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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Guide for Feeder AD Carries

Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Long Story Short

This guide is for the feeders. Good games for them are when their deaths are in the single digits. They need to learn to avoid team fights and only attack minions and jungle mobs.

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Guide for Feeders

If you endlessly feed and your score tends to be 1/10/3, then you have come to the right place. Forget the advice better players have about focusing on last hitting, turret hugging, and following the team. That stuff may work great for them, but for feeders it only leads to getting shutdown in the lane phase, and then being the first to die in every team fight in mid and late game.

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If you are like most people, you feed like crazy. Half your game causes you to feel worthless, and the other half makes you wonder why you still play LoL. Every single time you turret dive at level 3 you first ask yourself, "How the hell did they live through that?!" and then you ask yourself, "And why did I just turret dive? It has not worked the last 10 games." After months of playing, your playing style has not changed, you are not learning how to get better, and you are desperately trying to find out what the next step is. Not much else to say about that, but your a slow learner. This guide is not about how to play well, it is what to do the other 95% of the time when you are not playing well.

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In general your games go like this...

If you can manage to get to a team fight without getting ambushed, the odds are strong that you will be the first to die. It is not because you were the closest target or the biggest threat, it is because you were shut you down in early game and now you are a squishy, easy kill. What this means is that the only thing you can do in any team fight is to feed even more than you already have. Do yourself and your team a favor, avoid team fights and do the primary job of an AD carry, kill lane and jungle minions. When you are not swinging your sword, you are failing. So avoid death like crazy and chase after the minions.

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General Concept for this Build

Environment: Minions do not have much health, they move slowly, and they come in large groups.
Goal: Kill minions as quickly as possible.
Problem: You are worthless at last hitting, even when you try.
Solution: Focus your mastery skills and runes on damage for last hitting, and your items on speed.
Reason: In the lane phase, your lane partner and allied minions are competing for who can kill each minion. Since the odds are strong that you will miss most last hit, you need to be quick enough for a second attempt. Going for straight damage versus speed will not cure your inability to time last hits. If anything, going damage will make you anxious, sloppy, and decrease your already laughable last hitting ability.

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Early Game Strategy

Your goal is not to kill champions or wrack up massive amounts of minion last hits. It is simply to get Berserker's Greaves and 2 or 3 Doran's Blades, that is it. Leave the big items and the champion kills for the better players. In fact, avoid taking those kills because feeding the better players will help secure the early and mid game map so that you can roam and kill minions.

How to do this: Learn patience even when a juicy champion kill is right in front of you. Learn this necessary skill by fighting Bot AI in the following manner.

  • start out in lane.
  • if you push the lane beyond the river, and you do not have a jungler, go kill some minion camps until the lane gets pushed back to your turret.
  • (this is only for Bot games and not suggested for you when you fight players) If you do have a jungler or nearby jungle camps are dead, sneak over and grab one of their minion camps. This will get you used to the idea of counter-jungling. Counter-jungling is when you steal your enemy jungler's jungle camps, thus robbing him/her of exp. When you do this, focus on the big golem, big wolf, and big wraith because they provide the biggest exp amount.
  • The moment someones turret drops, the Bot AI will start roaming. At this time you will start roaming as well.
  • Avoid all champion fighting. I know, it is physically painful to run past an enemy champion that has 1 bar of health. Just remember why you kept turret diving at level 3, and leave the champions alone. Your job is to kill minions, that is it.

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Mid Game Strategy

By this point you should have enough damage and attack speed to start killing the dragon. Every time you kill the dragon, add 6 minutes to the time and write that time in the group chat. This way you will be ready to kill the dragon the second it respawns. By practicing this when fighting Bots, you are more likely to remember when fighting players.

Start paying attention to team fights.

  • Since you are hiding in the jungle, it will become common for fleeing enemy champions to run right past you.
  • It will also be common to see team fights end with your team dead, and 2 or 3 champions standing around with almost 0 health (run up, R in, and Q_Q).
  • Since you are not in team fights, it is also your job to keep the minions and champions off your turrets. Be ready to step in and hold a turret until another teammate can join you. At that point peel off and go back into the jungle.

Ultimately, your strategy has not changed from early game. Your job is to kill minions.

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Late Game Strategy

At this point, if you have been doing your job (killing minions), you attack fast and hit hard. For player enemies, they have not seen you in any team fight up to this point, so they are not looking for you. However, when you show up and start 3 hitting them, they will target you. For this reason, DO NOT JOIN TEAM FIGHTS UNTIL YOU ARE READY. You should have Berserker's Greaves, two phantom dancers, 1 infinity edge, and a vampiric scepter. Your movement speed is high enough to Q in, hit once or twice, and then most likely RRUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN AWAY!!!!! Your damage is high enough to make that one or two hits kill the champion. Once the champion is dead, return to the jungle, but pay attention to the fight. Most likely, your initiation will start the team fight, so pay attention to what you had been paying attention to in Bot AI mid games (stray champions running away because they are low on health).

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Summon Spells

Your skills are focused on avoiding ganks and turret dives.
Save the for when they turret dive you (and they will), or if you are getting ganked. Do not use the for a kill because the odds are you will misjudge the situation and you just waste your escape mechanism.

Save the for escaping ganks and ambushes. DO NOT USE IT TO CHASE AFTER A KILL. When your lane enemies become aggressive, the odds are strong that you are about to get ganked. So while you may score the kill, you will just get killed on the way back. It is better to stay in lane for exp and minion kills.

Later in game, while you are roaming your own and enemy jungles, you will depend upon your flash and exhaust to escape ambushes. No other two summoner skills allow the level of escape mechanism that flash and exhaust can. With that being said, I've seen funny escapes with lol

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If you cannot follow this build then you are going to loss the game anyway, so do it anyway and take the game as a learning experience while you laugh it off. Note that this build will not let you solo Baron, that is not its intent. The purpose of this build is to redeem your sorry butt in end game because your team has been screaming at you for the past 20minutes to stop jungling. Do not bother telling them that it is for their good, because they will not believe you (remember you are a feeder, and you are just trying to protect them).

Start with:
and 3x

While you are in lane buy items in this order:
then Upgrade to a then 2x

About this point you should be killing minions in lane and the jungle:
Sell a and get a
Sell a and get a
Update to a
Update to a
Upgrade to a Zeke's Herald