist, mana and hp plus a spell shield to support his ulti. And rylais just to piss people off with 75% slow.

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Okay very simple stuff here, grab boot1 2 hp potions and one mana. This is a lane fid that kicks some serious *** with another cc in the mix. Just chill in the lane swinging your little scythe blows at minions, and drain siege minion for health and a last hit. First trip back, build into Rod of Ages. After that, follow the same principle but go for ulti ganks from the river(by now you should have crowstorm lvl 1, fear lvl 2,drain lvl 2, and dark wind lvl 1) It will most definetly be a kill, unless flash is used before your fear hits the enemy. Then i get rylais for some slow effect, which is very useful agaisnt lets say, a garen running away with decisive strike. 30% slow pretty much negates that plus it stacks with your ulti slow because you are using 2 different kinds of spells, it stacks to be 45%. WoA for spell vamp(spell vamp on AoE ulti kicks ***!) and void staff and haunting guise provide mag pen and ap.

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Okay. Kennen moonflair blade gives nice ap and tenacity, TENACITY IS A MUST! I found myself often being hit with all kinds of cc when my ulti went out, so the tenacity fixes that problem, making a fiddle fear or a ryze snare only 1.5 seconds, which is nothing late game. As for starting game, i go boot1 and potions for everyone i use xD! Sorceres Shoes for the MagPen, Rylai's for the slow effect, RoA for that extra bit of health and ap(feel free to go for rabadons instead) morellos tome for cd reduction and WoA for spell vamp and ap.

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Sorry im lvl 18 no runes yet! Id take any suggestions and input them when i can.

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Master Yi

Ok, yi has to be the hardest challenge for me, as i never thought about him mid, but it works! Use alpha strike on minions when there are less then 4 left, which lands a definite hit on the enemy champ, and then chase with your 2nd one in late game and then ghostblade/ulti/wujustyle to dish out some serious dmg.

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My own build, bandage to harass melee fighters early game as the stun they provide will nullify their chances of hurting you, then build rage and q-e and then run away. Very basic, use ulti whenever it is needed, especially at the end of a teamfight during a chase/retreat if the enemy team is catching up. My build turns amumu into a burst dmg tank of paper!

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Quite a basic nunu, use your slow to initiate early fights, it should kill them because the slow will really help the kennen/fiddle you are laning with, plus they can also cc them before they can get away. Use consume to stay in lane for a really long time, i myself have gotten to lvl 12 without having to b. Grab absolute zero whenever possible, use it after the enemies cc has been dished out and everyone is focusing your carries, it will devastate them.

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This is a laning fiddle, because sadly, i have had bad experiences with jungling and dont care for it. Start with your dark wind, it will be a great finisher for pre game fights, as it bounces, hitting your target 3 times and the other champ twice. dealing 60 dmg per hit if im correct. Then follow with drain then fear, use fear to save your teammates or initiate a fight. Grab crowstorm whenever possible, and guess what? YOU CAN WALL JUMP WITH IT. Use it from river bush when enemy champs push up to your turret, and fear the more annoying champ then wind and drain. By now either death or near death is present, as your freindly little amumu/nunu would have already jumped in. Same strategy runs for the whole game, crow jump over bushes when towers have just been destroyed, etc. etc. all self explanatory.

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Okay, for kennen, i lane with either someone with a good cc ability, or a good tank. Perfect examples are nunu and amumu. My very own custom build for kennen, start out with lvl 1 boots, and 3 health potions.(Kennen has no mana so dont worry about that) Then go with lightning rush. I find this a good getaway skill and great harassing skill. Then go for electric surge, then thundering shuriken. Max out the shuriken and surge first, getting your ult whenever you can. Now, assuming you have nunu or amumu with you, feel free to shuriken and surge combo to harass and signal when you will chase, not by talking, but by lightning rush stunning them with the 3rd mark of storm. It will prove an effective strategy as nunu will catch on with his slow, or amumu will hit with his bandage and rage right after. When teamfights start, or 2v3 start occuring a lot. Simply use Slicing Maelstrom while shielded by your tank, stunning everybody as you surge after you hit them twice. By then, late game should already be simple. Harass with shuriken-surge, and then engage with stuns, and let your abilities do the work, and master yi take out tanks.

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Okay. This is my first build, and dont complain if i dont remember where r can be lvled up xD. Alright so, ive tested this out and literally, master yi will dominate in the team fights no matter what, and the enemy team will probably hate kennen a lot.


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